Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Husband's Birthday: Episode 4


In terms of worldwide coolness it pretty much goes like this;

Number 1. Snoop Dogg

Number 2. Mr Honey

F A C T.

The morning after the BBQ, I woke up a little after 8, bright eyed and bushy tailed (I'm not being sarcastic, being the hostess meant I drank more water than anything else. Sidenote:  I hate being the hostess). And The Husband got up too. He was not bright eyed and bushy tailed because it was almost 5 when he got to bed. That was after a 2am swim, and breaking up a fight between Honey Jr and Gatz sometime around 4. I know it was sometime around 4 because the yelling outside my window woke me up, and I stuck my head out and told The Husband to take care of it.
(For the record, he never starts fights, but he's awfully good at finishing them. And Gatz and Honey Jr were fighting about a girl. Such a cliché).
So about 5 he came to bed, and Honey Jr made Gatz sleep outside on his terrace (but there was a couch out there, so it's not like his punishment was that harsh).  

Back to waking up.

It was a gorgeous morning. All bright blue sky and blazing sunshine. We, as in we being; The Husband, Lovely Irish Friend, her boyfriend, Honey Jr, Gatz, and me, had coffee and juice on the terrace and being abnormally energetic, decided to go to the market in a nearby village.

So off we went after dropping off the massive number of empty beer and wine bottles at the recycling bank (really wish I could have gotten 5¢ a bottle) and we arrived at the market which from far away looked like this...

We stocked up on goodies from the boulangerie and headed to a friend's bar for some café. But it wasn't long before the café and croissants were finished and we were nibbling on saucisson sec and sipping Rosé (but I drank my Rosé with pamplemousse - or grapefruit juice - to make it more breakfasty).  

And I discovered something... 
market + sunshine + friends + Rosé with pamplemousse = perfect morning. 
It really does.
(And how fun is the word 'pamplemousse'?) 
(pamplemousse, pamplemousse, pamplemousse)
(love it)

But even though it was the perfect Sunday morning and I probably could have spent the whole day right there in that spot, we had to go, The Honeys had called and said they were coming over for lunch. Having lunch with The Honeys is pretty perfect too so I wasn't complaining. 

The Honeys arrived looking dapper in their sun hats, along with Honey B (Honey Jr's brother) and his wife, N, and we got comfortable on the terrace, where we stayed put for the whole day. Seriously, the whole day. We just sat there, chatting, laughing, eating, and drinking in the sun. The absolute perfect Sunday. The absolute perfect end to The Husband's birthday.  

And that was that.

It took me a full week to tell you about the weekend, 

because that's how long it took me to get over it. 

I'm so old.



  1. Sounds like the perfect Sunday recovery-day. Can't beat pamplemousse et rosé!

  2. It must be nice to have a birthday celebration go on long enought that it takes your wife one week to blog about it. I hope my birthday this year is fun enough to at least remember what I did the next day. Have a good week.

  3. I giggled. A lot. It sounds like an ideal Sunday to me. :)

  4. I've really loved hearing all about your hubby's birthday! Thank goodness you broke it down into stories, I don't know if you could have told us about all the wonderfulness in one post!

    I do have to say, Rosé with pamlemousse really sounds delightful right this minute... I wish running to the store wasn't such a production!

    <3 Happy Belated Birthday to your dearest Husband <3

  5. that sounds like the perfect sunday to me too. and now i'm obsessed with saying pamplemousse!! so fun.

  6. I named my pink Twingo Pamplemousse because, like you, I loved the word so much I kept saying it over and over and even though my car is a faded barbie pink, well, she pretty much looks like a pink grapefruit too!! Perfect endings are, well ... perfect! :)

  7. Haha, the word pamplemousse does have a very catchy ring to it!

    The market looks lovely, I'd love to live in France just so that I could buy fresh bread and veggies everyday :)


  8. The whole weekend sounds delightful! When Future Husband is a big, famous Rockstar, we will have to come visit you. =)

  9. oh perfection! that sunshine looks so good. its a freezing hell hole here at the moment. I have parfum called pamplemousse! at first it smelled like cats wee, but now I love it! (and hope I dont smell like, well, you know...) au revoir!
    Miss T xx

  10. Sounds like an awesome birthday weekend, and not one you are about to forget, haha! :)

  11. Oh that sounds AMAZING. If I had a boulangerie anywhere near me, I'd probably pop up a tent and move in there. Hope the Husband is recovering well!

  12. That Mr. Honey just stole the hunk of le petite village award from Honey Jr. hands down.
    What a lovely weekend. The Husband deserves nothing less, we love him so.
    aidan xo

  13. Fantastic recap. Man, makes me wish I lived in France....

  14. Any party that doesn't end in a fight clearly isn't worth attending and pamplemousse is definitely the most fun french word to say!

  15. I like your math. Lovely to read about that perfect day too! Cheers!

  16. YES Pamplemousse was a fave word of ours in high school french class. That and the word for deodorant. It rolls off the tongue in a funny way.

    Looks like fab weekend...full of rose wine, scrapping over a girl, and fun in the sun!

  17. I knew I should have made myself take French in High School. I missed out on such special words..thankfully you are teaching me and I hope I will learn more.

    Birthdays always stretch out to a week in our home...

  18. The whole event sounds rather perfect, especially Sunday. I'm going to have a Sunday like that eventually.

  19. sounds great. i am so old too, I stayed up till 1030pm last night and can barely function...so sad!

  20. I very much would have liked to be present for this birthday extravaganza!!

  21. "Pamplemousse" and "parapluie": two of my favorite words in that most wonderful language!
    Will there be a follow up to this saga?

  22. I waited til the end to comment. Epic bday weekend for The Husband.

  23. One of my favorite restaurants when I was a kid growing up in Las Vegas was called Pamplemousse...and I, too, loved to say it over and over and over again.

    Mr. Honey looks like a super cool guy.

  24. I am so old, too. The better the party, the longer it takes me these days to get over it. Definitely a reason not to add to the brood. I think it would kick me over the edge.
    Anyway. The epic birthday celebrations sound so enviable. And with London once again drowning under torrential rainfalls, I envy you even more. xx

  25. Sounds like the perfect day. Pamplemousse was my first French word. Believe it or not there was a wonderful French restaurant in Las Vegas by that very name and the owner/chef was named Georges LaForge (don't know how to spell that last name) but it was fun to say. When I was a very young and precocious Pamplemousse was my favorite restaurant and I insisted on going there for my birthday every year. I guess it still exists, I just Googled it http://www.pamplemousserestaurant.com/page1home.htm

  26. Oh and I have to comment on Mr. Honey. He is the coolest. He's got a James Bond kind of thing going there. Great photo.

  27. Jesus. I want your life instead of mine, where I just work and get pawed by strangers.

  28. Next time you want to sit on your terrace all day, you know there is France, just call me up. I'd down to take one for the team and tag you out for a while. I got your back girlie.


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