Tuesday, May 31, 2011

oh là là, oh là là: Part 1

"I love my wine and it loves me" - Maybelline

Such a weekend, it's hard to know where to begin (Aidan, her family, and some friends descended upon Le Petit Village for two days of madness). So many happenings. So much to report. Let's be logical and start with Friday, shall we? Aidan and her brood (her husband, Oldest, Middlest, and Littlest) found there way to Le Petit Village just before 6pm (perfectly timed for l'heure de l'apéro, don't you think?).

Aidan and I got them settled into the gîte, fixed ourselves a little walnut wine roadie and took a tour through the village. The mistral was out playing so it was a quick tour. Plus we had dinner reservations at Lupin Blanc. The creamy truffle and Calvados ravioli was awaiting, couldn't be late for that. But we did bump into Vicky. It was Aidan's first 'real life' Le Petit Village sighting. (I'm thinking of hosting tours... 'visit Le Petit Village; where the blog comes to life'... or maybe I'll just dump this idea into my delusional bucket, who knows.)

Oldest and Middlest rode with The Husband and I to the restaurant. The Husband kept trying to play some music with questionable lyrics and I'd quickly turn it down and remind him that children were in the car. He still wasn't grasping so I pulled the stereo face off and turned to have a conversation with my two little bilingual friends. And you know what happened because of that conversing? Middlest said the sweetest thing;

"I like this."

"What's that Sweetie?" I asked.

"All this talking and stuff."

Heart. Melt.

The kids had Orangina (which they ordered themselves, in their perfect French), while we had a bottle of Vacqueyras which comes with that Châteauneuf-du-Pape emblem of the crossed keys on it. Aidan and her husband questioned the significance of the keys. The Husband tried to explain but I poo-pooed his explanation with my own... the crossed keys signify the two keys to the hotel rooms in Châteauneuf-du-Pape we'll be staying in when they get a babysitter, and meet us  for a weekend full of wine tasting fun (yep, it's true, that's what those keys mean). I think they preferred my explanation to The Husbands. Wouldn't you?

Moving on.

After dinner we headed back to their gîte for a nightcap and a little Penny Can. The Husband actually rocked this game. But because he can be shy, he would get the penny in the can, and instead of triumphantly shouting "PENNY CAN!" he would just turn around with a smile on his face and say that he made one (so un-penny can like, somewhere Bobby Kyle is crying).

And sometime during the Penny Can (or Penny Cooler if you play the Aidan way), nightcap hour(s), The Canadians (friends of Aidan) arrived with their three children. That makes six kids from two - nine, six 'adults', and Fifty.

That's a whole lot of chaos.

To be continued...


P.S. Maybelline is Aidan by the way.... sssssshhhhhhh!
P.P.S. And for even-stevens, my Texas trash name is Lori Al. Classy isn't it?
P.P.P.S. To read Aidan's version of our weekend click here
P.P.P.P.S. And don't forget to enter my summer read giveaway here 
P.P.P.P.P.S. I think I may have just set some sort of post script record.  


  1. Sounds like a fantastic start to the weekend! That's a lot of kid chaos though... wonder how it all turned out?

  2. Haha oh wow, it sounds so crazy but so so fun!!!

  3. first off, i love the delusional bucket. i have one of those and sometimes it's pretty hard to figure out which ones actually belong in there instead of the brilliant bucket. but that sounds like a wonderful time!

  4. You're going to make me google "Penny Can" aren't you?

  5. I feel like the weekend should be titled "When Blogs Come to Life." Sounds like you all had a blast!

  6. hehe i love Aidan's quote :) Sounds like so much fun!

  7. I would love a tour of Le Petit Village. Not delusional to me at all.

  8. My favorite part is that you spelled Lori Al just like I saw it in my head. See how you do?

    Whoop, whoop! I'm not shy like the Husband, "PENNY COOLER!!!"

    maybelline xo

  9. Funny week-end!
    I want to drink wine with youuuu!
    Bisou, Babi

  10. Sounds like a fun weekend. I want to eat at Lupin Blanc, sound yummy.

  11. i love hearing about your village life :) and i'm always impressed that you can spell all those french things!

  12. That sounds like so much fun! I would definitely sign up for one of those blog tours in Le Petit Village...I've decided that I want to save up, buy a lavender farm in Provence and copy your life (right down to Honey Jr, although he will be my husband).

  13. One thing that everyone needs is a Texas trash name. I think it livens things up.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Vacqueyras! Vaqueyras!

  16. I would fly over and pay for a Le Petit - Blog comes to life tour! But it would have to include pictures with the locals! Maybe you could blow up some and cut out the faces and we could "be the local"

  17. what a beautiful start to your weekend!!

  18. Sounds like such a great weekend! I love how you've described these wonderful moments to us!


  19. Walnut vin? Penny can? I have so much to learn!

  20. Oh la la, just caught up on your last 3 blogs entries, comme d'habitude, you had me in stitches! Thanks for the belly laughs. I loved the whole visual of Fifty's body catapulting around your home, slamming into furniture as he bites the air / flies!! Nice.

  21. Sigh, I want a weekend in Le Petite with truflles and ravioli.

  22. i thought it was a maybelline commercial in france. seems perfectly normal over here (:

    and i like the whole blog coming to life. definitely should offer tours of le petit village. !


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