Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Style: New Things I've Done in France

Thank heavens for this Stylish Blogger Award from Laura at Everyday Life of a Young American Girl in France because absolutely zero has been happening around here and I have nothing at all to blog about (case in point: I was skyping with my mother yesterday and she told me that she was disappointed that I hadn't written a new post, and I told her that that's because I don't have anything to write about so there you go... the proof is in the Skype). Back to business...  thank you Laura for giving me something to blog about.

For this blogger award and the prerequisite seven secrets about me, how about a list of seven things that I've done since living in France? Like things I hadn't, or probably wouldn't have done before. Sound good? Fantastic.
Let's do this.

1. I had never spoken French before. Kind of. Like I'm kind of speaking it now and I kind of didn't before. I had French class in kindergarten but since that was a L O N G  L O N G time ago, I don't remember any of it. But I'm pretty sure I sound like I'm in kindergarten to any French person that's lucky enough to get stuck conversing with me (but good news... next week I resume my French lessons with the marvelous Professeur).

2. Even though I'm from Texas,  I had never seen a single episode of Walker Texas Ranger (and I'm pretty sure most Texans have never seen an episode either). Now I watch it in French. The Chuck Norris masterpiece is on Sunday afternoons about 2pm. When we finish Sunday lunch at Papa's house, he puts the show on and promptly falls asleep while the rest of us suffer through it. Thanks Papa. 

3. Before a trip to Olympique Marseille's stadium, I had never walked into a ladies room and found a hole in the ground instead of a toilet. I held it. 

4. I'm lucky enough to be able to drive to Italy just for some gelato. That's one of my favorites, and it's even better when you get caught in a sunshower...

{pink it's my favorite color}

5. And here's the deal with the beef tongue... I've tried it. And I'll admit, I like the flavor, and if it was all chopped up in pieces and was more stew-like instead of a large tongue slapped on a plate, and if French Nana lied to me and told me it was just regular ol' beef, I'd eat it. 

6. I've made wild boar pâté and have not eaten much since. I prefer to remain ignorant on some matters. Like how pâté is made (or whether the beef I'm eating is beef or beef tongue).

7. And of course, there's that whole Nazi Ghost Zombie thing I have to deal with. 

Samantha @ Samantha Sans Dosage

Candace @ Point of View

Jessika @ Wellness Through Wisdom

Would you kindly accept this Stylish Blogger Award 

and tell us seven secrets?  



  1. WOO HOO! It's about damn time, was feeling like the last kid picked for softball again. (wink) I will humbly accept the award and try and think of 7 things that you don't already know...this could be dangerous.

  2. YAY! Ive been missing them too!

  3. I'm so glad to see a new post! #3 is disturbing haha, I would have held it too! I'm so jealous that can you just drive to Italy! And it's so good that you're coming along with your French :)

  4. nro 3 is awful, I hate these turkish toilets - these are everywhere! high ways.. supermalls.. uck! :P

  5. Ahhh, Nazi Ghost Zombie!!!!

  6. never ever ever have i seen a walker texas ranger. but i've watched macgyver in french.
    a x

  7. *LOL* I'm totally imagining now how hilarious "Walker, Texas Ranger" is in French!! My parents loved it and I thought it was laughably bad. I can only imagine the opening lines of the song sounding something like this (in my poorly translated French):

    Les yeux d'un garde forestier, l'étranger confiant...


  8. I loved your secrets, that was fun to read :) i don't think i could try beef tongue...eeek!

  9. Hole in the floor - Ahh, yes, Songtan, Korea, December 2001. Had no choice after waaayy too many Soju slushies and my imitation of a "Juicy Girl" involving a pole & a feather boa. Tip: Squat, don't try to lean back and do it like a dude. Just sayin'. Congrats, Madame Style! Love you long time! xo

  10. Nazi ghost zombie?! And I'm so jealous you can just take a spin to Italy for some gelato. I would do despicable things to get my hands on some decent chocolate gelato right now..

    P.S. If nothing interesting happens in Le Petit Village, you could always post about Honey Jr! Is that totally creepy of me? Oui? Je suis désolée!

  11. Oh gosh, you make me lol. Love your posts...so good. Wonderful little collections of an American in France. How did Fifty get his name?? ~ xox Alexandra

  12. There are many things I would eat, if only I didn't know that it is what it is. LOL You make a very valid point here.

  13. Chuck Norris doesn't have shit on me.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. My dad was a chuck norris freak, I HATE THAT SHOW!!!!

  15. Glad to hear that you're not a Chuck Norris fan.
    As for learning French in kindergarten, I can't image you've retained much. But good luck going back to lessons with your prof.

  16. You are correct about Walker Texas Ranger. Never have seen an episode and don't ever plan on it!! In my opinion, Chuck Norris kind of looks like a rapist. Just sayin.

  17. WOO HOO!!! thanx! i dont have a speech prepared! i'd like to thank.. lol but hey on a more important note, wut is the difference between gelato and ice cream? and the nazi ghost zombie thing? i am intrigued! please elaborate lol

  18. Oh those holes in the ground still haunt me. They are pretty standard in Japanese restrooms unless you're lucky enough to find the one with a single western toilet. Oh the stories I could tell. I will leave you with this one word though when you think about these toilets- overalls. Yeah..

  19. #3, Turkish Toilet (aka hole in the floor "toilet"!) Had my first experience on a ferry in Venice when I was 16, have re-encountered many times in Greek bus-stations/ferry stations. They're Ok if you regularly do squats and lunges and only have to pee. NOT SO GOOD if you're facing a number 2 situation!

    It's been slow for me in the blog world too. Nothing much to write about. When in doubt I talk about celebs and trying to lose weight and LOW and BEHOLD have the most page hits ever! Whatevs???...
    Hope you're having a great week missy!

  20. What a fun award to eat. I think I'd have some problems eating pate (well, seeing as I've never eaten red meat or pork in my life...). And what IS the Nazi Ghost Zombie...? I'm dying to know.

  21. Dear Sara,
    WOW! You are so funny! I've never done much of what you are talking about, also!
    If you drive to Italy for a gelato, remember to call me, I want to eat gelato with you!
    My special LADY!
    Bisou, Babi

  22. The still have Texas Ranger on Sunday afternoons? I lived in France in 1998, and they used to show it then. I used to go to my Boss' house for Sunday lunch and her husband used to sleep through it. Must be a French tradition.

  23. SO HAPPY to be reading your blog again! Hope all is well in France :)

  24. I love the note about beef tongue; I was giggling here at my desk, looking like a crazy person. It definitely sounds like something you'd have to experience at least once!

  25. I love the note about beef tongue; I was giggling here at my desk, looking like a crazy person. It definitely sounds like something you'd have to experience at least once!

  26. I'm not doing that hole thing either! Glad to see you back.

  27. The first time I got into a cab in Paris, the driver asked me where I was from...to which I always reply Texas (not America, just Texas). He then said very excitedly bouncing up and down "SHUCK NORREESS SHUCH NORREESS"

    ...having never actually WATCHED Walker Texas Ranger (as you surmised, no Texan actually has) I could not understand what he was saying until he finally said "Wahlkeer Rangeer" OH. CHUCK NORRIS.

    A week later, on that same trip, in Spain and also in a cab, I was asked the same question - where was I from. Again with the Texas response. And again "THUCK NORREETH. THUCK NORREETH"...this time, I knew -- and I responded, Si!! Walker, Texas Ranger.

    Si!! he responded back, grinning that he finally had met a REAL Texan.

    It's one of my absolute favorite things about traveling -- knowing that around the world, Chuck Norris is teaching everyone about the real *cough* Texas... :)


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