Sunday, October 3, 2010

Honey Pizza Party

{Mr Honey working. Honey Jr not}

On the last Sunday of summer The Honeys threw a pizza party. Not only do The Honeys make honey, and crazy delicious homemade alcohol, but they make pizza too. I love these guys.

Because it was a few weeks ago and I wasn't taking notes, I don't remember what all the different types were, but all in all, I think we had about eight (gazillion) pizzas. The Husband rolled me home.

Check these out...
(and try to ignore my shadow cast over the pies)

My favorite is pissaladière. Instead of sauce, it's covered in caramelized onions and anchovies. No kissing is allowed after eating le pissaladière. Trust me on this. 

Oh and this little fur ball was praying for clumsy hands...

{hey guys, I can't see anything}

And it wouldn't be a party in Le Petit Village without wine...

{drink my wine or I'll destroy you}

Sébastien Chabal is making wine now. Who knew? 
(well maybe you did but I didn't).

But check out what else Mr Honey brought out...

{made in heaven}

Château Lafite. It's made by angels and love. 

Gee, Chabal juice or Château Lafite? 

Such a tough decision.




  1. Hi Sarah Louise, lovely sunny photos, could you please send some sunshine to Normandy...It's my holiday and it's pouring....

  2. I want pizza and wine for breakfast now! Neighbors that make wine?? You're so lucky!!

  3. I didn't know that Chabal made wine either. He's my favourite French rugby player.

  4. Oh dear I haven't had pizza for years! I look at your images and I can taste it!!!!

  5. Looks delicious. And looking out into the grey, drizzly London rain, I envy you for those last warm days, of course.

  6. I immediately went for the anchovy pizza, but they all look scrumptious! Interesting that in all of your photos the wine bottles are empty. Looks like it was quite a party at The Honeys. (That Honey Jr. does not over-exert himself does he)

  7. Chateau Lafite and homemade pizza, amazing combination!

  8. Oh good gawd. Pissaladiere sounds DEvine. So glad I stuff my face and drink wine whilst reading your blogs.

  9. Those are some good-looking pizzas! And where do you find these dogs? And how can I get me one? Super cute!
    Had no idea Chabal was making wine either...have to say I'm a bit scared - think I'd drink it even if it was terrible! Just getting used to his commercials on - expanding his horizons I guess, xx

  10. You are totally speaking my language now. Even if that language is French. Yum. And an out door oven? You know I would murder for one of those.

    Lucky Sara Louise.

    xo Jane

  11. Oh my. That pizza. Looks. So good!

  12. And suddenly I am so hungry. By the way, happy blogiversary!

  13. mmm... i could so totally do with a pizza and a nice glass of wine right now, my pictures with the girls might make you jealous, but all of your photos of your life make me jealous :( xxxxx

  14. by the way, Gallery Mag, is actually emma from jersey and the monkey, i'm just on the work computers

  15. Crust looks thin and charred black at the edges and perfect. I hate you.

    --dieting HM

  16. I looked at your pics, then I looked at the 4-day-old piece of pizza I reheated (again) for lunch, and somehow lost my appetite. If you find it, would you kindly send it back with a fresh pie?


  17. Two fist it! That's how you subvert a big decision like that- compromise. ;-)

    Oh and I'm with you on the le pissaladière totally sounds like the way to go! Carmalized onions?? Oh mah gawd!! Yes, please, and oh baby can I have some more?

    I had dinner and I'm hungry now. Can I come over? ;-) I'll help Mr. Honey out, 'cause that's the least I could do.

  18. Dear Sara,
    I love pizza. I can eat pizza in every moment of the day, strating from breakfast and finish with dinner! I love cook pizza, normally every saturday evening! You have to taste my pizza!
    Bisou, Babi

  19. Looks like an interesting bottle of wine.

  20. Mmmm, pizza. Looks so good!

    Chabal juice sounds so dirty and totally unrelated to wine or alcohol! I'd give him *ahem* it a try!

  21. That doesn't look like the pizzas I usually eat. Looks yummy though.

    I am Fickle Cattle.

  22. Thank you for the sweet comment!! I LOVE your blog. Just darling... what a beautiful life you have!! I can't wait to read more!! : )


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