Friday, July 22, 2011

it's not fair

Getting sick in the summertime has got to be one of the cruelest things to happen (I'm obviously exaggerating... famine in Somalia, now that's cruel, I'm still a lucky duck, virus and all). Like why couldn't I have been sick on Tuesday when the heavens had opened and buckets of rain were lashing down all over Provence? No, I have to be sick after the rain, when the sun is bright and the sky is blue.

This is me, sicky icky...

I've been staring at Fifty's fur piling up on the floor because I don't have the energy to vacuum. If I open the window with Le Mistral blowing, I can act like I'm Forrest Gump, watching that feather float away, except the feather is a big chunk of Fifty's fur. I swear if he keeps this up, he's going to need some Rogaine. And also, for any of you dog owners out there, are your dogs little piggy wiggies when they eat? Because Fifty likes to get the food in his mouth, step away from his bowl, and then chew, with his mouth open and let crumbs fall to the floor all around him. It's gross. And then sometimes, afterwords, he'll look at you, and burp... loudly. Double gross. And you don't even want to see him drink water, it's like Niagara Falls off the sides of his mouth. Do you think there might be etiquette classes for dogs?

I've been spending some time with the new TV that was delivered this week. It's great because our old TV was big, and not in the good way (like big in the clunky, old way). Brokeback Mountain was on (in English with French subtitles, thank you very much, because after seven months, I've finally figured out that little trick on Canal+... can I get a H A L L E L U J A H !). That movie was intense, and weird, and I found myself laughing at parts I probably shouldn't have been laughing at (I'm very mature). But I thought Anne Hathaway was killer. Loved her red cowgirl hat. Every girl needs a red cowgirl hat.

And I've discovered the joys of Million Dollar Decorators (on my laptop, not Canal+). To quote Martyn, "Decorating is Delicious". Although I don't know what I'm talking about, I don't have a delicious, decorating bone in my body.

When not watching sexually confused cowboys and delicious decorators, I've been reading Captains and the Kings which even though I'm enjoying, I'm not tearing through. Which is strange, feels like I've been reading it F O R E V E R. Has that ever happened to you?

And, can you believe it, The Circus has returned (I'm guessing the same one from last year). But I can't go, because it's only here for one day, and I'm sick. It's not fair. But if my dad was still alive you know what he'd say? He'd say, "Fair? Fare is something you pay to get on the bus".

And that's that. 



  1. My dear Sara,
    I'm so sorry you are sick!
    Always happens this, be sure that if you are sick in summer, is when the sun is bright and the sky is blue, never with rain days!
    I hope you get well soon.
    I don't say you have a great week end because sounds like a joke!
    Bisous, Babi

  2. Aw, feel better! Regardless that Fifty is a messy eater, curl up with him!

  3. Sorry that your sick but hooray for figuring out how to get English voices on French TV. I figured it out a few weeks ago, but had so gotten used to watching FRIENDS in French that their English voices weirded me out, haha.

  4. Hopefully since I'm reading this so many hours later you are feeling better?

    No? It is unfair.

    Have a friend come over and vacuum, that's what I do when I'm too sick to move.

    xoxo jane

  5. Oh no its horrible when you get sick this time of year and usually it is me! Last year I had a severe bronchiole, tract and lung infection. This year isn't so bad only a little eye infection.

    I hope you get better soon lovely


  6. Being sick in summer is cruel, not famine level, human rights violations, cruel, but, definitely cruel. I hope my list helps you out a wee bit.

    Oh and noooo my doggies don't do that. Louie is dainty and Leo just flat out never lifts his head from the bowl. He's kinda a garbage disposal unit, just goes and goes until there's no more.

    Bisous! Feel better soon!

  7. Haha! I love that quote! I'm totally using that on my daughter...when she's old enough to understand it!

    Hope you start feeling's never fun to be sick, but to miss the CIRCUS!? That's not fair at all! : )

  8. Aww I'm sorry you are sick when the sun is shining. But sometimes lounging in the sunshine helps. :)

    As for Fifty -- ewwww! My dog is gross sometimes, but not like that. Then again, my dog is female. ;)

  9. With your permission I'm going to use that line of your father's.

  10. I HATE being sick in the summer. Earlier this past spring we had the sun pop out a few days, which is a serious event in Seattle, but I caught a flu bug. Two weeks later, it was sunny and I got a flu bug AGAIN. Nobody should be sick unless it's miserable outside. Feel better!

  11. I hear ya. Its been 97 all week here in MN and I'm down with a cold too. How does that make sense?

    Get well soon!


  12. Get better soon!! Summer sickness is indeed cruel.
    I need to get involved in this Million Dollar Decorators business. I, too, lack decorating skills, but I love to watch others do what I can't!

  13. Hope You feel better soon. Also congratulations on getting the English subtitles figured out on your remote. Since the Digital Transition in the states my local over the air was reduced to Spanish TV, sometimes the English translation attempt is funnier than the program.

    As to fifty, he may need an entire finishing school instead of a simple etiquette class. The Niagra Falls imagery is priceless though.

  14. Feel better soon!! And, have a lovely weekend :)

  15. Our dog would actually take food out of her bowl and place it on the floor, then....she would slowly...very slowly...begin to eat! Why have a bowl indeed. I finally got wise and put a nice doggie placemat underneath it all. But, of course, that become soggy and slimy very quickly! not nice.
    Hope you're feeling better already: and be glad you're not here with this heat!

  16. You need to get well soon as I can tell you are spending waaaaaaay too much time with Fifty! Sorry that you are missing the fair but it did give you a little chuckle about your dad.

    Hope you are well enough to mosey down to the bar for a rosé soon.... oh, right... They are probably out of rosé. hehehe


  17. Being sick blows.

    And I HATE HATE HATE the tumbleweeds of Ari hair that threaten to rise up in a dust bunny colony if I'm remiss in my vacumming. I feel for you girl.

  18. Better to be sick here and now than in Texas in 109-degree heat!

    Better not to be sick at all, of course. Duhh.

    So get better: that's an order!

  19. my dog takes his food out of his bowl kibble by kibble, the pieces he decides he wants to eat he rolls around in the dirt, buries them, rubs his face in the dirt, unburries them, and then eats them. Disgusting.

  20. I'm in love with your village, with Fifty, and your husband's pretty cute too! Hope you feel better.

  21. Sorry you're sick - summer colds are THE worst!

    As for the dog etiquette, we always had St. Bernard's when I was growing up, (all of whose names were Bruno except, for the one girl Saint whose name was Squirt). The Bruno who was around the longest as I was growing up (Bruno II), used to eat 2 McDonald's triple cheeseburgers (remember those? where have THEY gone?) off of newspaper laid on the floor bc he was so damn huge, and he would eat the newspaper too once he was done his "dinner..." My mom always said Saints may be messy, but at least they try to clean up after themselves!!! ANd

    PS - he lived off of McDonald's and lived to be 13! Why doesn't it work that way for humans?!

  22. I'm reading Les Miserables. And I HAVE been reading it forever! I hope you feel better soon, Sara. It's summertime!

  23. Get better! I love mdd too! Fierce.

  24. my airedale mia is like your fifty. she loves to pick up food in her mouth, back away from the bowl and drop it on the floor. then she eats it there, followed by running along the back of every couch in the house, rubbing her mugg on the fabric. must feel good....what are you going to do?

    feel better soon, sara. and you're right - every girl needs a red cowgirl hat.

  25. Older post so I know you're all better, but I'm sorry you WERE sick.

    Fur from the dog - always. And he's not bald. At least our dogs have very short little hairs yes?

    Million Dollar Decorators!! Love it love it love it. The only one I really love is Katherine; the other ones are such bitches! You just know Martyn is the biggest one under all that 'delicious.' Ha!

    Seriously love that show.


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