Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my date with Aidan

A couple of Fridays ago, I went out on a date with Aidan (The Husband, Honey Jr and a few others were there too, but I didn't really care about that). I was so excited for my date with a fellow Texan, and for getting out of of Le Petit Village for the night, that I took photos of potential outfits and sent them to my date for her approval (re: I'm a big dork).

{please excuse the smudges on the mirror, Fifty likes to look at himself and when he does, he smudges}

We went with the black.

Our date night was dinner at Sun 7 Beach in Montpellier, a restaurant on the beach that came with a DJ spinning ridiculously loud house music. You know that saying, "if it's too loud, you're too old?" Yeah, it turns out that's true.

But we didn't let all that loud bass pumping stop our gabfest, no sir-ee bob, we sure didn't. And even though we were sitting at a table having dinner with six other people, I only had eyes for Aidan. Or more precisely, ears, I only had ears for Aidan, as we sat and talked, talked, and talked some more. All that slight Texas twanged English was heaven. Heaven I tell you. Best date I've had in ages (apologies to The Husband). We even shared dorado like a real couple, it was baked in rock salt. And then we ogled the waiter who scraped all the rock salt off the dorado together, unlike a real couple.

See him, that's the cute waiter. He's scraping the salt off the fish. 
(for the record, I'm not the one who took the photo

And after dinner we shared a Mojito too.

{shiny happy people}

Don't we look happy? We were. But like most happy occasions it felt like we were in a time warp moving fast forward and before we knew it, it was time to go. Which was kind of sad. But, The Husband and I were spending the whole weekend at Aidan's with her and her family, so it wasn't too, too sad. 

And then when our date was over, and we were headed back to Aidan's, the coolest, most bizarre thing happened... The Husband (who was our lovely driver for the evening) suddenly interrupted our ongoing gabfest and said, "I feel like there are police up ahead." Aidan and I stopped talking and gave him a look that said, "huh?", but then we went around a roundabout and sure enough, there they were; like six cops standing outside their cars (I'm sure waiting for people who don't have lovely drivers). 

So it turns out that sensing when there are police near, is The Husband's superpower. Surely that will come in handy should I ever want to pursue a life of crime, or become an evil villain of some sort. 

Good to know.


P.S. weekend at Aidan's coming soon... 


  1. Isn't it nice,hearing the sounds of "home"? And aren't The Husbands ucky,you two are beautiful!

  2. Cute outfit, cute waiter, cute girls!

  3. FUN!!!

    Also, the Husband's Super Trooper Spidey Sense is kind of awesome.

  4. How is it that you're married and still going on WAY better dates than me? No fair!

  5. I really like the black outfit. Do you think the husband's superpower would work outside France? Not that it probably matters. I'm sure a french accent could get you out of almost anything :)

  6. Ooo I vote for becoming an evil super vilan! The Husband can be your evil side kick. Or I guess the technical term would be henchman?

  7. when i hear accents here in norway that are southern or virginia-esque (since i dont really consider VA southern), i just smile and it takes me home almost. unfortunately, those accents are mostly heard via skype...not in person LOL!

    glad yall had a great time girl!

  8. I love those nights when you're just having so much fun, that you wish you could slow down time.

    You're husband has a killer sixth sense!

  9. Sounds like a fabulous night [cute waiter too]. As for the husband's "sixth sense", I am wondering if he got warned by another driver's headlights. In the spirit of "fraternité" (fraternity) and because most French people love to feel like rebels and rule breakers, it is customary to flash your headlights at incoming traffic [as a warning] after spotting the police! Ask your husband, and see what he says ;-) Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  10. Veronique - nope, no flashing lights.. just pure spidey sense :-) And they do that in the States too... guess fraternité trumps cops everytime

  11. 1. You look foxy in both outfits

    2. I don't even like dorado but I'd eat salt baked ANYTHING if it came with a serve of that waiter. Phwoar!

    3. You + Aidan = true love forever

    4. I knew The Husband was special, and not just in a "he's a big girl" way.


  12. That superpower will very likely save you tons of dough in the years to come. Keep it sharp!

    Sorry I missed you in MTP, but you'll be back!

  13. Such a cute outfit - the other one was great too, but the black short with black button down - tres chic!

    So glad to hear you two girls had such a good time. xo

  14. Wow! Copsense could be super helpful!!

  15. (1) Love your outfits - both of them! (2) Funny smudgy mirror. (3) Oh what a fun date! (4) Crazy weird husbands - how do they do that?!

  16. Well in that case, Le Husband is truly gifted ;-) I need to tell them Seattle people about the flashing headlights. I have lived here for 15 years and nobody has ever done that for me (even though the local sheriff often hides at the bottom of our hill!) Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  17. So glad that you had a wonderful evening, all made more lovely with the eye-candy waiter! I would say that The Husband has a marketable skill in sniffing out the police. Do they have stops for "too much alcohol" in France?


  18. You guys make a seriously fabulous couple :) And that waiter is a slice a foxy.

  19. French or not you're super lucky to live where you live! I'm so glad I found your blog, it's beautiful!

  20. Yea! I picked the black outfit too!

  21. It looks like you two had a great time. I am wondering what the husband was doing while you were on your "date"? Was he with you or driving around and had already seen the police gathered there? It sounds very suspicious to me.

  22. So glad you had a nice time! Cute outfit, by the way!

  23. My first out-loud "ha ha ha ha ha" of the morning (and 1st blog I've gotten to lay my eyes on in a while) once again goes to you, my dear. Your husband's super powers - j'adore! This whole post made me smile like a dork. From you and Aidan enjoying your date, to the h-a-w-t dorado scraping server, to the sensing of police up ahead. I hope your tipped your chauffeur sufficiently ;)

  24. Ed - Yes I will be! :-)

    chcmichel - The Husband was on the date too... he was one of the six French people at our table that we were ignoring. I guess how some people sense trouble, my husband senses cops!

  25. Good choice on the black, plus it looks like you had a lovely time!


  26. you lucky duck! what a fun evening — and now you know your hubby has super (flic detecting) powers!!

    p.s. ouais — tres cute waiter ;-)


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