Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'll have a beer; Root Beer

It's early on a Sunday evening and you and your significant other decide to go out for a drink, a nice little apéro to bridge the gap until dinner. You say goodbye to your dog and beg him to be good and to please not eat the hand mixer (again) because you really don't want to have to buy another one (because he loves eating appliances) and off you go.

You walk up to the bar and from the outside you can see the images of a few people sitting at a table, but other than that it's empty.
And then you walk in...

The Parisian is behind the bar polishing glasses, while The Velvet Underground plays in the background (The Parisian has excellent taste in music). And over at the one and only occupied table sits Child Bride, her sister Angel (14), her sister Wolf (7), and Angel's friend, all just hanging out, playing Uno.

Three teenagers and a pre-tween. That's it, no one else.

Five kids playing cards, in a bar, on a Sunday night.

Nothing unusual about that at all.




  1. Wow .. the dog eating appliances and children in a bar. No, nothing unusual about any of that. Your life is always full of excitement.

    Thanks for the laughs ;)

  2. Just brought back memories of my mispent upbringing and the American equivalent, thusly: parents setting us up with a kiddie table at the American Legion on Sundays. Think RC cola & playing pinball with some fat kid who LOVED to keep playing "I Can Help" (Billy Swan) on the jukebox. Yep, before your time ... but harkens of simpler days when dogs just ate slippers. These crazy kids today!

  3. i love your stories, you seem to make any normal story into a barrel of laughs xxxxx

  4. I really had to laugh about the dog bit, Sara, because I do the same thing with my 4. "Be good, now. Mama will be right back"--even though it'll be hours--"I love you. Be good, okay?"

    So comforting to know I'm not the only one.

  5. How well you paint that scene with your words.

  6. Sigh. Being the dad of a young daughter (and despite struggling to not be all American and puritan) I have to say, the Child Bride thing is creeping me out a little.

    The kids playing cards in a bar seems fairly normal to me though.

  7. Shauna - it was so surreal. The Husband and I ordered a drink, looked at each other, and said, "this is weird." Happy to report that Fifty didn't eat anything unusual that night :-)

    Valerie - it's odd, Fifty has never eaten my slippers! But he does hide them on me from time to time and it drives me mental! xo

    Alyssa - I even put the TV on for him! :-)

    James - thank you as always :-)

    HM - it creeps me out too... when I'm 50, she'll only be 35. That pisses me off.

  8. I obvs need to move to France - every time I take my (17 yr-old)neice out for lunch or dinner, I subconsciously try to take her to a bar! She just looks at me, rolls her eyes (in that teenager way) and says, "I can't go in there Auntie. Do you want me to wait in the car?"
    At least one of us wants to preserve her childhood!

  9. Nice!! I just got a really good laugh. That always shocked me when I first lived in Paris is my 20's. I would see 14yr olds at the bars, crazy!!!

  10. The Child Bride thing is definitely creepy. Also, Angel and Wolf?? There's a story there, I know it! And just so you don't feel weird about Fifty...my friend's huskie eats toothpaste. Yup. Just imagine all the fun that brings.

  11. I can only imagine how similar our lives would be if my dog also lived indoors. LOL Your posts always make me laugh, especially when make up names like "Child Bride."

  12. Well at least they were playing UNO and not playing Texas Hold em while downing shots of Jack!!!
    (...could have been worse!?!)

  13. this sounds like my dream bar. and it makes me want to be extra french.

    ps: please tell me the little girl had a pointy mustache and beret.

  14. I can't even.. Rochelle's right, only in France, haha! I love your stories!

  15. I totally adore reading your stories...hahah
    Have a great afternoon

    Ps: I am hosting a ban.do headband GIVEAWAY today! Please, join in!

  16. I admire Fifty's persistence, it can't be easy to eat a hand mixer. Good teeth, or at least they were!

    xo Jane

  17. How interesting that Fifty has a taste for appliances! No fun. Leo favors paper products for the most part. While it is a messy fixation at least it's cheap. Well except the iPhone ear buds. Yeah wasn't happy about that one!

    And I don't even know what to say about the kids in the bar playing cards. That well, there just aren't any words to describe that oddity. LoL

  18. Fifty...oh Fifty...doggie bones are ever so much better.

    Kids in France...no homework?

  19. So living in New Orleans was a lot like this. I moved there when I was 19 and I had a job working the front desk at an elementary school while going to Loyola at night. On the weekends, I would run into a handful of the 8th grade girls at Fat Harry's on St. Charles -- kind of a dive, that place. No one else thought much of it.

  20. fojoy - if she can drive than I'd definitely try to take her too!

    Jill- I think what shocked me the most was that they were the only people there, it was really bizarre :-0

    Kat - the bonus of dogs eating toothpaste... minty fresh breath!

    Shorty - thanks :-)

    Niko - now that's a picture!

    YLIDHAG - so funny! Can't stop laughing picturing Wolf with a beret and mustache!!

    Rochelle - it's different alright!

    City Girl - thanks :-)

    Diana - thanks, I'll pop by :-)

    Jane - Fifty was blessed with teeth, and I know he only does it to piss me off! xo

    Habebi - at least the appliances are easy to cleanup, but expensive...

    Ellen - I had forgotten that this week the kids are off from school, must be why. I guess they'll be in the bar every night!

    DFG - So I guess New Orleans really is French!! :-)

  21. Firstly, I can't believe I only came across your blog now...thanks for the comment :) You make me want to pack up and move to Provence!

  22. I was eating wild mushrooms picked by my father-in-law the other night when I remembered your mushroom story. I was almost sick. Thanks for ruining my enjoyment of mushrooms forever! ;)

  23. You certainly make a girl want to move to Italy!...except without an appliance eating dog :)

  24. He's adorable even if he does eat appliances!

  25. Sounds like quite the Sunday night :)

  26. Oh dear... I hope that at least you and the Husband had a real beer!

  27. Apparently France is more child friendly than I thought ;)

  28. I shudder to think what kind of bar that would happen in over here. HA!

  29. It's sad that it took me a minute to realize the kids being in the bar was what was so odd. I was hung up on the fact that they were playing cards together. If it's not a video game or on a TV then my kids won't touch it.


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