Monday, January 10, 2011


International Woman of Mystery at An International Affair has ever so sweetly passed on this sweet award to me. This one doesn't seem to come with any rules. I like that, especially since as many of you know, I don't follow them anyway (always the rebel). So instead of telling you secrets or philosophies I'm going to tell you some things that are happening right at this very moment as I'm typing (think of it like a 'recorded live' broadcast, anything can happen, at any moment, it's edge of your seat stuff). 

I'm watching Fifty sleep on the throw rug. He ate his bed, so now he thinks the rug is his bed. If he eats that too, we're going to have some words. (And I'm going to take this opportunity to let you know that in my house, I'm totally the bad cop. The Husband crumbles like a cookie when it comes to disciplining). 

I'm having my first sips of Monday morning coffee in my Starbucks City Mug - San Antonio edition, and am still a little fuzzy lingering somewhere between sleep and awake, and I have the bed head to prove it.  (Does anyone know if they are still making the  Starbucks City Mugs? I think they might have discontinued them in which case allow me to express this; why Starbucks, why? I only have San Antonio, Dublin, Berlin, and Bucharest. I'd like some more please. And while I'm addressing you, Mr. Starbucks, what is up with the new logo? It is U G L  Y). 

Since I'm talking about coffee, I will tell you that I'm enjoying the dash of cinnamon (or cannelle, en français) that I sprinkled in it this morning. 

I'm placing bets in my head on when the Canal+ cable guy will show up today. It's supposed to be sometime between 8 and 12. I hate that vague window of time they give you, and I always feel frozen and unable to go about my day knowing that at any moment he could turn up. Undoubtedly when I'm in the shower. But no matter what time, I will be all politeness and smiles. He's hooking me up with like five TV channels in English... yes, yes, I should only be watching TV in French to fully immerse myself... whatever. My whole life is an immersion, let me have BBC World. Who knows, I might even get to watch Eastenders.  

That's pretty much all that's happening this morning. As you can see, it's non-stop excitement. I'm passing this along to these sweet blogs...

Amanda @ Amanda & Don. Amanda is an American army wife living in Germany with her two adopted Great Danes and holding down the fort until her husband finishes his deployment.

Honey @ I'm An Outlaw Not A Hero. Honey (And yes, Honey is her real name! Are we totally supposed to be friends or what? And if she wasn't married, you know I'd have to set her up with Honey Jr.) is a fellow American expat living in France. And she writes about cheese about as much as I do. Cheesy goodness.

Deanna @ Mellow Fever. Deanne and I share a hometown so naturally, I like her (yeah, I'm biased, so what?). Plus her blog is really pretty.

That's all I got today.

I'm off to do something about the bed head,

don't want to freak out the cable guy. 



  1. When I first read this I thought you were watching Fifty throw up on the rug. Phew, glad that wasn't right! And congrats on your award :)

  2. Aww, thank you so much for the award, my dear! I'll put it up on my blog shortly! ♥ And the picture of that delicious strawberry dessert has given me a sweet tooth! Time to bake!

    So, I haven't seen the new Starbucks logo! I'm curious now! And as far as the City Mugs go, I'm not sure... My Father In Law collects them a bit, so my husband & I used to look for them on our travels. It usually wasn't successful even after going into many Starbucks locations in one city... Hmm!

    Thanks again!!!! ♥

  3. What, you don't have a Sky Digibox? All the UK free channels for free once you've got the box and dish!

    LOVE IT!

  4. If you do get to watch Eastenders, could you do an update. No EE in Japan and oh! How I miss it.

  5. I've seen the city mugs around this side of the world so I don't think they've discontinued it just yet. I agree, the new logo is ugly- they should just keep the one before.

  6. Too funny! Bodhi ate a big hole in the blanket that lined his niche when he was a baby. Now that he's four, he's calmed down quite a bit in that regard - which has really saved me some serious euros in replacing panties! ;}

    Enjoyed joining your morning. (Good luck with that cable guy.)

  7. I hope you have a good day, blessed with the timely arrival of the cable guy.

  8. I would prefer it if you didn't do anything about the bed head. Freaking out the cable guys is always a good way to begin a day -- especially if they are late. Which they usually are. Because they suck. So good luck with that.

  9. Ummm I'm so not a fan of that new logo either, what were they thinking???

  10. Thank you so so much for the award! I love how we share a hometown and somehow found it out via our blogs -- what a small and really cute world it is.

    Also, I have no idea what they did to that logo. Maybe they were trying to streamline it, but the mermaid just creeps me out.

  11. I hate waiting for the cable guy, too. They're usually a couple hours past the time they say they're going to be there. Then when they do arrive, I always feel weird having some strange guy - it's always a guy - walking around my house, crawling on the floor, etc. One cable man years ago asked if he could use our bathroom....what could I say, no, you have to hold it?
    Let's just say, after he left, the thought of him 'lingered'.
    If your guy asks to use the loo, tell him no, he has to hold it. Trust me on this one.

  12. OMgosh, my dog, George the AmStaff, ate so many beds when he was younger I stopped buying him beds. He also ate a small couch, but that's neither here nor there. Actually, it's up in the garage waiting for me to get it reupholstered.

    Coffee and cinnamon! Does that great stuff work in tea? I'm sipping some green and trying to not want coffee.

  13. Since I just read your last two posts in a row, this thought comes to mind... waiting on someone to show up for a vague appointment is like fuckenmuckennucken! LoL But really English TV is worth it. ;)

  14. There's a new logo? I go there 4 times a week before the gym, must be more observant. I'll check about the city mugs too!

  15. BBC World is the bomb dot com. Okay, that was dated. That said, I can't blame you for wanting a brain break. I had to have them when I lived in Japan.

    And I'm kinda heartened that cable guys give a broad window in France as well as here. Once I had a window of 8am-3pm... wth? I too stressed out because I couldn't go anywhere at all! Fortunately, he showed up early, so I wasn't too peeved.

    Hope you are enjoying your new cable channels and now vintage logo-ed Starbucks when you read this in the morning. Bisous!

  16. So the pain in the ass vague cable guy time is the international language, huh?

  17. congrats on the award :) I love Deanna's blog too! so happy to have found you both! xoxo {av}

    p.s. hope the date with the cable guy was uneventful ;)

  18. Congratulations, Sarah!! I missed you! Hahahha.. been awhile. and a happy new year too! ill be more in touch...

  19. Just have to respond to your comment on my Amen post.

    Amen sister, that is exactly what they would do if the shooter had been other than a good ole boy.

    I might be joining you soon in the little village.

    xo Jane

  20. Your award is making me hungry. I hope the cable guy showed up. Do you get the package of "English speaking" channels?

  21. Just read the guillotine quip - dying!

    My car's just back from the garage, with my wheels and freedom I'll be heading to Starbucks first thing, I'm quite scared, I saw the new logo, ugh hate it.

  22. Hey, I'm drinking coffee as I read this -- coincidence? I think not!! :)

    On the advice of one of my English pals, I am about to begin netflixing Eastenders, so we will have to compare plot notes once I'm all caught up.

  23. Congrats on the award! I love reading about other people's lives, I think part of me is a serious stalker. But I love the post :) I hope the cable guy turns up before 12!

  24. i'm watching this
    and so should you.
    i promise you'll like it.
    how do it know?
    we're kindred spirits obviously.


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