Thursday, July 7, 2011

summer inspiration

Inspiration (not to be confused with perspiration which can be a bit difficult at the moment because oh my god it's hot) is; the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, according to Thanks Mr. Dictionary (or Mrs, pardon my sexism). 
Beth from In My World  has passed on this Inspiration Award and I'm flattered. I like inspiration (perspiration, not so much). 

The rules of this one are a little different... no secrets of me required (aw shucks, right), I'm only to pass the award on to ten (10!) blogs that I find inspirational. But you know how I like to change things up, so I'm going to tell you about a few things that I am finding inspirational this summer.

*Aidan from Conjugating Irregular Verbs,  and B from Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Cheese, visiting me, and soon Charley from 365 Things I Love About France. You got to love it when blogs come alive and collide. Plus thanks to all the practice, I've got mad skills in the Le Petit Village tour giving department

*Dining on the terrace every night with The Husband is pretty great. Except it can be annoying when Honey Jr is outside too and The Husband insists on talking to him. It's like hey, I'm trying to have a little romance here. But whatever, it's still lovely and I can't complain. 

*Les soldes! Let's say it again... L E S  S O L D E S ! 
The annual summer sale here is a big deal and I love it. And get this, the huffing and puffiness that is The Husband is actually OK with shopping les soldes. Even though I've already scored two tops from Banana Republic, a dress from Gap and one  from Mango online, (sure they're not part of the French solde but they were on sale and that's all that matters) we're going to Aix on Saturday to shop. Only to shop, it's the sole purpose of our trip, and The Husband told me that he's looking forward to it! (hold on... a pig just flew by my window). I love L E S  S O L D E S! (screaming 'les soldes' like that makes me feel like Oprah... it's an awesome feeling).  

So there you go... blogging friends visiting, dining à deux outside with The Husband (when not being interrupted by Honey Jr), and shopping, all have me feeling pretty inspired this summer. 

Now for the blogs that I find inspirational. 
(and look at me playing by the rules and listing all ten)
(but I'm going to cheat a little bit and use the blog author's own descriptions of themselves... because I'm feeling lazing... and it's best if I save my energy for les soldes).

{long distance loving} a twenty-something, newlywed who loves her husband, family, friends, running, J.Crew, JIF peanut butter, and the Hoyas. I'm blogging to find ways to love from afar and to encourage those who are braving long distance. {We survived--and thrived--for three years!} I'm also a native midwesterner attempting to figure out New England while wearing glittery flats and a smile

A Beautiful Life a 30 ish SAHM to my 3 little peanuts. I am a former French teacher and a forever shopper for beautiful things.

Bourbon & Pearls The belief that living well is the best revenge. STYLE  GLAMOUR  FASHION BEAUTY served with a shot of humour.

City On A Hill Ed Ward's blog from Montpellier, France. Food, wine, travel, and unavoidably, the French. 

Fairy Tales are True Sarah Tucker, an American living in beautiful Switzerland. I was created to be an adventurer, gardener, documenter, photographer, and also to spend lots of time swimming in the deep blue sea and cooking in my tiny European kitchen. 

jennaventures Austin by way of Lexington to East Lansing to London to Chicago to Boston... I'm the type of person who makes conversations with strangers, on planes, at bus stops, in bars. Good-natured, blonde, funny, with just a hint of exaggeration... I also really love my cat Ari.

Living Out of the Box Personal notes from a woman learning to follow her bliss ... and finding it in the most unexpected places

Mellow Fever A fashion/beauty assistant at MORE magazine and a recent grad of Northwestern University. I've done web editing and production for Allure magazine's website,, and have written for various online publications, such as Prep Talk, Listicles and STITCH Fashion Feed. 

Small But Charming Floral designer by day, constant gardener, dog walker, chef, and voracious reader by night. I live in a small, but charming 918 sq.foot house with my partner and our dog (and a cranky cat but she's usually in the garden or the attic). The garden is packed with flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, berries, vegetables, friends and neighbors. It's a good life.

The Rich Life (on a budget) You don't have to have oodles of money to have a rich life. A rich life can be achieved by focusing on quality over quantity, experiences over things, simplicity over complication and appreciation over discontentment. It has taken me many years to figure out what my makes life happy, fulfilling and rich. And now I want to share it with you!

Now go forth and find inspiration.



  1. Hey Sara,
    Thank you! And I've been feeling so uninspired too!
    The others are new to me, so I'm going to check them out, come found for scones and cuffs anytime.

  2. Dag-gum-it, didn't make the top ten. Gotta try harder. Fun list of new blogs to read, thanks for that!

  3. Am feeling a little uninspired of late - so I shall go off now to find it...

  4. Merci Sara Louise, that's some pretty impressive company you've put me with.

    I shall go forth and visit,maybe find some fresh inspiration for my day.

    xo jane

  5. Thanks for including me Sara (: I'm always inspired by your incredible writing.

  6. Oooh, new blogs to check out! Thanks bunches! :)

  7. Oh thank you!! I have been feeling like I am in a rut lately are my inspiration, you always have something charming and witty to say:)

  8. Merci Beaucoup! Some new reads! And thank you also for giving something to write about besides, well, you've seen my blog recently - weed? really? So happy for your upcoming excursion into Aix - and for your Mr. Huff-n-Puff's enthusiasm (I'm guessing there's carpaccio involved). Big hugs from the Front Range of the Rockies!

  9. Isn't dining outdoors with your hubby on a warm, summer night just the best?!

  10. Now if only you could talk Honey Jr into serenading you two lovebirds...
    maybe he needs a guitar for his birthday?

  11. I sensed pigs zooming through the air! Enjoy your trip and somehow I believe that there will be raw meat and Starbucks involved, heh?

    Oh, congratulations! I do love your blog, your stories and your candor!


  12. Thank you, friend! You have been an inspiration to me from the moment I first found your blog many posts ago. Don't be surprised to find yourself on my inspiration award post - we can be part of the mutual admiration society. XO, A

  13. Dining with your husband on the terrace each night in Provence, France has inspired me too! Except it will be burgers on the sundeck - in boring rural Ontario Canada. But I'll romance it up with some citronella candles to keep the bugs away.

  14. Congrats on the award!!! I'll definitely be checking out the blogs you recommended :) Oh how I wish it was hot here! Even with all of the perspiration :p

  15. Love reading your inspirational blog list...I recognized a few and can't wait to read some of the others! YAY for new blogs! :)

  16. I love all the things that inspire you -- and as always, I enjoy your writing style so very much. I wish I could go to France right now and have a cafe au lait with you (or some red wine - really, who am I kidding?!), because just based on your writing, I've come to just adore you!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  17. Okay, can I say how envious I am that you have access to les soldes??? What I would give to be in Paris right now for the summer sales!!

    Thanks for the blog recommendations, I will go check them out! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  18. Thanks for introducing me to some new reads!

  19. Salut Sara,

    Having got back from France last week I was missing the wonderful french Summer again and had to get my french fix-answer to UK blues come and be inspired by you.
    I'm hanging around to catch up on some of your posts I have missed and thank you for making me feel sunnier!


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