Sunday, November 7, 2010

turn that frown upside down

{outside my bedroom window}

good morning sunshine


P.S. This photo was taken a few days ago, it's damp and grey outside. Killer clouds hiding Nazi Ghost Zombies have rolled into my windows. I'm going back to bed. TTFN.

P.S.S. For those not in the know, TTFN means Ta Ta For Now (sorry, my inner tween made me do it)


  1. Beautiful. As if the Husband wasn't enough incentive to live there, the scenery sure is. Cuddle up under the covers, the NGZ's will never find you there.

  2. We do need the sunshine this morning..oh where oh where did it go??? Thanks for giving my Sunday a much needed lift Sara :)
    This, & a few afternoon glasses of Cremant, should help get us through :) Bon dimanche!

  3. It's cold, wet and gray in Paris too this morning. Only 9 degrees. Hello winter!

  4. What does it say about me that I automatically thought the F was a bad word? I was really having trouble finding three other words that would fit. Ta Ta For Now is much nicer.

  5. so so so jealous of this, the view from my bed, currently is blue skies, a few clouds, a very bright sun and lots of green fields


  6. Now that's something to wake up to! Hope those Nazi Ghost Zombies stay away!!

  7. amazing picture! what a view for when you get up! have a nice week sara louise and thanks for your visits on my blog! i like to read you :)

  8. *sigh* beautiful.
    BTW - letting out your inner tween makes us total bff's 4-ever!

  9. You never grow out of a tigger-ism!

  10. ADOC - always safe under the covers! As long as not any bit is peeking out :-P

    Tuula - last weeks warm weather was lovely, I think that might have been it until spring... bough a new coat in Zara to cheer myself up :-)

    Marilyn - yep, I don't think we can hide from it any longer... it's here

    Kirsty - I probably would have thought the same thing :-)

    Jersey - it does make it a tad easier to get up in the morning :-)

    James - :-)

    City Girl - it really was!

    Habebi - Fifty and I are working hard to keep them at bat ;-)

    ditdit - the fog here never ceases to amaze. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking in a cloud

    Audrey - thanks :-0

    Fojoy - OMG!

    Kerry - definitely not! :-)

  11. Simply wonderful!
    Do you have a little bed for me?
    Bisou, Babi

  12. Beautiful!
    And TTFN is what Tigger says! lol

  13. Sara Louise, that picture is just gorgeous! ohhhh to live in france (;


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