Friday, June 10, 2011

style: memories

Thank you to Paula at Koukla Running for passing on this Stylish Blogger Award (love these!) For this edition, I'm going to share seven of my most memorable Style memories (please note; these are not necessarily 'stylish' memories).

1. My mother travelled a lot when I was a child. Instead of Where's Waldo, it was like, Where's Mommy. But she was a good Mom and when she'd return she'd always phone my teachers and ask how I was during the week. One time, my kindergarten teacher told my mother a little story (one that I was unaware had happened until my mother informed me years later).
It was recess, and I was wearing my mauve and green Gloria Vanderbilt sweater and my mauve Pierre Cardin corduroy skirt (my nickname totally should have been Muffy). It was slide time, and as I slid down, my teacher  looked up, and oops, little Sara wasn't wearing any panties! (See, little girls really do need their mommies). There I was, sliding down the slide, showing off my good girl for all of St Georges to see. I was Britney before Britney.

2. Around third grade I used to rock the Punky Brewster look. This meant one baby blue converse and one pink converse, both with actual lace replacing the normal laces. This is my childhood look I'm most proud of.

3. In 8th grade, I went to a military prep school. I didn't have a boyfriend because 1. I was in 8th grade, and 2. I was super duper awkward, but at the last minute, like literally the day of, a friend asked me if I could be his date to the military ball. Um, OK, because 14 year old girls always have spare ball gowns lying around. Well I didn't, but luckily my dorm mate and 8th grade BFF did. Her mother designed couture, and had a house in the city stocked full of neglected gowns. So my friend picked one out for me... a definite one of a kind in an orange satin. Now orange happens to be my color (I'm not making this up, orange looks good on me) but the dress wasn't exactly sized to my petite 8th grade measurements (and I'm not talking about my height). So there I am, in a $5,000 orange satin dress that's heavily beaded bodice is continually slipping farther and farther down my petite chest. My friend had the typical 14 year old answer, lets just stuff some toilet paper in there. Great idea. As I stood next to my escort looking dapper in his formal military uniform, posing for our picture with a line of other cadets and dates waiting for their turn, the toilet paper slipped down and fell out of the bottom of my dress. No, that wasn't embarrassing at all. S CA R R E D  FOR  L I F E 

4. When I was 15, I was in NYC with my friend Bun. I was wearing an outfit that's memory makes me shudder;  palazzo pants (we were all about the palazzo pants) and a pair of shoes with a pointy toe (that damn pointy toe). As Bun and I walked up the stairs of Rockefeller Centre with our 15 year old struts on (all the world was our runway), my pointy toe got caught in the wide flowy palazzo pant leg, I tripped, took down Bun with me, and then she took down the old couple in front of her in a game of human dominoes. I wish I could say none of the hundreds of people around us noticed. But that would be a lie. 

5. For my Junior Prom I wanted to be fabulous. There would be no Debs Formals dress for me. I found a picture of a Jean-Paul Gaultier dress that I loved, I sent it to my Aunt in Dublin with my measurements. She gave it to a seamstress and two months later, the dress was shipped back to me in a manila envelope (because the fabric was that thin and at the time, so was I). I'd show you a photo of the dress but that would mean I would be showing you my Junior Prom photo and that is never, ever going to happen. Ever. 

6. For my Senor Prom, inspired by this photo of Courtney Love and Amanda de Cadenet, I wore a slip. Like actual underwear. Life lesson learned: Courtney Love is not a proper role mode for teenage girls.

7. My wedding was thrown together pretty quickly, and since it was a relatively casual affair, I wasn't going to get all gowny. But I did have an image in my head and it was this...

Love that dress. But I didn't get it. I got this instead...

Which I think I actually love more (and am trying to plan a way to wear again this summer... I'm thinking wedding No.2... that would be fun).

Allison @ la dolce vita

Do you have any stylish tales you would like to tell?




  1. I too rocked some Pierre Cardin and Gloria Vanderbilt in my (much) earlier days. And I LOVED Punky Brewster so I was all about side pony-tails, crimping, neon, chuck-t's and what we call "color blocking" nowadays.

    My worst was my all black phase circa '95-96. I wasn't goth, I just thought dressing like someone from the MAC cosmetic counter was super cool...

  2. I'm sorry, but this was hilarious! :D
    I had some awful things too,but luckily always had undies ;)

  3. That's hard core, sent to military prep school for not wearing undies on the slide. You poor girl.

  4. OMG, Sara! I am laughing so hard at your Britney moment. Ummm... the toilet paper, super embarrassing at such a tough age. I once had toilet paper hanging out of the back of my shorts if it makes you feel better! ha! xo

  5. i'd like to see the manila envelope dress.
    and wedding no 2 is ON.

  6. This entire post was great - #1 and #3 cracked me up.
    I used to wear palazzo pants too. I sure hope they don't come back in to style.

  7. I giggled throughout your entire post. So jealous you rocked the Punky Brewster look! This was a fun Friday morning read.

    Your military ball story reminded me of a mortifying experience in high school. I've been a classical pianist since I was 8. One year I performed at our high school talent night. I was wearing a floor length black skirt that had a zipper in the back. Turns out, I had forgotten to pull up the zipper! So the entire audience, for my 10 minute song, got a nice shot of my butt and skimpy bright, blue undies! All night long people were coming up to me saying, "Um, yeah, you were good, but um, you need to pull up your zipper." Mortifying! 15 years later and I still cringe.

    I watched the video afterwards and literally all that could be seen illuminated in the dimly lit auditorium was my butt and bright blue thong. Oh, man...

  8. Girl, this post made my morning. I laughed SO hard, I almost spit out my coffee. Have you ever watched 'Fashion Police'? I don't know if you get it over there, but, it's a show with Joan Rivers and a few others who go over what celebrities wore that week, whether it be bad or good. And let me tell ya, Courtney Love has committed more fashion crimes than I have (and that's saying a lot- my style didn't develop until I was a bit older shall we say). Though she has, on rare occasion, gotten it right. So that photo was just flat out misleading you. Just remember, Senoir Prom was not your fault. You were just mislead and that happens! ;-) Bisous!

  9. You need to write a book... It'd be a best seller. I love the way you write! Hilarious!

  10. Ooooh, you scandalous girl! This made me laugh so hard -- the way you write is absolutely amazing and when I read your posts, I feel like you'd speak the same way if we were having a conversation. Probably why I adore your lovely blog so much!
    All your fashion recaps had me DYING -- especially about your orange dress. Too funny for words! (And yet I inwardly cringed trying to put myself in your shoes!).
    Thank you SO much for passing this onto me -- I'm excited and will post about it soon!
    Enjoy your weekend, mon amie! xo

  11. Hilarious fashion faux pas stories and all - you are still one stylish babe. LOVED this edition of "Sara Style"! xoxo

  12. Damn I wish you had pictures for these! Tell you what... I'll show you mine if you show me yours! (And not in the no-panty slide kinda way)

  13. Don't you wish you could travel back in time and tell your younger self not to do something ridiculous? I do.
    I almost spit my water out at your anti-panties kindergarten self. Hussy.

  14. Hilarious! I bet you look at toilet paper in a whole new light these days! Thank you so much! oh la la!
    T xx

  15. If you can't go commando in kindergarten, when can you?

  16. hahah! I laughed out loud while reading that first one... and your wedding dress was beautiful!

  17. I think this is my favorite post of yours..very, "Love, Loss, and What I wore"

  18. hahahaha! That was an awesome post :-)

    I just found your blog, and I can't think of a better start :-)

  19. Haha - I love this! Sadly, I wore uniforms through most of my childhood so I didn't get to experience the style choices. However, I did rock some plaid pants on dress down days - a tragedy, I tell ya.

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    - S from Following the Walkers

  20. 1. boyfriend's daughter, Pearl, has done the no-underwear thing sometimes when she comes from her mom's house. is it just a kid thing- to want no underwear...?

    2. i used to do mismatched clothes too! but i wasn't cool enough for converse at that age, so i just mismatched all my random nameless shit.

    3. i laughed out loud at the image of you in a giant-boobed ball gown with toilet paper falling out the bottom. also, you went to a military prep school? faaaancy. :)

    4. i also laughed out loud at the palazzo pant/ pointy shoe debacle. EVERY girl has had a moment of embarrassment that pulls them down from their high fashion pedestal.

    6. i did the slip dresses too! not to prom, but i did get vintage looking slips from the thrift store and wore them as dresses. we should have totally been fashion besties all throughout life.

  21. French Girl in Seattle says: "You win!" -- You absolutely deserved the Most Stylist Blogger award. Should we start calling you "Britney?" Hilarious post. Merci. Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  22. Prom dresses are the worst, but that wedding gown is lovely, hope it's shown a good time the second time around!

  23. My eighth grade year I went to Merry Go Round to buy an all-white number that consisted of a racer-back sports-bra looking top under a front-tie, lace-sleeved top over a mesh-covered pair of white short-shorts. What's worse, I spent about six months paying for it in "layaway"--$100 was a lot in 1994! I remember I made and sold bead necklaces and knotted friendship bracelets in school to finance it. Aah the good old days.

    I found you via Rachel's Rantings and laughed out loud at this post.

  24. that wedding dress is lovely. and i agree, wearing a slip to the prom is probably not a good idea. all the girls going to proms these days look like they're going to an egyptian wedding. i'm talking big dresses.

  25. I LOVE it! I laughed so hard at the toilet paper in the dress...I read it out loud to the Canadian and we both laughed hysterically.


  26. Congrats on the award! This post was hilarious! I've had a ton of experiences similar to yours, and it made me happy to read that I wasn't the only awkward, clumsy teen in the world (no offense at all!)

    I have hidden all photos of me from my senior prom, too - they're in my forbidden file. Luckily, though, my boyfriend is younger than me, so I have great photos from his prom that are allowed to see the light of day ;)

    sorelle in style

  27. congrats on the award!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog :)

  28. I love this! "I was Britney before Britney" -- my favorite line ever. I am also VERY guilty of having stuffed my bra in seventh grade.

    P.S. I actually do want to go to France to see what I can do with four years of French classes! I'm thinking a lavender farm would be nice.. with an olive grove. And wine. Not a vineyard, though. Just wine.

  29. oh my gosh - LOVE this post. i adore that you wore a slip to prom, had a britney moment in kindergarten and rocked the punky brewster look! i had PB themed birthday party when i turned 10!

  30. I was the most awkward child growing up and have been known to rock everything from leggings with flannel to Seahawk jerseys to boy's jeans... My fashion sense isn't anything remarkable now, but at least I know how to fly under the radar.

  31. Thanks for sharing these memories! There's something about 3rd grade that brings out a girl's quest for her personal style. I was a big fan of New Kids on the Block, so when the guys wore those black wool, rimmed hats, I wanted one too, especially since another girl from school totally rocked one. She told me she got it at Charlotte Russe, so I dragged my mom there and begged her to buy me one. She did and I believe I wore it only around the house because at least I had enough sense to know that I looked ridiculous in that hat!

  32. Hahaha god I love Courtney Love. She isn't the ideal "role model" but she's pretty badass.


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