Friday, July 15, 2011

Last Saturday

First of all, I need to begin this post with an announcement, one that I've been dreading to make. All of you ladies may want to sit down.
(and please, try to remain calm and resist the urge to riot).

Honey Jr has a girlfriend. 

There, I said it. 

That's her. 

Try not to hate her, she's actually really nice, and fun. 
And I can get her to pose for pictures for me like this, 

see, fun. 

And after a very shaky start, Fifty now likes her too. 
So that should say something. 

Moving on. 

Honey Jr BBQ'd and La Petite was there chilling with her giraffe. 
Never leave home without a giraffe, it's the summer accessory. 

The Husband was there of course and I wrapped a little bit of Texas around his beer to keep it chilled and him chillin.  


See, chillin. 

But Fifty wasn't there, he wasn't invited. And I guess he wasn't happy about this because he jumped out of the window and hung out on the ledge of our roof for a bit until The Husband climbed up and got him off. Sorry I don't have any photos, but you know, I was busy trying to distract my dog from committing harikari.

And let's see, what else... oh... I got another mosquito bite on my face. So now I have a matching pair. It is a known fact that if there is a mosquito within a five mile radius of me, it will hunt me down and bite me. Mosquito bites are always my summer accessory. It's like "hey guys, does this top match my bites?"

So yeah, that was Saturday.  To sum up; Honey Jr has a girlfriend, Fifty jumped out the window (and may have been tring to commit harikari due to either 1) his lack of BBQ invite or 2) his jealousy of a certain girlfriend), and I now have two mosquito bites on my face instead of one.

Not very exciting, is it? But what is exciting is that I'm currently at French Mommy's for the weekend, stuffed full of Auvergne cheese and totally spoiled.



  1. This is not a good news... I stay sitting before read!
    It's a joke, I hope than Honey Jr. find a great girl!
    Have a wonderful week-end.
    Bisou, Babi

  2. Poor Fifty...he was obviously devastated!

  3. A) It is NOT acceptable that Honey Jr. has a girlfriend because he was my backup plan. So, now my plan is to rid him of the he can return to being my backup plan (along with Bradley Cooper and Johnny Depp)

    B) Awww, Fifty was feeling left out. Bless.

    C) A Texas koozie -- YES MA'AM!!!!

  4. What! Honey Jr. got himself a girlfriend? Unacceptable. Hearts will be breaking all over the internet community.

    More importantly.... does this mean there will be less shirtless photos of him on here? Because that would just be cruel.

  5. haha what a news! Honey Jr has got himself a girl! Aw. but i think shes cool though. :p sorry girls :D

  6. Say, what ever happened to Fifty's girlfriend?

  7. It's a good thing I have a backup plan (ie current boyfriend) :-P lol I'm glad to hear he has found a good girlfriend though. Oh and my old family dog did the same thing Fifty did. Once she even broke through a glass window! Don't know what that was about. Too bad we don't know any pet psychics huh? ;-)

  8. How cute are the new girlfriend, la petite and Sophie (the giraffe, we have one too, she's such a squeaker), not to mention the Husband rocking his aviators? Glad Fifty didn't come to grief, he might have become a henchghost for the Nazi zombies in Le Petit Village.

  9. Enjoy your weekend, Sara. Will she apply cream to your matching bites while she's spoiling you? I haven't seen a single mosquito here yet. Thank you for drawing them to the village instead. So the question is....why wasn't Fifty invited? I mean...weren't you just inviting trouble?

  10. I am ok with Honey Jr having a girlfriend. I'm not ok with you being ok about him blatantly cheating on me but whatever ;)

  11. Hahaha! Oh my, I love visiting your blog!

  12. I am not jealous of Honey Jr's new girlfriend - I'm jealous of the Auvergne cheese!

  13. Totally OK with Honey Jr. having a girlfriend. Just tell him to take his shirt off anyway. Wait - was that too 'cougar' of me? Enjoy French Mommy's!

  14. Honey Jr. is such a little hottie - I'm tres devastated at this news of a girlfriend. Le sigh, I guess I'll have to find another ;)
    I love all your pictures - and as always enjoy your fabulous writing style! And poor Fifty! It must have been tres traumatic (though I laughed at the description of the poor thing hanging out of the ledge -- how is that even possible?!).
    I'm glad I'm not the only one prone to mosquitoes. I got a bite on my neck.. It looked like a hickey gone bad - this thing was HUGE.
    Enjoy your lovely weekend, my dear friend! xox

  15. Mosquito bites are my go-to summer accessory as well. We are so fashion forward.

  16. What a fantastic blog and chronicle of your adventures in France. I was there as a child and can only remember the crepes. I had to comment on this post, in particular, because of the Texas koozie...let's just say it tugged at my hometown heartstrings. ;-) Anywhoo, I just love reading your stories and I'm happy to be a new follower. Hope you'll visit me over at Coffee and Cabernet sometime soon. Best!

  17. does this shirt go with these mosquito bites? hahahh im dying about that


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