Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Talking Turkey

Today will be my seventh Thanksgiving outside of the U.S.
I love Thanksgiving. Of all the holidays, I love it the most. It's the warmest, happiest, fuzziest, fun time. And it's not wrapped in a big, red, commercial bow like Christmas. It's all about family, friends, and food.

Plus, since my grandmother was a Wampanoag Indian (the original Thanksgiving Native American), I feel that it's my holiday. Thanksgiving is my 1/4 birthright, the way St.Patrick's Day is my 1/2 birthright (I've got GOOD holidays flowing through my veins). And it's my duty to celebrate in anyway I can, even thousands of miles away and with people who don't know Thanksgiving from Columbus Day, I must.

But no matter what I cook today, and who comes over to eat with me, and how much I turn us saying what we're thankful for into a drinking game, it's not the same.

And since I am feeling a bit blah because I miss home today more than any other day, and I miss my friends, my Dad, and college football, and the whole Thanksgiving kit and kaboodle, I'm making a list of what I'm thankful for today:

The Husband (kind of an obvious). Last night he brought me home doughnuts stuffed with Nutella. Now I'm not normally a chocolate person, but fried dough oozing Nutella! Sweet Georgia Brown that's good stuff!

Fifty (when he's being good, and, calm and not licking). I'm listening to him snore right now and it cracks me up.

My new French tutor Sophie. Bless her.

Skype and my friends who Skype me.

Lapins Cretin. I'm loving these little guys.

(I really want a stuffed animal one but I'm scared you know who would eat it)

And many more things, family, and friends, that I'm lucky to have in my life.

But something I'm not thankful for:

North Korea being buttheads and bombing South Korea. Not cool.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

Turkey bisous


  1. I remember every holiday that we spent living overseas. It really made me appreciate "home" and family so much more. I did enjoy inviting our German neighbors over for our holiday dinners - they loved trying all the new American foods, so that put a smile on my face. Enjoy your day and be grateful that you don't have to partake in the black Friday madness...yuck!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving ... and while I cook a feast tomorrow, Im sure I will for a quick moment wish to trade places with ya ;)

  3. You do have good holiday genes in you- wow!

    I love those rabbits too. They have provided many upon many hours of good timeswith my friends.

    I hope you have a wonder and Happy Thanksgiving full of all you are thankful for (and more) to help take those blahs to town. Bisous!!

    Ps- yeah North Korea WTF?? So not cool.

  4. To my 1/4 native american friend, happy thanksgiving to you too!!! It must me hard being away from home in a place where they really have no idea what you're trying to celebrate. But it'll be fun making your own NEW traditions there in France.
    As for me, I'll be doing some serious Black Friday online shopping (since I don't live in the US.) Dealz are dealz!

  5. happy Thanksgiving! I hope you will have nice time, even far away from your home in usa.

  6. I think this is my 7th Turkey Day out of the country too, so it's taken on new meanings these days. We are lucky ladies to experience these things, even though it's hard when you miss your family, friends, and ... now I want pumpkin pie ... Warmest, fuzziest wishes to you all today!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I thought of you as soon as I bought the Jiffy Cornbread Mix. : )

  8. There are moments when living away from home (as in home country) is tough. Those moments often come rushing up from childhood memories linked with events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. For me, Christmas is only Christmas at my parent's home in the UK. Anything else is a pale imitation, especially the rather dreary French version (in comparison).

    Still, it's the price we pay for living where we want with who we want (or not...). Normally it's fine and dandy, occasionally it just ain't! :)

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! It's only my first turkey day out of the country - and it's hard for me too.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! I know what you mean about spending holidays away from home. I have never missed a Christmas in Scotland. This year I was going to spend my first ever Christmas away from home but I've changed my mind. It just wouldn't be the same. I can't imagine eating pasta for Christmas dinner!

  11. We're thankful for you and all our friends in your village... especially Fifty!

  12. Happy Turkey Day, Sarah. We finally found a place in Bouc Bel Air that special-ordered a 'dinde' for us (what's the scoop - are they and endangered species in these parts?). Looking for a place on in line to stream the Macy's Day parade and the football games. Just isn't the same, though. (wife made me watch Eat Pray Love last night and there's a funny scene of her Thanksgiving in Italy) Nonetheless, lots be thankful as you point out.
    Sorry we missed you in Aix last weekend!

  13. Happy T-Day dude. If he tries to eat your stuffed animal, you just tell the husband NO! And right now I'm picturing Kim Jong Il sitting in his bunker and reading this and going "Buttheads! Ooohhhh!!"

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Sara Louise, we miss you here. In Virginia this morning it's gray and raining lightly. A good day for cooking.

    If I could I'd wrap you up a plate and send it along with a big hug.

    xo jane

  15. I hope you have a phenomenal day...I'm not wondering if those of us stateside shouldn't include nutella stuffed donuts as a new Thanksgiving dish....seems reasonable.

  16. enjoy the holiday over there!!! i'll dedicate my pumpkin pie to you today. we can do an "in-the-air, from-across-the-world" cheers. : )

  17. Happy thanksgiving honey!!! Thanks go to you for being such a great support to me and my blog xxx happy days!!

  18. Holy Mother of all that is good and chocolate-y! I thought croissants stuffed with Nutella was good...but donuts!? My thighs hope I never try one...
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  19. First blog I went to this morning. I thought of you being away from home on this holiday and wanted to send you a little love from the South of California. Cheers to you adorable girl.

  20. I'm a big fan of les Lapins Cretins, too. It's hard to be away from the fun, but you've got lots and lots to be thankful for.
    Good luck with your french classes!

  21. I was in Italy this week so the non-thanksgivingness everywhere was kinda weird. Though flying on the holiday and cuddling up watching the parade while jetlagged is catching me up nicely. Though now that you mention deep fried nutella I'm kinda a little jealous.

  22. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah. I hope you have a wonderful day. I wish I could run out to the boulangerie to get some nice bread for our Thanksgiving dinner here in California like we do when we are in Sablet.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving Sara. I hope you make it special.

    I'm celebrating Thanksgiving in the US for the first time since 2002. And I have to say that it doesn't hold as much meaning for me as it used to... It might have something to do though with the fact that we spent the day at the Nursing Home with my Grandfather eating bland and dry food... Not so much fun. Although nice to see my Grandfather of course.

    But I found myself wishing the cranberry sauce was lingonberries (they are so similiar) and talking about how much I missed Europe and vowing that next year I will take the opportunity of a 4 day weekend to go abroad!

    But the funny thing is that every year abroad, I wished I was home. Guess the grass is always greener.

    But I really hope you have a great day anyway. You will always remember your Thanksgivings abroad. My best friend reminded me today of the Thanksgiving in China where we had big plans to go out and eat turkey but ended up ordering pizza, drinking way too much Chinese rice wine and singing karaoke all night!

  24. Holidays are the hardest time to be abroad, aren't they? But maybe nutella filled doughuts are a good step towards making it better ;P
    Just think of me and my KFC Christmas...

  25. Dear Sara,
    wow snow in Provence, I'm just a little bit jealous!
    I love snow and I imagine you in your Petite Village in Provence with Fifty and snow ...
    Bisou, Babi

  26. Fascinating, I'm such a boring Scot.
    Don't suppose you're in Paris between the 10th and 13th of December?

  27. Donuts stuffed with Nutella?! Holy yumminess!

    I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, even though you are so far from home. That's awesome you're 1/4 Thanksgiving Indian. :P My bf is 1/4 Sioux. Celebrating Thanksgiving with his Indian side of the family is always a treat. It makes me feel like a real pilgrim when I'm with them! Lol.

    Have a great weekend, hon. xo

  28. So glad you got snow on the holiday! Makes it seem a *little* more warm and fuzzy. Or perhaps not. Did you cook?

  29. Happy Thanksgiving!
    (and hoping that "you know who" isn't the husband)

  30. Nutella doughnuts?! I am drooling.

    It has been a long held belief of mine that Americans are completely unappreciative of Nutella. American indifference to the yumminess is an important item on my pro-list for one day moving abroad.

  31. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I would take Nutella doughnuts over turkey any day :) I lived in Provence for a while (Aix!), and while it seemed like I didn't know much French when I was there, when I left I realized how much my French had improved! Hang in there!
    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  32. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I've missed your blog these last few weeks, seriously, where have I been? We were home in the US for Thanksgiving, but Thoiry got dumped on with over a foot of snow and I was wondering youse had gotten some too. And a thankful drinking game? I must know the deets on this one!


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