Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Christmas Eve Miracle

The holiday adrenaline has left me and even though I feel like a little fat slug, I'm still going to tell you all about my week. Let's see... where to start... how about with Dublin's insane snowfall? The most snow they've had for many, many years (too lazy to look it up, but trust me, it was a lot).

Dublin doesn't usually get snow, maybe some flurries here and there but this year they got SNOW. And so did London and Paris, and that meant that all the airports went a bit haywire. And on the 23rd my panic set in as Dublin Airport would close, then open, then close again, cancelling loads of flights and shattering many a Christmas dream. Well they weren't going to shatter mine. No-Sir-Ree-Bob.

Since I can't actually control the weather (but oh how I have tried) and I don't drive the snow plow at Dublin Airport, I did the only thing my control freak could do from 855 miles away; I followed the airport on twitter and obsessively checked their feed for updates (handy little tool twitter is). Eventually I had to let my control freak rest and call it a night. But then on Xmas Eve I woke up to find out that Dublin Airport had reopened after being closed during the night. Can I get a H A L L E L U J A H?!

The flight was delayed. I can handle a delay. I can even handle the plane being rerouted to Shannon Airport (being the control freak girl scout that I am, I had printed out the Shannon to Dublin train schedule just in case). We made ourselves comfy in the bar and to stop the imminent huffing and puffing from you know who (The Husband is who in case you are a new reader... and if so, hello and welcome), I told him to think of this as a little date instead of a delay. We were in a bar, without The Spaniard, Honey Jr, or Brother-in-Law (a rare occurrence). Besides it was Xmas Eve, and the bar was full of Irish people. Irish people are fun in a crisis. Provided there's a bar. And sure enough, within the hour the bar sounded more like a proper pub with all the chatter and the barman who had been looking quite bored before, found himself rather busy continuously restocking the Heineken cans (tap had already run out). I took a photo for evidential proof of the restocking:

{evidential proof}

So we sat and had a little Xmas Eve party of Heinekens, Pringles, and bad Merlot like so...

{airport picnic}

And I was happy; bad Merlot and all. See below for proof of my happiness:

{happy: bad Merlot and all}

See, I told you I look happy. And I was, because I knew that Santa wasn't going to let me down and no matter what, I was going to Dublin that night even if he had to swing by and pick me up himself.

And then my Christmas Eve miracle occurred when they announced that our flight was boarding and it was only three hours delayed, and then, even though it was night time, I was still able to order a full Irish breakfast on board (miracle number 2 thank you very much). And when we landed, it looked like we landed in Siberia instead of Dublin, but it was Dublin, and we found out that ours was one of the very last flights to land before the airport was shut down again for the whole night. No more flights until after Christmas. Thousands of passengers were stranded that night, but not us.

Thank you Santa.

(Now if you can do something about that 'bun'

like we discussed, that would be great) 


  1. omg- you want a "bun"??? how did i miss this?

    i think we're talking about the same thing... unless you're actually referring to cinnamon buns or something, in which case, ignore that first sentence of excitement.

  2. Soooooooooo glad you got to spend the holiday with your family :) A very Happy New Year to you and the Husband...and I'll keep my fingers crossed for that bun ;)

  3. Bad merlot but a flight into Dublin. A Christmas miracle indeed!! So glad you were able to get back "home."

    Don't worry, that bun's a-coming but sometimes they just take a bit longer to start baking... :)

  4. What a lovely story, I am such a sucker for a happy ending!!!!
    I will await with bated breath the start of the new story...surely Santa is still listening! xoxo J
    PS Just did word verification and the word was (and I kid you not!) dadistoo now is that not daddy's too?!!!!!!!

  5. that was meant to be dad is too!!!!

  6. Glad you made it. Happy New Year!

  7. Sara- Buns need folic acid. Get a good multivitamine and start taking it now. Not that I know what I'm talking about or anything...

    Happy New Year! Glad your travel plans worked out.

  8. That's lucky that you made it!! Sounds like a fun delay though :)

  9. Kat - thanks for the finger crossing :-)

    Nikosmommy - well I'm preheating the oven... xo

    Julienne - maybe that's a good omen???

    ditdit - thanks :-)

    Sam - the vitamin is taken every morning :-)

    T.M.C.o.H. - as far as delays go, it was a pretty good one :-)

  10. Love it! I'd be celebrating too - bad Merlot & all :) Had a friend who got stuck in Rome instead of going home to Ireland for the holidays - very lucky girl indeed!
    Sending you plenty of good "bun" vibes as well :) xo

  11. happy new year :D
    love your blog... it's great!!


  12. What Samantha said!

    And isn't all Merlot bad? ;)

    I love that your plane made it through! Although That little airport bar sounded so fun!

  13. I'm so glad you made it to Dublin and only a few hours late! Traveling during the holidays can be so stressful! Your Christmas Eve may not have gone exactly according to plan but it sounds like it will end up being a memorable one! You and I both lucked out not to be stranded this Christmas - I do believe that's a Christmas miracle! :) Can't wait to hear more about your time in Dublin!

  14. i'm so excited and just waiting for the day when you have that 'bun'


  15. That is great that you got to your must have been so frustrating for so many people. If you have to be delayed at the airport, you may as well get into the party mode.

  16. I wonder how The Husband would feel about Santa being the on who helped you with a "bun?" No judgement, just wondering.

    If I didn't say it already, Happy Holidays to everyone over in French Town, SL


  17. Christmas Eve miracle indeed.

    So glad you made it and got to spend your holidays with family, hopefully Starbucks stayed open, and I'm sure the rest of the wine was delicious.

    Happy New Year. Here's to the Year Of The Bun. Or at least to lots of prepping the dough.

    xo Jane

  18. Santa can be a pretty swell guy when he wants to. I'm glad you got your Christmas travel in! Last Christmas, my flight was canceled and rescheduled two days later after a freak Christmas Eve blizzard.

    And if you do get your bun, how will you survive without Merlot?!?

  19. This may be a dumb question, but what happens to the planes that are zooming around above Dublin?

  20. I believe, I believe, I believe... ah, you gotta love a good miracle! x

  21. After enough, doesn't even bad Merlot turn into good Merlot?
    So happy you made it home!
    As for that bun...practice, practice, practice...

  22. This sounds like an amazing Christmas Eve. The strange, unexpected, awesome ones are always the best.

    As far as the "bun" goes, I think this means you need to cut out the drinking ... I'm sorry. Ask yourself: Is it worth it? (Kids. Alcohol. Eh.)

    (For the record, I am kidding about that.)
    (Kind of.)


  23. Yay Santa!! I love the bar pics, way to make lemonade, or drink of your choice, in what easily could of turned into a massive panicked filled situation. ;-) glad you both got there safe and sound and had a marvelous time!

  24. Lol @ fojoy... practice makes perfect! And enjoy the practice because once that bun is done and out, well typically the chef goes on break for a couple of years...

  25. You look really happy and beautiful! Your Christmas Eve sounds adventurous :)
    It seems that everyone who traveled during these holidays was suck in the airport.

  26. I'm so glad you got your Christmas Eve miracle! Christmas in an airport Is just wrong.

    Good luck with that bun :)

  27. You deserved the Christmas miracle and special "date night" with The Husband. I had friends who went to Paris for their "babymoon" and the waiters were more surprised at her not having some (small amount) of red wine. They were, however, totally appalled that she ordered a salad (with lettuce)!

    My new year's wish to you is happiness and a bun (or two)!


  28. See - you know how to handle a travel contingency. Check alternate routes and schedules (check). Booze (check). It's been a frustrating travel season for many, but I'm glad you made it safe and sound. Happy 2011, Sara - may you score the bun soon!

  29. I hope you get your bun, and very glad you got to Dublin. Airports stress me out. hate them

  30. that's a great christmas miracle!!! so happy yall got on that flight. can't wait to see more dublin pics.

  31. Irish people are great in a crisis as long as the beer doesn't run out. That's a universal truth. Hope your bun comes soon.

  32. I'm so glad you made it home. It really is a Christmas miracle. And I wish you all the best with the other "miracle" you are hoping for. :)

  33. awwwww yay!! Sounds like an amazing Christmas!! Europe got dumped this year! But it was neat to have a super white Christmas :) Definitely made it a bit more special. It's all melted here and now it's raining and going to be 50F on Saturday! How crazy. Happy New Year and i hope you get your bun!!

  34. flights are so stressful!! my plain to the US 3 weeks ago was delayed 4 hours except I was sitting in the plane :( it was horrid!!
    ps i visited Strasbourg yesterday and 'le petit france' or something like that, made me think of your blog!

  35. luckily you made it! i like your blog! :) kissesss

  36. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year


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