Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Bee Team

The Honeys driving off to tend to their bees...

{The Honey Truck}


Loving the bee.



  1. That is a funny looking truck! Although love the little bee on cute

  2. Cute truck. My Dad kept bees in the garden when I was a kid, so they always make me smile.

  3. Hi.
    I have removed you from but I hope you'll check it out (and the blogs that feed it) every now and then.
    For the record, it is for blogging Brits (and a select few others) so we would have been happy to include your feed, regardless of what your passport says - it's the transplanted bit that counts. Of course, as you'd prefer not, then that is fine.

    (Still looking forward to the story of how Fifty got her name, by the way).

  4. What do you say as the truck is driving off into the distance? Bee-gone! Sorry :)

  5. The little bee on truck is so nice ...
    You put so many beautiful pictures on your blog!
    Bisous, Babi

  6. hello Sara,
    Thanks for dropping by and nice comment.
    It's nice to be here reading your entries. I like your blog. i am following you now. I hope you like mine as well..

  7. hahahhaah, cute bees.. nice touch to the trucks...
    hope you are well, sarah....

  8. When I lived in France a "honey" truck was something else altogether!

  9. BREA - It is a cute truck, I'm going to have to ask who put the sticker on it :-)

    SarahF - cool! Did he make honey too?

    She Means Well - Fifty is named after rapper Fifty Cent. My husband named him. I didn't have anything to do with it!

    Kerry - hee hee! xo

    Babi - thanks! I'm a horrible photographer but I try! x

    GingerSnap - thanks for coming by :-)

    CATwife - we're all very well here, especially since the sun has come back!

    James - HA HA!! Naughty!

  10. Yeah, James stepped on my comment: the "honey wagon" back in the old days was, er, something quite else.

  11. This is lovely. Greta photos. I have a very funny story about bees in France involving a giant hive, my kitchen window, the entire vilage, some delicious french firemen and two gnarled old peasants who collected the'll keep for another day though. Bisous x
    By the way I think Fifty's name is cool.

  12. Great not Greta...greta sounds germanic.

  13. So cute! I never realized you called them the "honeys" because they literally have bees. So cute!

  14. Somehow I missed the fact that the Honeys "grow" bees, but I love the truck!

  15. How cute! :P

    I hope you're having a wonderful week. xo

  16. That is one majorly stylin' ride right there. You should go with them one day, just sayin'.

  17. I'm glad that bee is nice and big, so passersby know not to get too close.

  18. Ahhh. So the Honeys really make Honey?

  19. Ed - Sounds like you and James used to pal around together :-)

    Facing50 - You should write a post about that story, sounds entertaining...

    Shorty, Webb, & Samantha - Yes, The Honeys, actually make honey! And it's very delicious :-)

    Jennifer - thanks, you too! :-)

    Habebi - it is super cool! And Mr & Mrs Honey, and Honey Jr sit in the front seat together. I love watching them drive by :-)

    The redhead - ha ha! excellent point!

  20. Sara, i love honey! keeping bees is supposed to be very zen. are the honeys super mellow? bzzzzzz

  21. Such a happy picture! I love it!

  22. Cute! I love seeing all the things you share, that you just don't see around here!


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