Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Husband's Birthday: Episode 1

{Please Note: this photo has nothing to do with this post, 
it has been included simply because The Husband looks dapper in it, 
and everyone deserves a dapper photo for their birthday}

Oy vey, I'm dehydrated and badly in need of a vacation to recover from The Husband's birthday weekend, but it was so worth it. His birthday was actually Thursday and it was awesome (and the weekend too), and I'm going to tell you all about it, but in more than one part, because it was that big, like Star Wars (hence the post title).

You know how when it's my birthday (aka International Day of Awesomness) my mother phones me first thing in the morning to sing Happy Birthday (although this year it was via Skype), and I both love it and cringe at the same time? Well this year The Husband got the birthday treatment for the very first time. She phoned him night time Texas, morning here, just before he left for work. He was really excited. But then I told him that now she'll do it every year for him and he said, "Every year? Good thing my birthday isn't everyday." (He did actually love it... but you just have to experience it to feel the C R I N G E )

And since it was his birthday, and in my house your birthday means you get to choose whatever dinner you want and it will be cooked for you (except this no longer applies to me since The Husband cannot cook at all, so I cook my own birthday dinner, which totally sucks... I wonder if Honey Jr is a good cook...), I was cooking Swedish Meatballs. I guess The Husband's 1/4 Swedish part was hungry. And then I made an icebox cake because it was way too hot to be turning that oven on.

So we ate outside and Honey Jr came over for some cake and then the moment that I had been waiting for finally happened... presents!
The Husband is a big kid with zero patience and has been asking everyday what I got him, and I know that he was searching the house (and Honey Jr's too), so I had to be really tricky with the hiding place, and I can't even tell you guys where it is, because sometimes The Husband does actually read this. Suffice to say, he never did find them and that made me happy. But what made me even happier was wrapping his presents in wrapping paper from a household goods store here called, Casa, like so...

{I'm tricky}

You see, I knew that The Husband would take one look at that green paper and his face would scrunch up as he thought about unwrapping like a cheese plate or something. And he totally did and seeing that face was my little present to myself. Because sometimes I'm a wee meanie.

But I gave him lots of nice summer clothes which he really liked. Mostly because he didn't have to do the shopping himself. And that was his real present. Which means another present for me is not having to endure the shopping huffing & puffing. So that green package is really the gift that keeps on giving.

Isn't it nice how that worked out?

(more on The Husband's birthday coming soon)



  1. Can't wait to read more! Tell you Hubby happy b-lated birthday from California!

  2. I love that rule. On your birthday, you get to choose your dinner! Mine was always mac and cheese with ham. Comfort food!

  3. Happy birthdayyyyy to your husband!!!
    and i like that you are a wee meanie. i would totally do that too - the scrunch of the face would crack me up!

  4. New summer clothes so he does not have to go out there and shop for himself. That is a brilliant idea, Sarah! With luck, you enjoyed the shopping trip yourself. Brilliant, brilliant, girl. Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  5. I love it when people get all silly and excited for their birthdays. What fun. Love your mom's trick too.
    Glad your DH got presents he liked.

  6. Haha! I love that you wrapped it in that paper just to see him cringe a wee bit-- I totally do the same things to my hubby! I can't wait to see part 2! :)


  7. Love the word dapper. Dapper, dapper, dapper :-)

    Happy birthday, Herr Husband.

  8. You had me at icebox cake. What kind??

  9. Sneaky Sara! I'm taking notes...

  10. my mom does the SAME thing with the first-thing-in-the-morning phone call and making whatever dinner the birthday person chooses. my family knows, you're stuck with whatever the menu says bc that's the "OFFICIAL" birthday meal.

  11. My mom used to hide pressies in the attic. Sneaky sneaky.

  12. Happy belated Birthday to The Husband. You are so lucky that he likes the clothes you buy him. My husband is so finicky that I have started to detest buying him anything...it always, always go back.
    Good trick with the Casa paper...I love doing stuff like that - I'm a wee meanie too!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the birthday. I have a sneaking suspicion alcohol might be involved.

  13. Your hubby's bday was Thursday and my hubby's was Monday! You are such a better wife because I totally gave mine his gift early. I'm a sucker like that

  14. A Belated Happy B-Day for The Husband from me as well. Though I can cook passably, I usually rely on free birthday entrees from restaurants. Love the green wrapping paper. Can't wait for "The Rest of The Story".

  15. Happy birthday to him!! Can't wait to read the second part :)

  16. Special occasion posts are my favorite. The birthday phone call is so sweet. I might have to start that tradition in my family.


  17. Can't wait to read more of The Husband birthday! So Happy birthday from me and Strike!
    Bisou, Babi

  18. i like your present to yourself best. and can you give me the icebox cake recipe?

  19. HA! I love that you used Casa wrapping paper! Tricky tricky!!! Happy Birthday to the Husband!!!

  20. You make me laugh - I can just picture the husband's scrunched up "try not to be too disappointed when this is a cheese platter" face. Aww. You're a meanie, and I love you for that.

    M doesn't believe in gift-wrapping presents (he is dumb, I know, I freakin LOVE gift wrapping, I have a theme every Christmas 'cause I'm all Martha Stewart like that) so one year, out of spite, I gave him a present wrapped in layer, after layer, after layer of wrapping paper. heheheh. Total waste of money but I felt my point was made.

    Awesome BBQ sounds awesome. You are the hostess with the mostess.

    Gros bisous

  21. Happy Bday to the hubby! OMG.... my Mom does that too... calls and sings.. ha ha! I am sure I'll do the same to torture my two kids when they move out! xo

  22. I get the Birthday Song too each year, sung by my sister. So I totally understand the C R I N G E and the pleasure you got watching it happen to someone else.

  23. Awww, happy birthday Husband!!!!! Cute!!!

    On your birthday next year, come to London and I will make your bday dinner! And your favorite cake! And the Canadian and the Husband will be drunk and happy! And so will we!! And there will be no huffing and puffing! (well, maybe just a little for entertainment...)


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