Sunday, February 6, 2011

style: birthday addition

Not only did Linda from oeke design blog pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to me (many thanks Linda) she updated the award badge to this round, fun, fuchsia, button you see before you. Very snazzy.

And since I just did one of these (I'm truly blessed with the style) and because it's my birthday (a couple of days ago but whatever) I'll make this Stylish Blogger Award a *special birthday addition*. So instead of only telling you about seven things, I'm going to tell you about seven six of my most memorable birthdays (how excited are you??).
My brother and I both have February birthdays so when we were little we had a few combined parties. When I was three and my brother was six (it could have been four and seven), we had a sleep over and watched Star Wars. But since this was before the VCR days (yes, I'm that old) my parents rented a movie projector and Darth Vader was beamed onto my living room wall. How cool is that?

My tenth birthday was an ice skating party at Rockefeller Center. Here's the good back story; there was this gorgeous man from Chile who worked for my mother. He was in his twenties and looked like Omar Sharif, I had a huge crush on him, completely oblivious to the fact that 1) I was a child, and 2) he wasn't straight. No matter, he was wonderfully dreamy and when I asked him to come to my little (but yet still fabulous) ice skating party, he accepted. The night before, he had gone out on the town, passed out on the subway home, and woke up to find his wallet had been stolen, and didn't have time to go home and change if he didn't want to be late to my little, fabulous, ice skating party (a lesser man would have blown it off). He ice skated with a group of screaming ten year old girls, hungover, mugged, and in a day old Armani suit. What a sport. (He's still gorgeous, and I still have a crush on him. Thankfully, his husband doesn't mind).

We had brunch at Tavern on the Green followed by the matinee of Cats for my fifteenth birthday. I'm not sure if it was all the food we ate, or just if Cats was that boring, but my mother, godmother, best friend, Bun, and me, all fell asleep during it. And why my mother, a women who detests cats, would subject herself to an afternoon of people dressed like them, creeping around the audience is beyond me.

My Sweet 16 was dinner at The Essex House with a chocolate cake covered in perfect layers of raspberries and a birthday card made out of white chocolate. But I was sick. I couldn't enjoy anything, even the glass of Champagne my mother was letting me have because I felt that terrible. And she didn't believe me! She thought I was being a brat and pouting because my gorgeous Omar Sharif lookalike had the flu and couldn't make it. It wasn't until the end of the meal when she finally felt my forehead and realized I was burning up... H E L L O! No 16 year old girl is going to pass up a glass of Champagne unless she is sick. Fact.

There's not much I can say about my 21st birthday because I don't remember much. It was spent in College Station, Texas and involved a shot called a Bloody Flaming Frogs Ass. That's pretty much it. Game over.

My 30th was spent in NYC and was A W E S O M E. I won't go into much detail because it was with my ex-boyfriend and I don't want to incur the huffing puffing wrath of The Husband. So instead of expanding, I'll do bullet points *The Essex House hotel (the same hotel where I spent my sweet 16, it was a nice full circle kind of moment)* *kir royals (lots and lots and lots)* *museums* *Central Park* *shopping* *The Monkey Bar* and *King Cole Bar (for drinks with my Omar Sharif lookalike and his ridiculously handsome husband, see, full circle)*

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Would you fifteen five bloggers like to tell me seven things? 

(they don't have to be about birthdays)

(unless you want to have a full circle kinda moment)



  1. Very tastefully done, that 30th birthday fête.

    (And yes, I would imagine 'game over' for anything called a Bloody Flaming Frog's Ass! yikes! Note to self...)

  2. ooo you always have good birthdays! mine are always boring, haha :) but the igloo this year was for marks 30th!

  3. While I realize no one's life is perfect,it does sound like you have had some people who truly care about you in your life. You are wise to see that life is a circle, it becomes more so as you have more birthday stories. You should call the Husband "H. R. Puffnstuff" (too young to remember him ?)

  4. Cats! Because she loved you, silly girl! Sorry I missed 21 - sounds like fun and a chance to visit a new Texas city!

    Ten years from now you'll be adding a Petit Village story, too. And, that will stop The Husband from huffing and puffing.

  5. You have enjoyed some wonderful fetes, my friend...although you could not pay me to sit through "Cats"...again. Happy birthday to you and I wish for you a beautiful year filled with everything you could ever hope for!

  6. I enjoyed reading all of your birthday stories,very funny and I love memories like that. I have the worst memory and am jealous of people who can recall such detail. Thanks for the award, I will work it into a pst for sure!

  7. I credit the sleepiness to the utterly boring production that is Cats.
    Other than that your birthdays sounded wonderful, and your 21st sounds eerily similar to my 18th...

  8. @James- His Royal PuffnStuff? lol... should be H.R. HuffnPuff. :) Used lovingly, of course.

    @ Sara- Bloody Flaming Frogs Ass? Only in Texas. Makes me think of those old "put a frog in a blender" jokes. EWWW.

  9. I do actually hurt for your 16th birthday and not being able to enjoy ANY of that...and the huffing and puffing references really are adorable...

  10. Oooh I love your post!
    I wish I could spend all of my future birthdays in big cities like NYC, London, Rome.
    Thanks for the award hunni xx!

  11. ahhh i love tavern on the green! loved learning more about you Sara.


  12. Bloody Flaming Frogs Ass and Darth Vadar on the wall are my favs!! Though all of them are pretty freakin' awesome. Happy Birthday once again girl! Bisous!

  13. I am so glad I got to pass this award to you - as now we get to read more funny life bits from you. Oh, and your 21st sounds pretty much like my 21st (well, if I could remember it that is!!). Glad you like the award button too - I thought it much nicer looking than the black one floating around (-:

  14. They all sound so fun! Except for being sick. That's no good. Haha I'm yet to meet someone who does remember their 21st!

  15. I love those birthday moments And among that your sense of humor... Are all the february girls like you and my daughter ( call her the clown )...

  16. I love that you still have the Omar Sharif in your life. My childhood crush was on the Math teacher whose classroom was next to my mother's (English) class at the middle school.
    In elementary school he was "dreamy", in middle school he was "hot", and in high school he was married.
    He was a swim coach, too. mmm.

  17. Oh my gosh...I can't believe you were in College Station for your 21st. That is awesome. We could so trade a few stories...

    And,totally agree -- no 16 year old WOULD EVER turn down champagne! Kir Royals for your 30th! Yes please!!!

    And I saw Cats in London way back when I was 18 -- I thought it was the biggest letdown. I was unimpressed, or maybe too dumb to get it, but either way, I didn't enjoy it.

    What great birthdays. (Oh, and shouldn't every girl have a fabulous Omar Sharif in their life??! HOT!!!!!)

  18. Even better than Omar is The Husband to share your birthdays... may you have many more adventures and celebrations, my dear. Oh, and I just jotted down, "Don't ever try anything named Bloody Flaming Frog's Ass" - too funny!


  19. Happy Belated Birthday Sara!! If it's any consolation, I was also horribly sick for my Sweet 16th...I couldn't even taste my German Chocolate cake (my ALL-time favorite) :( Of course mine didn't involve champagne but did involve my step-dad turning a hose on my guests and tackling my boyfriend. Ah, memories. Anywho...Happy Birthday!!

  20. You spent your 21st birthday in College Station?!?! Did you go to A&M??? Since I did go there, that's where I spent my 21st bday (round two). I remember it...for the most part. What I remember most is the puking that occured later. What a small world that you spent yours there. I have not had the pleasure of taking the shot you mentioned, though I have taken at least 5 million shots in College Station (slight exaggeration...maybe).

  21. happy birthday sara -- hope it was as good as a bloody flaming frog's ass birthday celebration!

  22. Happy bithday and congrats on the award!!!!

  23. I'm glad to know there is another woman out there with a strong pension for Omar Shariff! I think I've watched Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago 100 times (but am still unsure of exactly how to spell it?)...and in my mind I can never QUITE get mad at him in DZ for some of his unscrupulous affairs because of the fact that he IS Omar Shariff...

  24. I missed this post yesterday because I suck at life, apparently.
    I love the fact that you had a crush on a gay man.
    Welcome to my world.
    However, my crush on a gay man occurred two summers ago when I was 20. We actually dated because he is in denial about his sexuality. I had a feeling he was gay before we went out. While we were going out, I was fairly certain that he was hiding his gayness by dating and having sex with tons of girls.
    I am still convinced that I am right.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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