Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Husband's Birthday: Episode 3

When we last left The Husband's Birthday, the boys had returned from the bar and one had fallen asleep at the ripe old hour of 7:15, (and got punished for it in the maturest of ways). What I didn't mention was that one boy was missing, Honey Jr.

Where, oh where could Honey Jr be?

And then we heard a horrible, grating noise...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Or is it Honey Jr pushing a barbecue grill across the village?

{uh, guys, a little help here}

Um, yeah, that last one. 

The boys had left him without any help and little Honey Jr pushed that grill all the way from Brother-in-Law's house (OK, it's not THAT far, but it is on the other side of the village).

{Me. Man. I make fire.}

Look at him get that fire going. Here in Le Petit Village, we don't use any fancy pants charcoal, no sireebob, we grill like cave men, with wood. (And Honey Jr was being all manly, snapping twigs branches in half on his knee, wish you could've seen it).

And then Honey Jr got to grilling.
(It kind of looks like he's DJing doesn't it? That boy does spend quite a bit of time in Ibiza.)

Meanwhile, on the other terrace...
(Honey Jr was BBQing on our terrace, everyone was hanging out on his)

We were all enjoying the beautiful summer evening and the smell of the fire wafting through the air. See above... that's my lovely Irish friend on the beanbag talking to no one in particular. And there's Child Bride, concentrating on her wine, Brother-in-Law, sticking a breadstick in Mrs Honey's Pina Colada, and Mrs Honey trying to figure out why. 

And here's my lovely Irish friend engaged in conversation with Child Bride and Brother-in-Law (she doesn't speak French, they don't speak English, but whatever), Mrs Honey happy to have her Pina Colada back, Gatz, fresh from his nap with a clean face and a new t-shirt (don't ask what happened to the other one) and the birthday boy himself, The Husband, overseeing it all, like the king he is. 
(he totally got that king comment because it's his birthday)

And then let's see...

blah blah blah


eat drink eat drink eat drink

And then sometime later in the evening this happened... 

Which looks crazy shady, but is actually quite innocent. It's The Husband and Gatz rugby tackling a sleeping Honey Jr and Brother-in-Law. 
(For the record, I have no idea why these two decided to take a catnap together around 11:00 when the BBQ was still in full swing. Sometimes it's best not to question these things.)

And that rugby tackle made Honey Jr's face do this...

Kind of looks like he's in pain, doesn't it? Once again, that's what you get for leaving the party early.

And then there's this photo, which I don't know how to explain so I'm not even going to try.

{Honey Jr - you will never be President}

But wait. 

There's more. 

Stayed tuned for Episode 4 coming up next.




  1. Tears are rolling down my cheeks from laughing so hard, my belly aches. Too. Freaking. Funny.

    (Waiting with baited breath for part 4!)

  2. Do they red or at least look at your blog?

    Because i think you're gonna be in big trouble Sara Louise.

    But hopefully not until we see more.

    xo jane

  3. Too too funny - you're right, best not to question some things!

    That terrace setting looks divine :)


  4. i want to spend just one day as a fly on your wall in Le Petit Village! you have so much fun!!

  5. BBQs in Le Petit Village look like a lot of fun; hopefully, the food is good too.

  6. It looks like the evening was perfect for bridging the language gap.

  7. The "be nice to me or I'll blog about you" statement has never rung more true than in Le Petite Village. Brava!

  8. I feel like I'm getting my summer reading on the beach with a great book reading this. Please don't stop!

  9. That last photo kinda looks like another style of party...*blush*

    T xx

  10. Birthdays in le petit are way more fun than birthdays around here!

  11. Yes, you people in Le Petit Village really know how to party... Quick, show us more before they catch you!

    The photo of Honey Jr pushing the grill through the village is priceless!


  12. Ah!! We needed another bedroom scandal!!! After the Room 2806, here comes Le Petit Village Room!! I'm staying tuned!
    Great serie... Golden Globe for best soundtrack ("the marching grill") and best decor set ("the Lounge")!!

  13. Ha, love the comment he'll never be president. Reminds me of George Clooney's classic comment on the matter (something like I smoked too many drugs and f*cked too many chicks to run for president).

  14. Living in that village looks so utterly idyllic.
    Oh cooking on wood. - very impressed, that must be so full if flavour.

  15. Honey Jr could totally be the president of France. I feel that somehow the French will understand this behavior ;)

  16. Oh my word, I laughed out loud reading this! So funny!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog earlier so I could swing by and find you! I'll definitely be following! : )

  17. This looks like SO MUCH FUN!
    I literally laughed out loud at your photo descriptions. You have a great way of describing things!

  18. Happy Fourth Sara! Hope you're BBQing and drinking beer. Cheers!

  19. Sara! I love your blog. I've been perusing for the last half hour, AT LEAST! Your life seems so whimsical and carefree! Oh the wonders of France! Makes my little random blog seem so boring. But I love it anyway! Au revoir!

  20. Omg. This might be my favorite blog post EVAH!!!!!

    I mean let's face it: Honey Jr. pushing a BBQ across a village.

    Brother in law sticking a bread stick in Mrs. Honey's Pina Colada which ROCKS -- in that weird random way that inexplicable stuff rocks.

    Random conversation between people who don't speak each others languages, but look like they're having fun.

    Blackmail photos. Drunken, napping, dirty blackmail photos.

    And then the final photo which just BEGS for a caption contest.

    Blog-reader bliss.


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