Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the wedding in words

Honestly I can't tell you what the shotguns were all about (The Husband hasn't been able to come up with a clear answer) but they were fired, and although I was sure the noise would spur Child Bride into labor, the only thing that happened was my head feeling like it had been knocked around inside the Liberty Bell and my ears ringing.

So after all the gunfire and some photos, we walked over to Le Petit Bar for drinks and paella followed by this most awesome dessert (which of course my horrible photography does not give justice to).

{please sir, I want some more}

The cream filled macaroon was most delicious, and from a savory not sweet kind of girl like me, that says a lot. It was so good, the Husband and Honey Jr scrounged for extras and shared some in a very Lady and the Tramp (La Belle et le Clochard) kind of way.

{no shame}

And then the most spectacular thing happened... after all the dishes were cleared away,  The Parisian left (his Wii must have been beckoning). That's right, left us alone. We were left unsupervised for the whole night. The Husband became the bartender and I took over as DJ (it was a Serge Gainsbourg, Blondie, David Bowie kind of night) while Brother-in-Law made a huge calendar so we could all place bets on when Child Bride is going to have the baby. 

I've got the 7th of March.

Care to wager?




  1. David Bowie <3!!!!

    I am going to go with the 19th of March...cause that is my wedding day and that would be cool!!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Does Husband as the bartender = free drinks? And I'm going to say March 5, because it's my best friend's birthday.

  3. I'll put you both on the calendar :-)
    And yes, The Husband as the bartender meant lots of free drinks!

  4. That's a fun wedding! :) I like french style weddings, not too serious and having fun.

  5. Sounds like an awesome small village wedding! Guns, dessert, open bar and Blondie!

    How old is "child bride" anyway??! :)

  6. I'm going to say March 3rd!

    This sounds like such a fun reception!


  7. let's stretch it out and say the 17th. Then the baby can be either Patrick or Patricia.

    Clever, no?

    Not as clever as taking over a cafe though.

    xo jane

  8. That dessert looks delicious and I'm officially jealous of having a bar to yourselves! Sounds like a very successful wedding indeed! How about March 8th because that's the day I have to go back to work (and something good should happen on that day).

  9. Oh I can't believe I missed the wedding. Love her dress .. and the lovely manly action of the guns. Nothing like a good 'ol shoot out after a few drinks heh!!

    Well, I AM a virgo - and even though I have no idea about star signs and what they really mean, I will pretend that being a virgo covers my insane fascination with numbers (example A: first child was born @ 12.30am - and even though I had every drug known to mankind and was basically comatosed (sp?) and hadn't uttered a word in hours) supposedly I piped up and said 'please, you must put down 12.34am). Now, 12.34 to ME is THE best time of the day.

    So, after all that dribble, my guess for dates are:

    a) 3/3/11 - around 3.31am or pm would be preferable
    b) 5/3/11 - don't even ask why
    and finally
    c) 1/3/11

    I'll keep an eye out and see if I win (-:

    ps. sorry for long post. can't sleep so up blogging (-:

  10. Dessert looks soo good and sounds like a fun time! :)

  11. I'm making 2 wagers, one for me and one for the Canadian.

    March 2nd for me (it's my birthday)
    March 23rd for the Canadian (it's his birthday)

    And I'm a savory gal too...although I'm considering inventing PMS Chips...chocolate covered potato chips. I think it might be a big seller..

  12. At least your husband shared, I can safely say that mine wouldn't have :) And because March 7th is MY birthday I can only wager with you not against you. (I don't think that made any sense at all, but I'm rooting for March 7th!) - susan*

  13. Well, Laura and I will have to share March 8 as it is Mardi Gras and a celebration will be in order for Child Bride and the baby...

    That dessert looks divine and how amazing that you guys had the bar to yourselves... only in Le Petit Village!


  14. Must have been quite the night! Dessert looks amazing!

  15. I think I would make a pretty sweet-ass DJ. I'm so jealous ...

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. So happy to hear that those shotguns were decorations only.

  17. Sounds like a blast. You attend some fun weddings in le petit village.

    I can see the macaroon, but what is the big pink rectangle dessert thingy?

  18. You looked wonderful on the wedding pictures. What interesting things you have going on at weddings :)

  19. That dessert looks heavenly!

    It sounds like you make the perfect DJ. Can we hire you for our wedding??

  20. Next thing on my to do list is to find a local bar that lets us stick around after they go home.

    PS. Now that it's been pointed out I can't stop thinking how much your husband looks like Bradley Cooper.

  21. a serge gainsbourg night? say no more, i can picture it perfectly ;-)

  22. What an awesomely fun wedding/reception.

    I want you to DJ and The Husband to bar tend at my next shindig - free flowing drinks AND Blondie.


  23. ooooh love guessing birthdays. i'll take 3/8/11. just because 3+8=11. And that'll be easy for everybody to remember. this baby will be a pleaser straight outta the gate!

  24. Sounds like an absolutely blast! But I have to say... shotguns at a wedding, in Provence, somehow doesn't surprise me at all :) what a fete!

  25. A proper shotgun wedding! You are one luck girl =)

  26. Left unattended in a bar?! That's my kind of party.

  27. I'm so happy to be getting my le petit village fix again! you, the husband, honey jr, child bride, fifty (too bad fifty wasn't invited to the wedding)...I have a soft spot for the whole village! I say March 17. St. Patrick's Day.

  28. They'll prob have guns at Wills and Kate's nuptials too, huh?
    Petit Village is one great place to party.
    I'll take March 2nd please.
    a x

  29. That sounds so fun!! Being the DJ would have been great :) Hmm..I'm going to guess the 11th of March.

  30. The dessert looks divine and I am thinking perhaps March 15th...we'll change history and make the Ides of March something great to look forward to!

  31. Liberty Bell :)

    I'm going with St. Patty's Day...


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