Tuesday, November 23, 2010

super stylish

My friend Valerie who blogs all about her life in Italy learning Italian (and soon her life in France learning French) at Living Out of the Box has been so kind as to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to me.
Thank you, grazie, merci.

And for the seven saucy secrets....
(a warning... none of these secrets are even remotely stylish)

1. My father always told me that I would regret quitting piano lessons and he's right, I do.

2. Showering in the morning gets on my nerves. I'm sure it would be different if I had a steam shower with a rain forest shower head (ah, the good old days) but I don't.  I have a shower the size of a phone booth. And not one of those fancy London phone booths either, a NYC phone booth. Nothing luxurious about showering in a phone booth.

3. I used to have dog named Bono (after U2 Bono, not Sunny & Cher Bono). Lets go ahead and run down all the pet names... the german shepherd, Penny, Scratch the beagle, Happy the mutt, Rainy Day the pony, Mister the black lab, Leroy the chihuahua, and currently besides Fifty, there is a lizard in my dining room (or there was yesterday, I'm hoping that we are in a was situation and not an is situation). What should I name him?

4. I secretly think that Michaele Salahi is really Heidi Montag 20 years in the future and she has travelled back in time with a new name. It's true.

5. When I was twelve, I moved from New York to Texas. On one of my first nights living there, I woke up to find two scorpions under my nightgown, sitting on my chest. Nothing says you're not in NY anymore like scorpions.

6. Currently I have possessions in three countries; at my mother's in Dublin, a storage facility in Texas ($50 a month for seven years. I've recently done the math. I'm not happy), and of course, in France. I am very happy to report that on 29th of December the last of my Ireland stuff will be shipped to France. And I have vowed that in 2011, me and my Christmas decorations and scrap books that have been living in Texas all these years will finally be reunited (and it will feel so good).

7. I'm at a point in my life where a large majority of female friends and relatives whether in Ireland, America, or France are pregnant, or were just pregnant, or will probably be pregnant (again) very soon. Any good vibes you could throw my way would be greatly appreciated, because regardless of what I say, I am not actually aging backwards.

Now technically I'm supposed to pass this on the 15 bloggers, but 15,  that's poppycock! I'm going to go with seven.
(and I'm including their taglines in their own words)

...dailee tidbits... Thoughts, creations, and frequent adventures

A Beautiful Life A blog about my life, the good, the bad, and the beautiful

Bourbon & Pearls And a life in between

du jour So why can't a 50 year old woman pack up and move to France?

Em Dickson (Emily doesn't have a tagline but her blog is stylish, trust me)

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Elegance  (no tagline here either but Justin can seriously rock a bowtie)

Our Transatlantic Love We'll always have Paris...



  1. Yay I made the list! So sweet of you!!

  2. "I secretly think that Michaele Salahi is really Heidi Montag 20 years in the future and she has travelled back in time with a new name. It's true."

    The secrets out on that one. She hijacked the "DeLorean" car from Back to the future...

  3. Ok I write the link of blogs, they are all so nice!
    And you are always so lovely!
    Move from NY to Texas, then to Dublin then to France! Is so exciting, I suppose!
    I also think that Michaele Salahi is Heidi Montag 20 years!
    Bisou, Babi

  4. You are so cute! And I'm definitely going to check out du jour. A mature woman like myself upping sticks and moving to France...gotta like that!

  5. Thank you!
    I am eating my breakfast just now, number 5 made my mouth stop chewing - nothing usuallly stops breakfast, it's my favourite meal - that sounds terrifying!

  6. As usual you made me giggle and smile. AND the fact you used the word poppycock .. fun, fun, FUN!!!

  7. Em - :-)

    Nicosmommy - she totally did! It's freaky!

    Babi - the moves have been good, but the places are so far apart!

    Kerry - You'll like Delana, she really has sought out her own happiness :-)

    Tabitha - pas problème! Sorry about your breakfast

    Linda - poppycock has to be one of my favorite words, it's so much fun to say :-)

  8. Sara, We have boxes of stuff, who knows what, in my mother's garage...i try to block it out. And, POW! love the babymaking secret....how thrilling!
    off to google Michaele Salahi now....

  9. If the lizard is still there, try Iggy.

  10. I like Eddie for the lizard...kind of like Eddie Izzard, but now Eddie Lizzard. :)

    Glad for the new post. (Whew) When I started reading the blog this weekend and was suddenly current it felt like when I started SATC about 4 seasons in, watched them all one summer weekend and then realized I'd have to wait until September! for them to resume the next season. Heartbreaking.

    The Canadian's first intro to Texas was also a scorpion -- after the incident we wound up googling scorpions and found a story about a kid who froze one in an ice cube in the back of his freezer for 6 months. The mom found it, he took it outside, it unfroze and walked away. Those buggers are creepy.

  11. Lots of interesting things! I'm sending good vibes your way, I am currently the oldest of everyone I know to become a first time Mum (and I'm not there yet) so I know about needing good vibes! At least, I think that's what you meant but my interpretation of things these days is not too great!

    As for having belongings in multiple places I too have experienced that and still am to some extent. My parents move abroad meant I had to take back lots of items but I just put them at les beaux-parents place in France and I have some stuff at my brothers still in the UK. Your belongings must be pretty special if you've been paying that much for that long, although I know i would probably do the same for photos and souvenirs as getting back to places or arranging them to be delivered to you is not always straightforward! I hope you get it sorted next year!

  12. Gonna throw Mortimer in the hat for the new pets name. Mortimer the Lizard, yup I dig it.

    Fun list as always lady.

  13. Holy moly! Michaele Salahi is TOTALLY Heidi Montag!
    Good call - but now that you've figured out the secret, I fear you may be in danger...

  14. (1) I've always wanted to learn piano. (2) I like morning showers best, but I'd love them even more if I had a steam shower with a rain forest shower head. (3) I vote that you name the lizard "Begone." (4) LOL (5) Scorpions on you at night?! I'd totally FREAK OUT! (6) I get frustrated that Hub and I don't have a new house yet, but at least my stuff is with me. I hope you get it all back soon. (7) Many of my friends and cousins are pregnant now too. I wish we (you and me) were included, but I'm sure we will have our day soon enough. :)

  15. #4 is my favorite! So clever :)And what I'd really love the secret to is... are you able to watch the Real Housewives here in France..please share with me O Great One - would love (love!) me some good old-fashioned American Reality TV!
    Always makes me feel grounded when I'm diving into French grammar :)
    Sending loads of positive vibes your way dear Sara :)

  16. Good luck with the baby making! When my husband and I got married a little over a year ago I was set on waiting until 30, no big deal. Now I'm thinking 28 sounds pretty good. Maybe 27 1/2 :)

  17. Always wanted to live in Texas, but was thinking of the road runners - not scorpions. You may have changed my mind! Great list.

  18. Scorpions would've freaked me out! Sending you good vibes!

  19. Merciiiiiii sweetie ! I loved reading your list :)))

  20. Merci beaucoup for passing the award onto me. I will hopefully get to it this week, if not definitely by Monday. And yes I love #4, Michaele annoyed me so much at the reunion show when she never gave a straight answer for anything!!!!

    Are you celebrating Turkey day in France?

  21. I can't function without a morning shower, even if it is in a phone booth (and you haven't seen a small bathroom until you've seen a Japanese bathroom. I moved to get away from the bathroom...)
    I think I'm going to enjoy checking out your blog recommendations!

  22. The scorpian comment freaked me out!!! What did you do?

    Congrats on the award!

  23. Congrats to you!! xxxx

    yep, the last photo is me and one of the designers from my work pretty cool huh?

  24. congrats on your award!

    still thinking about those scorpions, however ---- yikes!!

  25. Nothing says you're not in NY anymore like scorpions, love it! And yes, so true! Congrats on the award, you're much deserving! XX!

  26. Thought of you in the shower this morning (no, not that way) - but because every shower I ever had in France (and for my first 9 months in Italy) were in raggedy shower stalls - and now? So I'm not the only one not digging the morning shower thing. So I wait until afternoon, after a few glasses of wine, and ... who cares, I'll shower anywhere at that point. Much good vibeage coming your way!

  27. Lots and lots and lots of positive vibes thrown your way!! MMxx

  28. I don't know if lizards have self-esteem issues but just in case, I would name in something like "Draco". Put him in touch with his dragon ancestors.

  29. I am absolutely positive that number 7 is going to happen soon. I send you lots of a good vibes.

  30. omg. i'm with you a million percent on the "everyone female i know is pregnant" thing. i feel a little weird about the whole thing, but not weird enough to have my own. just weird like "who the fuck is gonna out to the bars with me now???"

    lol @ heidi montag. i've thought the same thing.

  31. Ha ha. Heidi Montag does resemble her. Just what IS going on there? Love it.


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