Saturday, January 29, 2011

la guerre des étoiles

(This post is brought to you in part by Aidan and Samantha, who through comments on this post, reminded me of what a total weirdo The Husband is).

Some of the fun of being married (or dating or involved with or what have you) to someone who is from someplace far away from where you're from, is discovering all their weirdness. Of course he doesn't think he's weird and I'm sure he thinks I'm weird but we all know that's poppycock. The Husband is totally the weird one. How do I know?

Well for starters, he had no idea who Oprah was. Can you believe it?! How do you not know who Oprah is? This weird discovery was made forever and a day ago when she popped into conversation (as she does), and The Husband said, "who?" and I said, "who who?", and he said, "Oprah" and I said, "WHAT?" So I gave him a rundown of who she is and such and how she has more money than God and what not,  so now he knows.
(And now I like to show him YouTube clips of those episodes where Oprah gives away cars and cruises and stuff and the audience goes balls out ballistic. Love those. It's pure consumer madness).

And let's see, now from what I've gathered from Samantha, this isn't all that uncommon among the French, but The Husband has never had a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich! How does one grow up without eating PB&J's (with the crusts cut off thank you very much). What were children fed here? Nutella that's what. See, weird.

But the true testament of his weirdness was revealed to me over Christmas; The Husband has never seen Star Wars. Not a single one. Shock. Horror. I know. How has he not seen a single Star Wars? And it's not like it wasn't out here, because it was, and it had the awesomely French name of La Guerre des Étoiles (c'est très romantic, no?).

So here's the thing, because I'd like to de-weird The Husband a bit,  I think that watching Star Wars might be a good place to start. But this is where it gets tricky; remember, for all of us 'adults' Star Wars started with Episode IV and then we saw Episodes V and VI years before Episode I finally came out. So in my pre-historic mind we'd watch it that same way. But get this, genius that he is at ten years old (and a Star Wars aficionado), I asked Nephew what Star Wars movie we should start with and without  any hesitation whatsoever, he said, "Episode 1" (duh). And he may have referred to me as Grasshopper after.

So what do you think?

Episode IV or Episode I?

Inquiring minds want to know

(you know?)



  1. haha.Yes, my frenchman didn't like peanut butter until I opened his eyes. Now he really likes it. But he did see star wars as a kid. But start with Episode 1 now.

  2. Hilarious! And I have to weigh in with my opinion here because the Middlest is six and just getting into SW so he got them for xmas and we insisted he get episodes IV-VI FIRST! you must, must, must watch it in this order. there have been many brain numbing arguments between ma fille and middlest over which one is the 'first' one cause of this. thanks george, now there's a weirdo.
    a x

  3. oh, and he's so cute in this photo. love it.

  4. I'm old school, start with the original 70s movies. And you need original, not the edited version (apparently Return of the Jedi was edited after the new three were produced to change the scene at the end where Luke sees all the ghosts of Jedi's past. And the original Darth Vader is changed from the old dude who played him in the originals to that Haden Christian bloke who played him in the new movies. Sacrilege I say. You don't go fiddling around with the dead to suit new viewers.)

  5. English kids don't do PBandJ either. That's a weird American thing ;P

  6. Ha! Yeah, the Oprah thing is indeed crazy...crazy as in my boyfriend didn't know who she was either!! The nerve...She's only the absolute queen of everything.
    That was a very fun (read: tiring) half-hour explanation...
    Yep, get that man on Star Wars pronto...!!

    ps. love the new font you're using for post titles - so fun! & the FB snail, love him!

  7. Firstly, I'd say episode 1. I've only started watching them now at the ripe old age of ??? because the kids are into it (at 5 + 7) and it confuses me to no end. Makes better sense to watch from the start.
    Secondly, peanut butter and jelly - definately not eaten in Australia either. We've got vegemite as our own weird spread.
    Thirdly, that husband of yours is soooo good lookin'

    Hoorooo (-:

  8. Yeah, D has never seen Star Wars. In fact, just the other day he mentioned something about "Dark Vader". I laughed and said "Darth" (I had to spell it). He said "oh, I thought it was 'dark', y'know, 'cuz he's in black." Geez...

    I would go with the IV - VI first. Just sayin'.

  9. Start with IV and do it before they realize how Indiana Jones gets to be so old.
    In our 60-80s now but still love to watch the good old films fairly regularly. We just have to wait for the last two Harry Potters to come out on DVD here.

  10. Hmmm, difficult. I think you should go with the way you saw them (the way we all saw them except the husband!). He might get it! And yep, as Linda says...vegemite here (which I hate) but don't tell anyone or I'll be kicked out :)

  11. Sara, this is good stuff... LOL. Down here in the Southern USofA we eat PB&J AND PB&B -- for those who need a little education, that's peanut butter & banana. And yes, it was Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich. He literally once flew a country mile to get one.

    Far as the Star Wars thing... eh. I'd say IV-VI first. But that's only because it was rather cool going back and seeing Anakin in his younger days after we saw how nasty he really became. And go ahead and shoot me, folks, but I'm one of the few hardcore Star Wars fans who actually LIKES episodes 1-3. Still pop 'em in the BluRay on occasion, so there.

    Kudos to The Husband for allowing you, The Wifey, to put a little education under his built.

    And, no, I did not mean that metaphorically. :)

  12. Episode 4! The new ones aren't as good and he might not make it all the way through to the good movies. Because Episode 1 is no where near as awesome as Episode 4.

    I am a huge nerd so I asked FBF two very important questions from the get go: 1. Do you like Harry Potter? and 2. Do you like Star Wars?

    BUT THE HORROR OF HORRORS for me regarding Star Wars is that FBF LIKES JARJAR BINKS!!!!!!!!!!! I almost broke up with him on the spot after hearing that.

  13. this post is so funny!! I definitely think he should see them in the oder that we saw them so I don't know if that is 1 or 4 but I would start with the original star wars

  14. Episode 4. If you can find the one where Han shoots first. The poor husband may never truly understand the Star Wars experience, what with all the changes. Now I'm depressed.

  15. Episode 4.
    No discussion.
    Has to be the originals first so he can then properly appreciate/deride the new ones. Jar Jar Binks anybody??
    I still love these films. And Han Solo is probably the cause of my thing for rough bad boys with hearts of gold.

    No PB+J love from me either. We're vegemite kids in this neck of the woods. I do love explaining to our international friends what it tastes like:
    "Is it like Nutella??"
    "erm... no ...... not at all... it's salty yeast extract"
    queue weird looks and eye-rolling about crazy Aussies.

  16. Well, your husband is cute so we can give him a pass, but really?? No Oprah? No PB&J?? No STAR WARS???? Did he grow up in a cave? JK

    Seriously, good thing he's cute.

    I'd follow your nephew's advice!

  17. ohmygoodnessgracious. I couldn't help but laugh at this post! first, I'm embarrassed to say that I've never seen Star Wars. eeks! I'd say you better have someone ship you some PB so he can experience the joy of one of the best sandwiches in the world. I hated that I couldn't find beurre d'arachide when I lived in France. It's literally one of my food groups. haha. Hope you're having a lovely Saturday de-weirding your hubby ;) xoxo {av}

  18. WHAAA???? Not having pb&j growing up in a country other than America is weird, but, I can wrap my head around it I really can. But, NEVER seeing Star Wars I can't even begin to understand. My preference would be to start with Episode IV, though Episode I is okay, just not as cool as Episode IV imho. Bisous et bonne chance avec le "de-weirdification".

  19. Funny, my kids totally love Nutella, and aren't so keen on PB&J. Ass-backwards, yes?

    Um, 1 of course! :)

  20. I must admit that the first time I saw Star Wars was a year ago. And I don't have the French thing as an excuse. But my boyfriend suggested we start at Episode I, and I think that helped me understand the story line better. So for this, I cannot call French husband a weirdo. BUT I will call him a weirdo for not knowing who Oprah was or the PB&J thing. UNFORGIVABLE.

  21. I wish I didn't know who Oprah is ...

  22. For me personally not knowing who Oprah is might be a dealbreaker.

  23. I assume he didn't see ET either? With Star Wars you must start just as it was made...because personally those were the best anyway. PB &J? Oh my he does need some introductions to the American way. I do like Nutrella but can't imagine that as a sandwich item. Do teach him to lick the knife after you stir the old fashion kind too...yum.

  24. I cannot believe that he has never watched Star Wars! OMG! Even my dad - a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away - went to the cinema when one of the first movies came out. And it was in a communist Poland!
    I recommend starting with the episode IV - in a classic way - then you can watch it AGAIN in the correct order! :D
    As for PB&J sandwiches - these are not popular in Europe. It's peanut butter OR jelly. And Nutella - Boyfriend is addicted to Nutella. He would live in a Nutella house if he could!

  25. I'm sorry, but how is that possible that he has not seen SW? Ever? My childhood was based on the idea that I have Jedi powers and Yoda will call upon me one day and I will be the one saving the whole Universe...

    Anyways, PB&J sandwiches are much better than they sound, as is scrambled eggs & ketchup, or lightly pickled cucumbers & honey.

    Yeah, I've just realised: Who's the weirdo now??? :/

  26. I can't advise on the SW movie...I saw the first one when I was a kid and called it good. And Oprah? How is this possible that the husband does not know who Ms. O is?

    Your post reminds me of this boyfriend I once had in Canada. He and I got into an argument in a restaurant about who the first president of the United States was. He insisted it was Ben Franklin. When I got irritated and started rolling my eyes at him for his lack of knowledge, he asked me to name one PM of Canada - just one....couldn't do it. To make matters worse, I thought Canada also had Presidents. Guess who was rolling eyes then?

  27. First viewing has to be as we all watched it, IV first.

    The second viewing, as he probably won't quite follow it first time round should be from I through.

    Problem solved.

  28. You MUST start with Episode IV. The story is better, and I think he won't make it through them all if he has to start with the new ones.

    Also, I wish there had been more Nutella in my American childhood.

  29. Episode 4, although this might be confusing when he watches the other episodes. I'm still confused myself.

    And the French don't know Oprah...remember that incident when she tried to get into an Hermes store or something in Paris and they wouldn't let her in because they were preparing for a PR event and they treated her like a regular American instead of like Oprah? Mon Dieu!

  30. IV duh....gonna look cheesy the other way

  31. I don't mind of the way to watch Star Wars, I have seen it in both ways and I love the old movies!

    I don't know Oprah, well, I know her face but what she does again? I needed to google her ;)
    And what, peanutbutter sandwich, nutella bread? yuck. In Finland we got cheese on our bread at breakfast or oat porridge with butter eye. :)

  32. Is my husband super weirdo if he's American and doesn't really know who Oprah is? I'm nervous I need to start a de-weirding process! Good luck with The Husband.

  33. LOL, this is so true, you're all starry eyed in that first year of dating and then... the weirdness start to be come apparent!

  34. I'm gonna go with episode IV. The same sequence that we had to watch it in.... then go back to the beginning!

    I grew up eating PB and J AND Nutella. We always thought Nutella was almost like chocolate and a little bit too good to be true. Nutritious you say? Sure Nutella, sure.

  35. No question - you have to start with IV, you can't go backwards in technology.
    I had never seen Star Wars of Indiana Jones until I started dating Wilzie. He was appropriately aghast before running me straight to the video store. So I think that's forgivable, but Oprah??? Really???

  36. First, I wanted to take the Husband's side and challenge you on 3 major childhood things made in France. Then, I wondered how he will handle Princess Leila in a bikini.
    Beware the day he'll bring back 2 huge pains aux raisins instead of the chocolate donuts.
    FYI, I'm french and my first love was Mark Hamill.

  37. I didn't realize how 'French' I've become until I read this post of yours. I also have never watched Star Wars (I couldn't even tell you what its about!) and I've never watched Oprah although I do know who she is from the gossip magazines I worked for and am still working for. I have alas eaten peanut butter sandwiches, and jelly used to be a favorite of mine.

  38. I'm afraid I can't help you on this one as I'm a weirdo like your husband. I've never seen a single Star Wars or Guerre des etoiles. (I do know who Oprah is though although I've never eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches)

  39. Oh man, I say episode IV! It's how we fell in love with it as children, and how I think the Husband should see it as an adult!

  40. Oh dear, I consider posting this one anonymously because me too, I have never... xx
    PS: Made the attempt twice and both times fell asleep in the cinema.

  41. start at the beginning....a very good place to start.......oh, that's the sound of music...not star one who saw star wars the first week it came out....episode 1....please....there has to be order in the universe

  42. I think he should watch them in the same way we all watched them -- starting in the middle. lol It just makes more sense that way, of course.

  43. There shouldn't be a second thought about this... episode IV! It' the way it came out and the best way to view. There is something more masculine about the 70's films that will draw the husband in. Then you can futurise (is that a word?) from there.
    And fyi, yes... they are weird, the no PB and J... just strange. Not to mention when I did introduce it to my "bean" he looked at me and said, "thanks, but no thanks." Whaattt?!??

  44. Okay, the Oprah thing is crazy, crazy! I can't even get over that - I thought Oprah was universal and a potential candidate for President of the world. Maybe it's because I have a French mother, but Nutella has been a staple in my diet for a LONG time :) (We would have banana and Nutella sandwiches, like grilled cheeses! If you haven't tried it, you MUST).
    And lastly, I am ashamed to admit this, but I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies! Isn't that awful?! So I can totally relate to your hubs on that one :)
    This is another fabulous post - you write SO well, and I was smiling/laughing the whole time!

  45. Okay, just my two cents worth. I get the Oprah thing and the Star Wars problem can be remedied (as long as you allow play time with light sabres between viewings) but I'm not sure if de-weirding is possible if he never actually ate PB&J as a child (sorry Aussies).There is no hope and I think the best thing you can do is begin therapy. I'm just sayin'

  46. You absolutely must start with IV! Part of the wonder of the whole experience was seeing the original three, then getting to go back and see how it all came about.

    Anything else would just be poppycock.

  47. Peanut butter goes with everything. I mean. EVERYTHING. For example, I had peanut butter toast yesterday with a side of Mac & Cheese (yes, I know, I'm 34...) and sometimes you can put it with bananas and/or honey (from the Honeys if you have access to their honey) And I recommend it with jelly and a side of Cheetos. Like I ate in the 80s...and still sometimes do now. It's ok, we'll get him 'learned'. Wait...are there cheetos in France?

    And I think you should start with episode IV -- because that is how the world that is our age watched it. He should experience it how you experienced it, so he can at least see it through a similar lens.

  48. So, the peanut butter thing is common throughout Europe. And I found it VERY strange. I mean what else do you eat when you are a child?

    But then I tried peanut butter from Europe. I even bought that familiar brand of Skippy that I knew from my childhood. I was so excited. I brought it home and got out a big spoon and was anticipating the yummy goodness and I took a big old bite and I SPIT IT OUT!!! It was so gross. It looked like American peanut butter but it did not taste like it at all. It was disgusting.

    So, no wonder why Europeans do not like peanut butter. Their peanut butter is gross! I once introduced a German boyfriend to American peanut butter though and I swear he ate a jar of it a day. Especially when I showed him how to eat it on bananas.

    Oh and BTW - I am apparently a weirdo too. I have also never seen a Star Wars movie! I hope that some day some guy will take pity on me and make me watch them with him - cuz I'm not going to do it alone. ;)

  49. found you through American Girls Are. I'm a European who lives in the US, so I can kinda relate to the differences! I can't wait to read more about your experiences :)


  50. ugh I am American (despite living abroad now) and I have NEVER made it through an entire episiode of Star Wars. I have like a physical melatonin release everytime that music starts up.

    And P.S. Nutella is awesome...but no replacement for peanut butter. The combination of the two though mixed with a banana could take over the planet. That's my kind of star wars. Spread wars.


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