Tuesday, November 30, 2010

more language barrier fun

I spent a deliciously lazy Saturday afternoon on the couch, sipping tea and reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest while The Husband watched Reportages on TF1 (it's kind of like a docu-feature kind of show).

I was doing an excellent job of blocking out all surround sounds when The Husband spoke and the language barrier fun began...

"This girl, she's a catcher."

Barely looking up from my book, "a what?"

"A catcher"

"Huh?" See, I wasn't really paying attention as I was pretty wrapped up in my book and my tea.

"A catcher" The Husband was getting more annoyed now.

"A catcher?"

"Oui!" With a little huff and puff popping out.

"You mean like in baseball?"

"No, like Hulk Hogan."

"You mean a wrestler."

"Yes, she's a wrestler."

It's all very exhausting around here.

(but funny)


P.S.  According to the ever reliable Wikipedia,  "Catch wrestling is a style of Folk wrestling that was developed and popularised in the late 19th century by the wrestlers of traveling carnivals." Huh. Interesting. I guess this is what The Husband was talking about.     


  1. Catcher, wrestler - it's all the same. Nice touch with the huffing and puffing.

  2. I always thought catch was a funny word for wrestling.

  3. Apparently, 'Catch' is a type of wrestling (I just googled) so The Husband was kinda right. I hate that.

  4. I hate it when boys are right too!!


  5. OMG i love this soo funny. I have the same fun also sometimes... cute though.xx

  6. Embrace that language difference... sometimes pleading ignorance is not all bad. Plus, I bet that it is a bit entertaining to watch all that puffing in Husband's response...

    You are such a mess. At least he was not watching the Vickie-Sickie lingerie fashion show on US TV last night...


  7. lol! very cute! and yes! rent The Holiday. It's adorable!! I had trouble picking between that and Love Actually! It's great!

  8. lol, I totally thought he meant to say "hooker"!

  9. Too funny! If only I could use language as an excuse to say "huh? what?" to my husband. lol ;)

  10. Ha ha...can't get enough of these language hiccups - my boyfriend always comes up with something off the wall that has me cracking up for days.
    At least he'll be fluent in English quite soon - glad I can be of some use :)

  11. You are fantastic and funny:)
    I am reading this book now too.

  12. Wow, I would have been with you and thought he was talking about baseball or maybe talking about a "hot" girl. It would never have crossed my mind that he was talking about wrestling.

  13. Yea, I have seen one american catch-series in french tv, with awful french dubbing. I don't understand that ;) both, dubbing and catch. By the way, can I ask that do you work in France? It seems awful to find a job as a foreigner.. damn you pole emploi ;)

  14. By the way, have you visited the english bookstore in Avignon? I recommed it if not! It's called Shakespeare and located to Rue de la Carreterie. They have old and new books, it's lovely antique bookstore with english speaking owner.

  15. Please, please, please - RECORD huffing and puffing :) xox

  16. Hahahah must be so funny, speaking two languages
    Erna xx

  17. Bonjour Sara Louise,
    The language barrier epidsodes can be fun...You have the right idea, just keep laughing!
    Are you ready for a French Noel? We are having snow flurries in Paris right now.
    Sorry I have been MIA with my blog visits, I can't figure out where the time flies too.

  18. Ha ha ha!! My brain went to soooo many wrong places before you clarified what he was referencing. Omg... Too funny!

  19. Eh? I'd have been lost too, and I'm a French teacher!! BTW, isn't The girl that kicked the hornet's nest a great book? I loved the whole trilogy!

  20. ohmyheavens! your language barrier posts bring me such a smile. my time abroad in france definitely put me in your shoes so many times...keep these gems coming! bisou! xo

  21. Who knew? I hate that too, when I'm wrong and he is right.
    I don't think I ever replied to your last comment to me -- Ha! I love it. I am in NY right now (freaking out just a teensy bit about my new job). I want to dream of being in le petit village! Especially tasting that lavender honey. That sounds to die for good.

  22. That's so funny!
    Yes I also hate when husband is right :)
    Bisou, Babi

  23. Girl wrestler documentaries? Man, I'm watching the wrong channels.

  24. Yes, I was thinking of a catcher/pitcher in quite another context altogether, if not baseball!

  25. haha..at first I thought maybe he meant "she's a real keeper" :)


  26. Haha! I love these little mistakes. I'm going to have to start writing down my husbands errors - they're so cute. The funniest was when he was telling my mum about some cliffs he'd visited in Scotland but instead of cliffs he said cleavage!
    His latest word is 'handful' - a mixture of useful and handy. He informed me the other day that he was quite handful around the house to which I replied, yes, you certainly are quite a handful!


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