Monday, September 12, 2011

Avignon with the Ladies

I'm back y'all! Jet lagged and a bit all over the shop, but back. Plus, I brought a friend from Texas with me... Disco Gayle has descended upon Le Petit Village to reign down her loveliness and keep me company... a soft landing to get over the after holiday homesickness if you will (Disco Gayle last featured in a post here. And so you're in the know, she was The Husband's Best Man Girl at our wedding. And just in case you're thinking it, no, she has nothing in common with Disco Stu from The Simpsons. Just saying).

So yeah, back, and jet lagged (notice how I keep saying that I'm jet lagged... that's because I am) and busy trying to settle back in unpacking all my Texas goodies (re: find places in my small, not-like-Texas sized house to put all the stuff). And of course there is so much to tell y'all about Texas. So much. But first, I need to tell y'all about Avignon (notice how I'm still saying y'all, y'all?)

It went like this... awhile ago, Sarah from Texpats Abroad was sitting in London, feeling lonely, missing Texas, and had the brilliant idea of taking a little trip down south of France way to meet up with two other Texans; Aidan and yours truly. And because we all know that Australia is kind of like one big Texas, but with weirder wild life, B got roped into the adventure too (fabulous idea, know?).

So we descended upon Avignon all excited for our sleep over and an evening with girls and a break from the husbands, children, and dogs and what not because heaven knows, sometimes we need a break. And oopsy... since I just happened to forget my jammies wasn't that the best excuse for a pop into H&M where besides the jammies, I had to pick up a skirt and two tees (while the cats away...).


And after a walk around, popping in and out of shops, giggling, and being girly we headed to dinner. Which of course we got all snazzy for like so...


And do you see the one in the pretty cream dress looking all sweet and angelic like... that's Aidan, and it just so happened to be her birthday, so of course we made this happen...

{shell shocked}

Besides that large sparkler shooting off from her ice cream, we stuck those numbered candles into it too, which caused Aidan to exclaim, "why are there numbers on it?!

Because we're cheeky, that's why. 

And lets see... loads of drinks (duh), loads of laughter, and loads of inappropriate girly chatter; like maybe one of us (spurred on by the other three) googled their first boyfriend only to find out that he's now a successful orthopedic surgeon (could've, would've, should've) but I'm not saying who. 

Totally inappropriate. 

Totally fun.




  1. You cheeky monkeys! (and BTW you had the cutest dress, in my opinion - but don't tell hubby I said so.) Oh and because the season has started - gig 'em Ags!

  2. I like this person who commented above me. Gig 'em Ags indeed!!
    Anywho, so glad you're back and can't wait to hear Texas stories!!

  3. totally inappropriate always = the most fun a person ever has :)

    cant wait to be filled in on your trip!!!

  4. Very pretty dresses. Now on to the "I survived the heat" Texas stories!

  5. Welcome back, y'all. Been missing y'all.

  6. The hell with the jet lag, more stories.

    xo Jane

  7. Haha, I love it when me and my girls get a little out of line. We have the most fun when we're inappropriate! Sounds like an awesome time. And that sparkle shooter thingy is bananas. That thing is diesel.

  8. Woop! Just finished part II also. Glad you're back from Texas...I'm thinking it's time to plan our next Hot Ladies Get Drunk!!!

    Can't wait to hear about Texas *sniff*

  9. Welcome back! Sounds like a fun girls night out. Cute dresses!

  10. You think you're inappropriate, I just read that as 'one of us gobbled their first boyfriend' and did the biggest double take. Googling is much more family friendly. Phew.
    Glad to hear you've been having a ball and Happy Birthday!! to the vision in the cream dress.

  11. I hope the next time you come to Texas we get to say Howdy. I would've loved to have taken you out to breakfast at Java Java, or bought you a slice of pecan pie at House of Pies. :)

  12. I hope you have a wonderful vacation! Glad you're back!

  13. Glad you're back and look forward to more stories!

  14. YAY!

    Your back, I can't wait for more stories!


  15. Cute shoes AND dress! (Trust a man to notice that first, John Kelly!)

    And hey, what's a girls' weekend without some inappropriate googling, right?

  16. So good to have you back!! Good luck with the jet lag girl!

  17. L'ours est ici, encore.
    Glad you had a wonderful trip. Sorry you're jet-lagged, but, well, you did it to yourself.
    1. How good a time did you have?
    2. How many stories and pictures do you have for us?
    One strange item. Girls weekend so soon after coming back? When you're still jet-lagged? Hmmmm. C'est étrange. But, well, whatever. Hope you had fun with that, too. (Sounds like you did.)
    A la prochaine.

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  19. You are back and I leave for USA!
    I'm so happy to hear your new stories!
    Hope you have a wonderful time in Texas.
    Bisous, Babi

  20. What fun! Can't wait to hear more. lol

  21. Adorable dresses! This is my first time reading your blog and I'm so excited to keep reading :) I've always wanted to go to both Texas and France--I'm so very jealous!

    oops, computer was stuck on caps.

  23. Sounds like a fabulous time! How awesome. and how great that you've found a bunch of people with whom to bond from home!

  24. It was a great couple of days with some mighty fine ladies. We need to do it all again SOON.

    PS - Glad you are back, I've missed yo'face and want to hear all about the Texas Travels.



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