Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's A Cheese Cheese Cheese World

I'm talking about cheese again. But it's not my fault. I live in a country with about 400 cheeses. We're all about the cheese here. This is what happened...

Friday morning we awoke to a snowy icy village. Too much snow and ice for The Husband to drive to work (the roads in and out of Le Petit Village can get real bad, real quick, and don't get salted). Snow day. Now last year The Husband had a snow day, and since that one drove me batty, I learned my lesson. I had a plan; as soon as The Husband starts to go stir crazy (which he will) get him out of the house.

The Husband was stir crazy by 8:30 (it doesn't take long). Time to put my plan into motion; I steered him in the direction of Honey Jr's next door (pretty good plan, no?). A few minutes later The Husband returned with his own plan. Brother-in-Law was also at Honey Jr's (I'm guessing he was stir crazy too and Child Bride and I have the same plan). The three of them put their boy heads together and decided that a snow day should be celebrated. And it should be celebrated with cheese. That's right, cheese. We celebrated our snow day with not only a Raclette, but Fondue too.

Fondue and Raclette? 
It's insanity I know! 
Here's me all bundled up with my bag of goodies. 
It's off to Brother-in-Law's I go. 
(That was a poem. Sort of)

On the walk past the snowy war memorial, 
I bumped into Fifty's girlfriend, Vicky, and stopped to say bonjour


We arrived at Brother-in-Law's, shed all the layers, and settled in for the cheesy cheese madness. 

Honey Jr toasted...

The Husband and Child Bride ate. A lot. 
Child Bride's La Petite is becoming 
a serious rival to The Husband's Food Whore.   


{half baked}

We drank some homemade pear digestif to burn through all that cheese. 


All the while chaperoned by Professor Python.

{he's not really a professor}


(Thank God It's Cheeseday)




  1. Raclette and fondue? You guys are a good kind of crazy!

  2. Mmmmmm... Nothing else to say to that! In honor of cheese snow day, though, perhaps a snowmouse should be built?

  3. Yuummmmm (and I'm not talking about the cheese). Is that 'The Husband' with the gooey cheese. One spunky dude their Sara (-:

    Oh, and yes, I love your coat too!!!

  4. umm. that cheese and your hubby look awesome!!

  5. thank you soooooo much for your sweet comment :)

    you're so pretty & I love your coat !!


  6. oh.my.heavens. your fondue/raclette adventure sounds positively perfect. I laughed so hard when I read TGIC ;) stay warm and cozy over there...RI is just getting it's first snowfall today. xoxo {av}

  7. Oooh, it's cheese day here too (minus the fondu). We're having a raclette for dinner tonight! Can't wait!

  8. I want to celebrate Cheeseday!!!

  9. Fondue + Raclette = Best. Day. Ever. I'm happy for you like you just got married or had a baby -- it's that good.

  10. Wow, that is a cheesy day. I love fondue and I love raclette but I have never had both at the same meal. It gives me a goal to aspire to in the near future.

  11. Fondue and raclette? That is some real cheese... hah!

    Looks like a fun time was had by all and a great way to keep the Husband busy on a snow day.


  12. I was about to say I don't like cheese but ooh fondue and in the snow and pear digestif and a dog that I've just fallen in love with!

  13. Sounds like a fabulous and delicious evening! Totally diggin' your hooded coat btw. : )

  14. I love that your coat has a hood! And I have the biggest crush on your life; it makes me so happy that someone from upstate(ish!) NY can end up in a lovely place like Provence. I went to Lourdes but had a ton of friends at John Jay -- what are the odds! Lastly, that pear digestif looks incredible. So so happy you found my blog so that I, consequently, discovered yours. :)

  15. What an awesome way to celebrate all that awesome snow! My husband would probably pick up and move to France right now if he knew about all this cheese.

  16. Ok so I know this is redundant as I commented about your fabulous coat on FB, but, I LOVE THAT COAT!! Okay there, I'm better now.

    Raclette and fondue are exactly what Jon and I are going to have for our New Year's Eve party! I mean, come on, how could you have too much of that yummy goodness. I will need to ask you tips on a good raclette and fondue gathering.

  17. This right here is the stuff my dreams are made of. So jealous!

  18. Heaven! But where was Fifty?
    You looked super cute and snug in your coat AND hat underneath. Did you learn that in Ireland like me cause when it rains, your coat hood always gets blown back and if you don't have a hat your hair gets wet?
    I really hope you're going to be able to make it to Ireland. Updates please.
    a xo

  19. Since you started posting about your yummy cheesy adventures, I have managed to resist the urge to dust off my fondue pot and make a batch - until today. It's cheesy goodness tonight for dinner. I just can't take it anymore!

  20. only ONE little waistcoat and some mittens in that kind of weather?!?! i would have been in one of those sleeping bag style head-to-toe coats.

  21. I am so jealous, what an amazing snow day! Its 84 degrees in Austin today (compared to 8 in Boston) so I assume I will be mourning snow days forevermore (at least til I move again).

  22. Sigh, this is so lovely- I could talk about cheese all day, everyday.

  23. you seriously know how to do a snow day! Sounds cozy and delicious! I guess Europe is one snowy place these days. We now have snain. Rainy, snowy crap. It's just slushy and wet. Ick! I love your coat btw. Very cute!!

  24. MMM, being snow bound with cheese and wine .... sounds perfect to me!!

  25. Cheese glorious cheese! Sounds like a great day to me.
    You've inspired me to start fondue-ing. Bring on the cheese and carbs.
    P.S. Check me out today, I tagged u!

  26. What a wonderful way to spend a snow day! Here in the Northeast, we haven't had one yet, but it is inevitably coming. I believe I shall pull out the fondue set and get ready!

  27. What a great idea!!! Sounds like the perfect day :) I love the photo of the dog, how funny!

  28. Sounds delicious! I love raclette! Looks like you turned the snow day into a fun party! Good luck with your travel plans to Ireland! It's so stressful traveling during the holidays to begin with, through in weather problems and it can be even worse! Joyeux Noël!

  29. All of that cheese would drive me almost as batty as a stir-crazy-worthy snow day. I can't stand being home that much! Mr. A would just plant himself on the couch and watch movies from the DVR for hours at a time, wrestling included. I'll pass and continue praying for no snow days for my fiance.

  30. Cheese porn. That's what this is.

  31. You mention cheese, and I am here:)
    Sara Louise, you photos are so good, so alive and funny. Why don't you treat us with photos of Fifty and snow, or something like that, huh?

  32. The husband loves raclette....I'm not such a huge fan but I keep trying it. However, every day really should be cheeseday. That's the only way to assure you might be able to keep up with trying every different flavor.

  33. love reading about cheese and your deep freeze!

    happy holidays to you sara, and sending wishes for a joyous New Year in le petit village!


  34. "Here's me all bundled up with my bag of goodies."

    All I could think when I read that line was, "Why is she talking about her goodies? We can't even see them under that big ol' coat!"

    Sorry, I have guy reflexes.

  35. I could just "feel" cheese news and I was led to your post :) You have more snow there than we have in Montreal although we're expecting a little more before the big day. Merry Christmas!

  36. What a VERY fun snow day. And you look so cute in your snowy world.

    P.S. Honey Jr is kind of cute.


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