Thursday, November 4, 2010

the art of relaxation

After the usual horrible drive (but bonus... Fifty only threw up once) we got to French Mommy's a little after 10pm. A double cheek kiss, a bite to eat, and straight to bed we went (driving with Fifty is a very tiresome experience).

Around midnight I woke up to someone shouting, in French. French Nana had woken up and began shouting from her room downstairs to French Mommy's upstairs asking if "the kids had arrived" (love that). But they then proceeded to have a conversation, shouting, for a few minutes.

Yes the kids are here, and they were sleeping.

With the exception of being woken up in the middle of the night by a shouting Nana, It was a cozy, relaxing weekend and everything I could have hoped for...

Saturday was spent hanging out at the bar, The Husband was fed his beef tongue, I stuffed myself with Auvergne blue cheese (it's the blue cheese of champions, plus, it gives you crazy wicked dreams). We watched Clermont clobber Paris in rugby and I got to indulge in my crush on Morgan Parra.

And once again I was given loads and loads of presents. I think I get spoiled because deep down French Mommy had wished that The Husband had been a girl (he'd make a pretty one too... all blonde hair and legs).

I sat by the fire all day on Sunday reading. Isn't that the best? Like six hours of none stop reading. I never ever get to do that.
(I'm reading The Girl Who Played with Fire... if you haven't read the Millennium trilogy you should do so now)

Fifty was distracted by all the foie gras and roast beef he was being fed. (I think he might be the first dog to get gout) so I was free to relax without his constant neediness. And The Husband was distracted by his friends...

 {Ellie & Tigger love cuddles}
and his toys...

{vroom vroom}

I love how French Mommy has left his room intact. The Husband went away to school when he was eleven and his room always looks like it's waiting for him to come home... and he's eleven.
(And I'm totally going to be in trouble for posting these photos)

And  I ate twenty escargot! Twenty! I counted and took a photo for posterity...

{that's a lot of Melvin}

I wonder if garlic has the same effect on Nazi Ghost Zombies as it does on vampires? Because if it does, I think I'm good for awhile. 

Ooh ooh ooh... you ready for the best part?  I got to pick out the wines for dinner from the wine cellar (now you know the real reason I like it there). I love it down there so much that if it wasn't so cold, I think I'd sleep there, snuggled up surrounded by all of my friends.



  1. Sounds like a lovely and relaxing time, well worth the long drive. Like you I adore a good wine cellar can spend hours in them!

  2. Does sound like a great weekend. The garlic probably repels the NGZs. but what about The Husband? Will Fifty be the only one who will want to kiss you?

  3. After all the fois gras the vomit on the way home must have been interesting!

    Picking out the wine sounds awesome. When I die I want to go to a wellstocked French cellar. Heaven.

  4. Pass the foie gras and let's head to the cellar! I think I would have begged to stay a bit longer. You deserve to be treated like a queen and glad that you got to indulge yourself with a day of reading (loved that book series and there is a report that they have one yet unpublished... stay tuned).

    Oh, and I'll have a plate of Melvin now that we have the wine... hehehe


  5. Ooh, you sound like you have lovely in-laws. What a lucky break!

    One classic my ex-mil said to me was "You don't have a very high forehead do you? High foreheads are a sign of intelligence. I have a very high forehead". Cue eye rolling.

    How wonderful to have access to a real wine cellar too. You chose (your husband) well :)

  6. French Mommy sounds like a hoot!! xo

  7. What a great weekend: reading by the fire and being sustained by foie gras, escargots and wine of your choosing.

  8. Dash - there's something very romantic about a wine cellar xo

    James - luckily, The Husband at his fair share of escargot!

    Kirsty - the trip home was a vomit free car ride, the first ever!

    Genie - Nana makes the melvins especially for me :-)

    Sarah- that sounds pretty typical of a MIL. Mine tells me I drink too much, but when I don't want my glass refilled, doesn't understand why I don't want any wine... it's very confusing. Oh, and I don't eat enough either. Although the 20 snails in my stomach would probably disagree

    Debby - it's a hooty place alright. Those women can chatter!!

    Chemichel - that's what life's all about!

  9. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend...sans the dog barf. And I want a French Mommy, too! (stomping my feet)

  10. Escargot. I've never had it but I have to say the idea has always grossed me out a bit. Maybe I'm just too American?? haha But the wine cellar sounds like a dream!

  11. Ohhh, sounds like an absolutely wonderful time! I've said it once & I'll say it again...I love French mommies!!
    We're going to see ours ...well, my boyfriend's if you want to get technical about it :) next week and I can't wait...And...hmmm...she's also got his room preserved from when he was 10 or 11 - trucks, a funny stuffed owl, mini-robots, the whole nine yards!
    Must do some more French-mommy investigation... which will no doubt involve a lot of eating :)
    Great post as always!!

  12. Maybe you never want to eat another escargot in your life?

  13. Is that an escargot plate? Good grief, my stomach turned just looking at that... definitely not my favorite food. But the wine cellar... now if I had that, who would need food?!

  14. Lol I totally understand the bedroom intact thing. My man has the same avec posters of woman's large breasts and pert bums!! Do you think it's a french thing? LOL xx

  15. Ohhh I have just checked out Morgan Parra
    oui, oui, yes se bon.Lol Have you checed out the french calendar for 2011 yet. OMG is hadn't then you really, really need too. Trust me? Especially the 4 bonus pages at the end. WOW... OHH LA LA c'est incroyable. xx

  16. I admire your obvious self control in the wine cellar - I would have picked out an escargot or 2 and consumed 20 bottles of wine.
    Sounds like a blissful weekend.

  17. i want your life...but i'd even settle for your dogs life if i had to.

  18. (BTW -These Nazi Ghost zombies sound really forbodding) glad for garlicky escargot!!!
    Sounds like you had a great time with French Mommy...

    I just finished reading the girl with the dragon tattoo (which i liked) you say the other two are worth reading too??!

  19. so sweet that your husband's childhood room is still in tact. my husband has all of his old toys in bins from when his parents moved, mostly sportscars. i'd like to sell them all but he is attached to them. fifty is one lucky pooch. french mommy's house is the place to be. you live the life of riley. i'm jealous. well, not jealous of that escargot plate. tres yucky! thanks for sharing and take care.

  20. What a great weekend! I am really enjoying your blog, especially your writing style. Keep it up!

  21. Sounds like a great weekend. Glad you're eating snails and choosing wine. I didn't know that le Bleu d'Auvergne was psychedelic.

  22. Personally I could have done without the blue cheese and snails...but then again, I'm not that cultured. LOL I would've grabbed a few blankets tho and totally curled up in the wine cellar. To quote someone above me...I want a French Mommy too!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. oh my god you are in heaven. I'm totally jealous. wine and escargot and reading by the fire. Mmmmmmmm.

  24. You had me at "sitting in front of the fireplace reading"...I am SO envious! How luxurious! Good for you, I am so happy you had the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful relaxing time!

  25. That sounds like a lovely, relaxing weekend! I love that French Mommy kept the hubby's room as is - it's nice to have all those memories and toys there.

  26. Hahahahah! What a fantastic weekend! But seriously, 20 escargot?!

    Anyway, I gave you a blog award because apparently it's the new thing in the cyberworld. so, voila:

  27. Adrienne - it was pretty perfect, I'm a lucky, lucky girl :-)

    Shorty - funny thing, I had my first escargot in NYC! I was nine years old and loved it immediately. Maybe I was always destined to be French...

    Tuula - have fun, and you definitely need to do a French Mommy post! xo

    Marilyn - a few more weeks and I think I'll be ready for more :-)

    ADOC - yes it is an escargot plate, but they usually only have slots for about nine. I need to find one with twenty slots!

    Claire - tomorrow I'm going to Aix and I'm going to do my best to get my hands on that calendar! (I gave my mother the calendar for Xmas last year!) x

    fojoy - my wine consumption is carefully monitored by French Mommy, otherwise I'd go a little nuts. It's like winning the wine lottery!

    Ahn - Fifty does have it pretty good at his grandmere's house. It was really difficult to get him to leave, he was actually hiding in the garage!

    Nikos - just finished the second one and starting the third... YES! They are definitely worth reading :-)

    Kiki - I love going because I know that I'm always in for a nice, chillaxed time :-)

    A la mode et plus - lovely compliment, thank you!

    Dedene - eat l'bleu right before bed and see for yourself... CRAZY!

    Kat - I think I might try to camp in there when spring comes, it will give me something interesting to write about :-)

    DFG - and you'll be happy to know, more bowls of cafe every morning! I love the bowls!

    Beth - it was a really nice treat, I savored every moment of my fireplace reading session :-)

    Tee - everytime I walk into his bedroom I smile :-)

    Lauren - YES, 20!! I'm still in shock!

  28. awww, a tummy full of snails, a chance to embarrass the husband, a cellar full of wine and hours of reading???

    Sounds like the perfect combination to me!

    (And the Millennium Trilogy is great isn't it? Very addictive, I stayed up all night reading the 3rd one as I am an idiot)


  29. Your Belle-Famille sound adorable!! Fancy getting to choose the wine from the cellar!! Excellent, you're so lucky!!

    And eating all those escargots? You've given me a craving for them.

    Your husbands toys are cute!

  30. Personally, I LOVED escargot! So salty!

    I once visited my (ex) boyfriend's parent's place. Him wanting to get down on his old twin GI Joe sheets was just awkward. Ah, have to love the pritine shrines!

  31. 20 escargots and a wine cellar. You realize you're in heaven don't you? Ahhhh, you paint a beautiful picture!

  32. Okay that was a beautiful post.... you make living in France sound very dreamy!! Thank you for sharing. And yes, that wine cellar sounds awesome!

  33. What a lovely weekend!!! I'm so glad you had a great time :)

  34. thanks for visiting my blog! the video link works now, sorry! i'm glad you wrote though, because i just read your entire blog and love it! *follow* ing

  35. Oh man, I am soooo looking forward to going home to visit my Mommy, and get fed (though probably not escargo.)

    I am SUPER jealous of your fireside reading. That's sounds so cozy and excellent!

  36. sounds like a fabulous time........and i'm envious of all those escargot!

  37. Sounds like a nice and cozy weekend. I can't believe that French Mommy keeps Husband's 11 year old room in tact. That is a laugh!


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