Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It was all Aidan's idea (Conjugating Irregular Verbs, Aidan, in case you don't know). Weeks and weeks ago, she sent me a message asking what I thought about getting a few of us English speaking bloggers together for lunch. An afternoon speaking English... uh... oui.

So last Saturday we did it. A handful of us not originally from around these parts bloggers met up at Bistro Romain in Aix (I picked the restaurant because I knew the all-you-can-eat beef carpaccio would keep The Husband entertained).

We met up with Aidan first and it was like seeing my long lost friend. Her being from Texas and me being from Texas and both of us having lived in Dublin before ending up in the south of France means that it's virtually impossible for us not to be BFFs (love me some Aidan).

And then crafty Kirsty from You Had Me at Bonjour arrived (and I say crafty because she's actually does craft stuff. I need a crafty friend). Kirsty is mad as a box of frogs Aussie funny. She had me in stitches and she taught me something too... when I was chatting about the rugby she said that in Australia when you say, you route for somebody, it actually means, your you know, routing for them... naughty naughty... wink wink... so I corrected myself by saying that I support the French rugby team but I route for Morgan Parra (naughty naughty... wink wink).

Next Charley from 365 Things I Love About France arrived with her two American teenage children who both speak French perfectly and I may or may not be jealous of Charley's daughter's hair. Charley is très intéressant and her stories and knowledge of haunted France could keep you entertained for hours (Charley is who you want to sit next to at a dinner party). And don't you think that since Charley knows all about French ghosts she needs to come to Le Petit Village and sort out the Nazi Ghost Zombies for me? (The Husband had the audacity to say that the NGZs were all in my head... shock horror, right?).

Piglet in France and her husband waddled in next (Piglet did the waddling, not her husband and I say waddling in the most affectionate way). Piglet rehashed the story of her great escape. You see last week Piglet managed to lock her heavily pregnant self into a bathroom while she was home alone and had to shimmy out a window in her bathrobe. You'd think that we were related, wouldn't you?

And then lovely Tanya arrived (Tanya in Transition, Tanya) with her French husband (we've got French husbands out the gazoo) and I found out that French husband's parents don't live far from Le Petit Village at all. Good to know, might pop in for an apéro. (Bonjour, I know you don't know me, but I'm a blogging friend of your lovely daughter-in-law's so that practically makes us family. Do you have any wine?).

Then finally B arrived. My friend B from Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Cheese (uh, no). B is also an Aussie (so you know what that means, she puts the mad in Mad Hatter) and is in love with Anne Shirley as much as I am (Anne of Green Gables, Anne Shirley). So to sum up: B <3 Anne Shirley = Sara <3 B. It's girly math.

(It's a long one today isn't it? Don't worry, were almost finished)

I encouraged The Husband to dig in and eat as much carpaccio as possible because that meant for dinner all I'd have to do was throw a lettuce leaf at him which is quite handy for a Saturday night. But when he finished his whole plate of raw beef while Charley had barely made a dent in hers, and he looked around at all the inquisitive bloggers staring at him, his little Food Whore self got shy.

But then Aidan's mommy side came out (which really was the sweetest thing) and she quietly asked him if he was embarrassed, and when he said he was, she said it was OK, he could have another one, and not to mind the other children staring at him. So he slowly ate one more but then topped off at only four instead of his normal six or seven.

So dinner had to be more than a lettuce leaf. 

No rest for the wicked.




  1. Sounds like fun! My VERY BIG French neighbor got banned for life from that Bistro Romain after downing 11 plates of raw beef and asked for number 12...they refused!

  2. So that's why he only ate four. Now I feel bad that we put him off his game. Sorry Mr Cooper.
    It was indeed an awesome day and I was really chuffed to meet everyone and discover that we are all pretty fab and get along so well! Will have to become a regular thing, methinks. I'm routing for every 6 months, what do you think ;)

  3. You said it Sara. In the best way possible and in the way that always makes me think, 'man, i wish i'd said that!'. ditto on charley being the best person to sit next to at a dinner party. isn't she the best?
    and all the french hubs....love.
    bisous out the wazoo.
    peace out.

  4. You all said it ladies; it was a real treat meeting you all and it was a great afternoon!
    @Sara: there is always wine at the in-laws!!!

    bisous and all that!

  5. I completely and utterly endorse your friendship with mad Aussies. And really, is there any other kind :)

  6. Anne of Green Gables, zombies, aussie 'routing' humour - no wonder I just love you and your blog. I bet everyone just pushed and shoved to sit next to you .. I wonder if you speak like you write .. hmm, I wonder if I speak as I write. Must check next time (-:

  7. Lol... I am loving reading all the blogs from Saturday night, feels like I was there. Love the whore hubby...tee hee xx

  8. I always thought it was neat, a funny little phenomenon, when you bumped into another American while in a foreign country, and it feels like you've found a long lost friend...even if he is from a different state. A fun post. I had my first speaking in French dream last night. I asked only a question and a brief one at that, but French nonetheless. :) Have a lovely day ~ xox Alexandra

  9. Sounds like it was a lot of fun, and very well written! Great idea meeting like that, I love meeting someone from home too, or that speaks the same language,its quite tiring speaking French all the time. Good idea meeting bloggers too as you have something in common right away!

  10. I'm supposed to be getting ready for work here, but instead I'm following the trail left by your Saturday lunch buddies.

    You know that was fun and I'm loving reading everyone's account of it.

    Blogging, what a great community.

    xo Jane

  11. completely jealous. i want a blogger par-tay. *stamping my foot like a five year old.

  12. Ooh, this sounds like so much fun! I've met a few bloggers this year, which was really great.

    Perhaps you would like to join me for my Expat Blog Linky Party on March 19th? Hope to see you then, if not sooner.

  13. I love meeting bloggers, I swooned all over my blog friend Susie when I finally met her-because she really was just as fabulous as I had pictured. Brava!

  14. Awww man! Sounds like so much fun! Wish I lived closer!!! (Yes, that was me inviting myself to the next Blogapolooza!!!) :)

  15. I think we could be related Sara! Honestly I do! I nearly burned the house down this morning, I'm sure you're capable of doing something similar!

    I think the men hit it off as well, Mr Piglet was very complimentary of your OH.

    I've put Le Petit Village in my TomTom ;-)!

  16. I have always, always wanted to meet fellow bloggers.
    But I live in a stupid, boring part of the U.S. that isn't close to anybody.
    Stupid Midwest.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. Oh so fun! How did the plates of raw need not make Piglet nauseous? Pics next time please!

  18. OMG! That was so much fun. Gonna come check out your Nazi Ghost Zombies ...! :-)


  19. How neat that you were all able to get together! I think it would be so fun to have a blogger gathering.

  20. I'm feeling left out and forgotten! (Oh woe is me here skiing in the Alps!) So...that means...we'll do it again. Okay? And we'll have dessert at my house. So glad you all had such a great time. Now could you all just stop talking about it?

  21. How lucky to have all these blogging friends to sit at one table! To chat and laugh and deepen friendships.

  22. Ha ha ha! Super funny post - you're writing is getting better & better (really)..totally have to make the next one, sounds like a blast!

  23. Oh so much fun, the internet certainly connects people.

  24. I feel like we gave The Husband performance anxiety, which is sad, as we all know how much he loves some raw beef!

    Here's some more girly math you'll like, my plan for this evening: Jamie Fraser + Chocolate + rug on the couch = ohh yeah.

    If I had Fifty with me, then things would be perfect!

    I finally got around to doing my write-up.
    It's a poem.
    No, I'm not shitting you.

    If you dump me after this, I'll understand.
    All great poets are misunderstood ....

    Gros Bis

  25. Please tell me there was wine there. I think it's really awesome you all hooked up and connected in person - so important in this day and age! So many use the computer to avoid the physical contact and not facilitate it. Sounds like a regular event in the making, lady!

  26. Aren't all ghosts - by definition - in one's head? So, what's with The Husband? Is he trying to spoil the fun?

  27. Oh cool, I know who to call if I go South! I had such a great time at the Parisian one I did last October - the support of fellow bloggers is an incredible thing!

  28. Hello SL! Hope all is well.

  29. That sounds like so much fun and I can't get over the similarities between you and Aiden. That's crazy!

  30. I loved your story and all of the particiant comments, but where are the photos!!!!

    Love the Husband and his need for raw meat.... me too!


  31. That sounds like so much fun to all get together like that outside of the blog world!

  32. What a wonderful get-together! One more reason I need to move to France!

  33. I would try that here, but no one wants to go out to eat with someone who has a paper plater head. The grease stains are quite unappealing.

  34. Oh man...I would have flown my sweet Texan ass to Provence to have met up with y'all. Uhh, does it count for being part of the blogging crowd if my husband speaks barely comprehensible Quebecois?

    And by that I mean, "Jai' ditchez mon van" because, you know, 'to ditch' a vehicle is 'ditcher'

    but he does eat Carpaccio like a crazy mad person, so maybe we can just put the two husbands in a corner with a pile of raw meat...
    I call it babysitting.

  35. aw man! wish I had been in Aix at that time

  36. Oh man - sorry I missed the blog feast, I mean fest


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