Sunday, January 16, 2011

raindrops on roses

And whiskers on kittens... you can't really think of that without it putting you in a good mood, can you? It's impossible to fight the cheeriness. Julie Andrews. Bless.

Super glam, Mama, at Fabulous! (pasta not included) has asked me about some of my favorite things. And since I've been awake since 5am on this Sunday morning and can't fall back asleep (grrrr... that's an unhappy noise), while The Husband is upstairs soundly sleeping, and Fifty is dozing next to me (and doing that doggy dream thing where occasionally he makes little breathy barking noises) I figure, it's a pretty good time to answer them.

My Five Current Loves: Reading. I love to read. Sometimes I go through periods where I don't read much, and then suddenly I pick up a book again, fall in love with it, and rediscover the relaxing joy. Last night was spent on the couch with Philippa Gregory's, The Red Queen. (I'm a sucker for historical fiction). In my relaxing state I was almost able to block out the exasperated noises of The Husband as he watched West Ham lose to Arsenal (my French husband is a West Ham fan. It's so so sad. And completely my family's fault. They bleed claret and blue).

Sunshine. I don't think I have SeasonalAffectiveDisorder or anything, but I have to say, I'm a whole helluva lot more productive when the sun is out. The sun has been shining brightly the past couple of days and I love it so very much. (Really hope I haven't jinxed anything).

Soap & Glory hand lotion. It smells really really nice. Since this blog isn't scratch & sniff, you'll have to trust me. It's like angels and roses. Delightful.

Date nights with The Husband. We've made a resolution that we would have at least one a month. This may sound easy and natural, but when you live in a very small place, in the middle of nowhere, it's hard to do anything without friends tagging along or bumping into them. Case in point: Friday night we went out to a restaurant in another village, after we ate and were walking out, we bumped into two friends in the bar. Yes, of course we'll stay and have a drink with you. For an hour. Date night over.

Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume 2. This was a wonderfully thoughtful Xmas gift from my friend, J.R, who had already given me Volume 1 for my birthday last year. I guess she figured that since I'm in France and all...

Five Questions:
favorite makeup brand?
There isn't really any particular brand I'm loyal to, but I do love Benefit and it's packaging. Chanel makeup always makes me feel luxurious and ladylike. I think Bobbi Brown and MAC are great, and Clinique never fails to deliver. (ooh, apparently I'm a bit of a brand slut. Or salope as the French say).

favorite clothing brand?
Zara. Duh.

indispensable makeup product?
It's hard to pick one because without at least the following, I look like death:

As long as I have at least the above on, I can venture out without scaring small children. And can I say, I'd love to be a makeup person, but I'm not. I'm terrible at it. The smokey eye continues to allude me. (Mama totally has the smokey eye down).

What country would you like to visit and why?
Tricky. I'm lucky in that I've traveled quite a bit and I've been to the places that I really really want to go to. That said, I'll pick London (yes, I know it's not a country) because even though I've been loads of time when I was little visiting family, as an adult, I've never really done London (except for a quick two days with an ex a few years back). I want to go with The Husband and spend a day in Harrods (oh can you imagine the huffing and puffing in there? It would be glorious) and see a show and such.
I'm also going to say Sardinia. This is mainly because Papa, Papa's Wife and Brother-in-Law are obsessed with Corsica. They talk about it A LOT. They drink Corsican wine, eat Corsican sausage, Corsican cheese, and for some reason, home videos of Corsican holidays are put on for The Husband and I to suffer through. So now I say I'd like to visit Sardinia. It's a feather ruffling kind of thing. (If you live in the south of France you might be able to relate. What's up with all the Corsican symbols on so many cars? If all these people are Corsican, well I think they may have drastically underestimated the Corsican population).

What is the last concert you went to?
This one needs some serious memory digging. I'm not a concert person, I'm not that big of a music person. I like it, but I don't LIKE it. I like my ipod and all the music on it, and how it keeps me company while I'm jogging, but as for concert tickets, I'd rather spend my money on something else. So for me, spending loads of money on a ticket and then cramming into a large stadium with loads of other people and having to stand in line for the bathroom, having to stand in line for a drink, having to stand in line to leave... no thank you. That said, I think the last concert I went to was the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Phoenix Park, Dublin. This was like six years ago. And the only reason I went; The Pixies were opening up. The Pixies. That's a rare freaking occurrence. Seeing The Pixies is like seeing Hailey's Comet. Yeah, it's that rare (and I remember waiting in line to buy a beer F O R EV E R. I'm surprised I'm not still waiting).
(The concert I saw before that was the Beastie Boys, and I got kicked out. But managed to sneak back in. I'm a wee little devil).

I bet Samantha from Life Love and Living in France would have some good answers.

Samantha, would you be so kind 

as to tell me some of your favorite things?


P.S. don't forget to enter the giveaway here 


  1. I just finished reading that book! I read the White Queen in paperback, then downloaded Red Queen onto my new Kindle device.

  2. Okay I have to say I love it when these things roll around, just get to learn so much and I start thinking of my own answers so I get to play along. Fun to read and as soon as I read Harrods the absolute first thing I thought was, "Oh man would her hubby be huffing and puffing there!" I married a puffer too so I feel ya.

  3. Where to begin?
    a) gregory in particular. so, was red queen good?
    b) the sun thing. same.
    c)the concert thing. same.
    d) the pixies. seen them. in austin at a small venue.
    e)please explain how to use the eyebrow thing. i'm not good at makeup.

    happy sunday,
    a x

  4. Megan - I'm bummed I didn't get the White Queen first, but I'm guessing it doesn't matter.

    Sam - I'm learning that the secret to a happy life with a puffer is to block out the puffing :-)

    Aidan - I just started Red Queen last night, I'll drop it in the post to you when I'm finished if you'd like. The eyebrow thing... it's powder, and if a makeup moron like me can figure it out, I'm sure you could too. I've been cursed with fair eyebrows, without the powder, I look weird. x

  5. Love your post which resonated with me:
    Sun- me too. The reason I left London and moved to Seville, Spain
    Julia Childs-the best film for me of 2010. How lucky to have the books.
    Harrods-I go every time I'm in London, but am now starting to prefer Selfridges. Have you been there?
    London-born and bred there, and now really missing it after 10 years in Spain.
    Hope& Glory- Can you buy this in France? I have to stock up when I am in the UK.
    Great post!

  6. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE READING PHILIPPA GREGORY! I just finish reading The Other Queen yesterday! I've read almost all of her books!

  7. While you're in Sardinia, you need to remember to visit with the Corsican Brothers, too.

    Also, Go Beastie Boys

  8. I do not believe you could ever "look like death".

  9. Salope, eh? I've learned a new word today! :-)
    I'm a bit behind on French slang.

  10. So nice to learn more little things about you! Thanks for the eyebrow tip (I got tattooed brows, but they fade over time and need help until you are ready to get them done again!) And I love Phillipa Gregory, too! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hope that you get lots of sun and continue to feel creative... "lipstick and blush" and my girls kid me about the number of times they have heard that!

    I've learned lots of slang but the challenge is to know which ones are a bit over the edge and which ones will have someone call you a salope. hehehe


  12. That song (or even the thought of the movie) always makes me happy! If you love historical fiction, you MUST read The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and it's follow-up, A World Without End. They may be long but they are two of my all-time favorites! Well worth every hour spent reading them!!!

  13. I can't lie and say that I look like death without makeup. I don't look like death without makeup. I'm actually very cute, so makeup enhances the cuteness. (Modesty is my best trait.) However, I feel more confident with makeup on. And I take better pictures.
    I'm not a concert person, either. I can name the three concerts I have attended: Metallica, Slipknot, and Lady Gaga. Gaga was the best. By. Far.
    I love your blog.
    That really has nothing to do with anything other than your awesomeness. A new blog entry from you always make me happy. You are my Julie Andrews.

  14. Done. Along with a suggestion at the end...just for you!

  15. I just taught Eldest the other day, the 2 indispensable makeup items are gloss and mascara. Anything else can be skipped. Course, she's blessed with perfect young adolescent skin (for now.) Once the spots come on, I'm sure concealer will be added to the arsenal.

  16. oh soo many interesting things going on! I'd love to see the red hot chili peppers. and I adore reading so much also. I love phillipa gregory too. I just finished vanity fair! (which was so long)

  17. OOOh, I've always wanted to go to Sardinia as well. Great list! :)

  18. Sara - I LOVE The Beastie Boys! If I ever get the chance to see them I will, and you must come with me. We would have a blast getting kicked out and sneaking back in together!

    Also, without mascara I would only have seven eyelashes, so I am with you in the make-up arena.

  19. I think even the Husband might like Harrod's! There really is something for everyone there. Seriously. Just bring him to see the Hummer Golf Cart or the million pound pool table. He will be ok. I brought lots of boys there when living in London and they always grumbled about the "idea" but then they never wanted to leave. And after Harrod's you should have afternoon tea! Can you tell that I'm so excited to go to London in 2 weeks! If you ever do get there with the husband, let me know and I will give you lots of tips on things to do.

  20. Oh, and if The Husband is a car man... well Harrod's is one of the places where you can see crazy crazy cars on the streets!

  21. lovelove zara too -- just visited for the first time in athens and bought the cutest hat.

    and how about treating yourself to date night once a week, not once a month!! ;-0

  22. You like the Pixies?! I love the Pixies! So jelly you got to seem them live!

  23. thanks for the sweet commen! i loved this post and getting to know more about you! umm, new foller ;)

  24. I'm ALWAYS more productive when it's sunshiney outside. :) There's just something about cloudy skies that make me want to lounge alllll dayyyy longggg.

  25. Since you haven't done London properly you should definitely come when I'm there and we will do it up right. Harrods and champagne and lobster! The husband should definitely come too and we can party like it's 1999!

  26. When I'm not reading trashy teen novels, historical fiction is definitely my book genre of choice.
    And spending a day in Harrod's is a completely magical experience. The food sections alone had me hyperventilating with happiness.


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