Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saved by French Mommy

You know how I wasn't super excited about going to Brother-in-Law's Halloween party? Well now I don't have to... French Mommy has come to the rescue (sort of).

The Husband remembered that he has next Monday off of work and the three day weekend is the perfect (and only) opportunity for us to visit French Mommy until after Christmas (Christmas is in Dublin this year).

And then, after he remembered he had one of his special moments...

I asked what the day off was for and he thought for a moment and said, "Because it's when Jesus died."

"Uh, no, that's Good Friday."


So for whatever reason that The Husband has the day off, we are on our way to French Mommy's house for the weekend. A few oil refineries have reopened (re: strike), we have a full tank and French Mommy promises that her local gas station is OK (she could of course be lieing so we end up stranded there... for the record, I do not have a problem with this).

Downside... we're missing the Halloween party (can you tell that I'm heartbroken? There really should be a sarcasm font). But to let you know, the decision had been made and I was going as a Mad Men-esque housewife and The Husband as a rugby player
(wow, a housewife and a rugby player.... that's a stretch)

Upside... WE'RE GOING TO FRENCH MOMMY'S! I can spend a weekend cuddled up in front of the fire being spoiled. And the clocks go back so there's one extra hour of spoiling. And Fifty has even gotten a bath for the occasion (and homeboy needed it... he smelled like bad bacon. Gross). Plus hanging with French Nana in her bar. And maybe if we're really really lucky, we'll go to see the Clermont v. Paris rugby match. Can you tell I'm really really excited?

Gotta go!

Oh, and have a Happy Halloween!


P.S. And I almost forgot... yesterday all of the children from the village came around trick or treating. Do French children not know when Halloween is? And there were three adults with them. Do these adults not know when Halloween is? I didn't open the door because 1. Fifty was going nuts because there were  a bunch of children dressed like monsters outside (so in Fifty's eyes, a bunch of little monsters) and 2. I didn't have any candy... because it wasn't Halloween! I have made two decisions from this 1. as the local American, I need to speak to Le Villagers and explain proper Halloween etiquette, and 2. if this is how they are going to behave, I may go door to door asking for wine whenever the spirit moves me, possibly in costume. 


  1. "I may go door to door asking for wine whenever the spirit moves me, possibly in costume."

    You mean you don't already?

    Oh, shame on you SL!

    All the best


  2. Oh French Mommy's ... I hope she goes through her house house again and loads you up on tons of goodies ;)

    You can wipe away the tears now, you know your kinda sad for missing the party. Im kinda missing the blog about it already.

    Have fun this weekend!

  3. There is only one reason why someone goes trick-or-treating early: they are possible axe murderers. So I'm glad you didn't answer the door.

    Fun weekend to you!

  4. Going door to door asking for wine is totally appropriate,,,just tell them it's an "American thing"....should be good enough to result in free booze and no questions asked!

    Happy (early) Halloween!

  5. We're lucky. Greek kids haven't been infected with the "Trick or Treat" germ - yet.

    Have a great time at French Mummy's!

  6. Dear Sara,
    have a wonderful Halloween to your French Mommy home!
    In front of fire ... seems to be so romantic!
    Relax and enjoy your time.
    Bisou, Babi

  7. I bet that was the "centre aéré" (big kid day care) that came knocking with all the kids. Our town celebrates Halloween on Saturday. they do not care when the real day is. I guess they decided that Saturday was better because the stores are open and instead of trick or treating from house to house, the kids go as an organized group from store to store.

  8. Have a wonderful time at French Mommy's. I'd prefer that to a Halloween party any day.
    Safe trip,

  9. Keith - I can't believe I had never thought about going door to door for wine before either!

    HM - thank you, looking forward to seeing what Peanut dresses up as :-)

    Shauna - you know, I wasn't really looking forward to the party, but I was looking forward to the blog post. Rumor has it that Brother-in-Law is going as Borat... as in green, thong, monokini, Borat!

    Redhead - they did look a little dangerous

    Niko - sounds like a plan... I'll just say, "y'all" a lot.

    She Means Well - give it a couple more years, it's slowly making it's way east, one country at a time...

    Bibi - thank you, I will xo

    ditdit - i think that must have been it, but I don't understand how they expect each house just to happen to be stocked full with candy? I could have given out doggy treats but then i would have had one pissed off puppy!

    Aidan - thanks, I'm really looking forward to it. Not the six hour drive mind you, but that comforting feeling that's going to sweep over me as soon as I walk in the door x

  10. The 1st of November is "la Toussaint" (literally, the "All Saints" celebration) which basically means we celebrate the dead.
    It's funny how Halloween is only commercial and so little known in France. Nobody really knows what it is or what you're supposed to do. A few years ago supermarkets started selling costumes and candy around that time of the year. It probably wasn't a hit because they stopped after a couple of years. They now start selling Christmas candy & Advent calendars on October 1st...

  11. Thankyou yet again for the smile you put on my face after reading your posts. You just crack me up (-:

  12. That's funny Sara because I am going as Joan from Mad Men this year for Halloween. I finally get to be a hot red head like you :) Have fun getting spoiled this weekend! -Jill

  13. mon dieu! no halloween party? i wasn't invited to one, so i'm wearing my usual witch get-up to go out with my 6 y.o. on halloween. i would prefer to have an evening among adults, drinking and eating candy and dancing. safe travels and have a splendid weekend with French maman. take care.

  14. You should be pampered and deserve it! As for the tricksters, do they not know that this is an American invention and that you get to set the rules? I like the idea of "drink or treat" and think you should get started on that upon your return to the village.

    Bon weekend,

  15. i'm so jealous! i wish i had a french mommy to practice my french with =)

  16. Enjoy your weekend of spoiling...French mothers are the best! I'll eat an extra piece of candy for you in remembrance of the missed party..just cuz I'm extra nice :)
    Bon weekend Sara! xx

  17. If you come home with a bag of delicious mushrooms, don't let them get spoiled this time! Spoiling should be reserved for people, not food.

  18. Yeah, I saved the day at our wedding. The priest asked Mr. Former Altarboy "what was Jesus's first miracle?" It was I, no formal church teachings whatsoever, who knew the answer. It's like they are Catholic in form only.
    Have fun trick or treating for wine. You know, if you get a bunch of people to do it with you, at irregular intervals spread out over one evening, you could probably convince the French that it is a French tradition that they just weren't aware of. Oh yeah, it's Saint SoandSo Day. He's the patron saint of wine tasters. Every year, on this day, you are supposed to go around the village and get a small glass of wine at every house. Didn't you know? It's right here in the tourist guidebook...

  19. So awesome you are going to French Mommy's and Nana's! Sounds like fun. I agree it sounds way more fun and grown up than going to a halloween party.

    Enjoy the weekend. :) Maybe it is the All Saint's Day holiday? When the saints come marching in?

  20. Here's to relaxing at French mommy's!! Have an awesome weekend =]

  21. Life would be a lot easier for me writing-wise if there was a sarcastic font. I'm in Seattle so maybe I'll pay a visit to Bill Gates and propose this idea to him.

  22. Wine-o-ween! Now there's a holiday I can get behind!
    Have a wonderful weekend of spoiling - hope Fifty don't get sick in the car.

  23. Having never been outside of the US, I'm always amused at how different things are in other places around the world. We will celebrate trick-or-treating on Saturday, because no one wants to do it on Sundays - the day of rest. Otherwise, Halloween is always celebrated ON the actual day. And yes, All Saints Day is what we celebrate in church, which I think it the actual point. LOL So confusing.

  24. Wonder when he thinks Jesus was born? July 4th maybe?

    Have fun at french Mommy's. Don't forget to post.

    xo Jane

  25. Enjoy the weekend. And I love that bit about when Jesus died. Someone should tell the Pope.

  26. Hahahaha for your husband to be so well versed in the bible. Btw, English children don't know when halloween is either. They'll come knocking round tonight here. x

  27. Enjoy your spoiled stay at Mum's and a very Happy Halloween....

  28. Enjoy your time at French Mommy's and let me know how that wine thing goes...we could with a new tradition here in the States!

  29. LOL @ a sarcasm font. That is a genious idea! You should patent that. That's interesting they trick or treat in France. In Germany, from what I have been told, they do it in areas where a lot of American's live. It's still a new concept and the German kids love the idea of dressing up and getting free candy from people. The older Germans however don't love this idea.
    Have a great weekend being spoiled!

  30. Haha I just love the wine idea! I hope you have lovely time, it sounds just wonderful. Glad to see some gas stations have opened up as well.

  31. Hey hi. I'm back from my 4 day Phuket trip and was not able to prepare for halloween too. I'm sad for my toddler as she missed it again this yr. I envy your plans to cuddle up by the fire!! Oh and I was hoping to see your mad men wifey look (btw I love that show!).

    Stay well:)

  32. Oh you would have rocked that mad men wife role!! Wanted to see the turn out. :).

  33. That's how we do in America. We knock on the neighbor's door to borrow a cup of sugar, of wine...

  34. You had better luck, we had to cancel our halloween party because we needed to go to airport to pick up R's sister. Well, we ended up being stuck in highway for 2 hours because of burning truck and finally we were forced to make u-turn in highway by police. Great halloween weekend ;) Happy beginning of November!

  35. You are so funny! I love that you got out of a Halloween party...I did as well this year and was pretty darn pleased not to have to come up with a creative costume for it! Hope you had a great weekend!


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