Wednesday, October 20, 2010

help me peeps (you're my only hope)

We're going to a Halloween party. Brother-in-Law and his fiance (that's right, Brother-in-Law is getting married too... must be something in the water here)  are having a Halloween party.
(Oh, and 18 year old fiance will henceforth be known as Child Bride).

They had one last year but we didn't go. I had only been here a month and at the time Child Bride was only 17 and all her friends were going to be there and my 30+ year old self had no desire to party with a bunch of French teenagers.
(That evening ended with The Husband and I being woken up at 2am by loud banging outside. Honey Jr was standing on some one's shoulders, banging on our bedroom shutters with a large stick. I have no idea what possessed him to do this. Heaven forbid he's separated from The Husband for one whole evening).

But this year, since Child Bride is basically my little sister, and I'm a kind soul, I've agreed to grace them with my presence. Aren't they lucky.
But, I have to dress up. I used to love getting dressed up for things and would have no problem spending money on a costume, but with Christmas around the corner (64 days kids!) and it only being a small party in Le Petit Village, I'd prefer to keep my wallet closed.

So, my wonderful peeps, this is where you come in... I need help figuring out what to wear. These are the ideas floating around in my wee head...

Inspector Gadget. I have the trench coat, black tie, white shirt, and black trousers. The only thing is, I'm missing a fedora, so don't know if it would work. I mean Gadget is all about the hat, no?

I could Toga myself with a white sheet, gold strappy sandals and some gold ribbon. But, a couple of problems with this; 1. I'm not sure how my toga wrapping skills are, and 2. remember, Le Petit Village used to be a Roman market town in BC blah blah and it will be Halloween. I don't want to wake up any Roman ghosts that might be about.  No point in disturbing the spirits just because some dead toga wearer is jealous of my look.

Soccer player. (I'd much rather be a rugby player but don't have a rugby jersey that small). This one's pretty easy; a jersey from Honey Jr (we're practically twinkies in the size department), shorts, soccer socks, and voila, I'm Beckham (minus the hotness).

A 50s/60s housewife.... blouse, pencil skirt, stilettos, red lips and pearls, and one of my vintage tea aprons. Plus, it's an ironic nod to my current station in life. (and maybe I could pop a mother's little helper; for the sake of authenticity of course).

Blair Waldorf (and for anyone that doesn't watch Gossip Girl, she's on it. And you really should. XOXO b*tches).  Problem with this one.... according to The Husband, nobody would 'get it'. My response, "I don't care". It would be an opportunity to wear some of my clothes that never get worn. And if I didn't add the requisite, Blair headband, I'd basically be going as the old me, as in pre-Le Petit Village me, aka, Fabulous Girl. Put a grey Goose martini in my hand and color me happy.

What do you think? 

Or if you have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them but please keep in mind that I'm not a crafty girl. I can't get all MacGuyver with glitter and bows so any suggestions would have to steer clear of the craft table. 

(It's not my fault, my mother is not crafty 
so I wasn't raised to worship at the alter of puff paint).

(I feel cheated).



  1. I would definitely go for the Stepford Wife groove. Go for it - and show us pics.

  2. oohhh Sara, so exciting! Its nice to dress up for Holloween! For minimal dress - up why don't you come as Coach Sue of Glee (is glee famous there?) ?!!! I love her character!

    Or I would love to dress up too as, Alice of Alice in wonderland--- or better yet as The Red cool
    here is a site:

    Good Luck on Spooky Night:-) Let us know what happens!!!

  3. I think these are all great ideas!!! I love the Blair idea :) but, you might get annoyed having to explain it to people if they don't get it. I also love the housewife!!! my best friend and I both got married this year, so we call each other housewives and I'm going to attempt to make her an apron for Christmas.


  4. She Means Well - duh! I didn't even think of the Stepford Wife angle! The housewife just moved right up the list :-)

    CATwife - I'd love to be Sue, but I don't have a tracksuit, otherwise that would be perfect, and so comfy. I like the Alice ideas, I'm going to check out that site :-)

    Lacey - definitely digging the housewife idea. If you can't make the apron, check out thrift stores, you can usually find one for a couple of dollars :-)

  5. i'm gonna go with toga bc everyone will know what that is, and if there's one thing i hate, it's having to EXPLAIN my costume.

    if you feel like branching out, try these...

    (i vote for smurfette. blue paint, blonde wig, and white dress- voila!)

  6. Dear Sara,
    I love Halloween. Last year I spend mine in Chicago to an Halloween party, I drank too much!
    I vote for Blair Waldorf or for the 50s/60s housewife! But I imagine you better as Blair Waldorf, yes I vote for that! you are similar to her :) much better you!
    Bisou, Babi

  7. i vote for inspector gadget, 50/60's housewife, and blair - in that order.

    have a blast!!

  8. Blair Waldorf all the way!!! maybe have a board around your neck saying im BLAIR WALDORF, GOSSIP GIRL? LOOK ME UP!!!


  9. We don't do Halloween here but it's all about the scary right? If you can dress up as David Beckham and mimic his voice? And take along a cardboard cutout of Posh...that's a whole world of scary!

  10. YLIDHAG - you're right, explaining costumes is the worst, especially in another language, but, as much as I would love to be La Smurfette, I don't have a blonde wig and clue paint lying about. Bummer because it's a great idea :-)

    Babi - ooh... Halloween in Chicago and too much to drink... you should post that story on your blog x

    Tucker - Thanks! I definitely think Blair and the housewife are in the lead :-)

    Jersey - You're too cute, love the sign idea! x

    Kerry - Now that would be a challenge! Even my voice can't get that high! :-)

  11. hahaha :D you are certainly not alone thinking of what to wear this Halloween. It is like some eternal question!
    I LOVE Blair Waldorf idea! Thank God you don't want to dress like Jenny with the badger-like make up! Although - this is certainly SCARY! :D

  12. I hate when you have to explain your outfit so I like to go for the obvious choices. I am going to a costume party Sat night, if I see anything good I will let you know!

  13. I have never dressed up for halloween as an adult. I quit back in high school. I wish I had a party to attend, would be fun to dress up!

    I think I agree with the housewife costume. You can check old photographs for hair and make up ideas, the women really knew how to take care of themselves back then. Love to see some photos!

  14. First I must say Im feeling a little punished since I have never seen Gossip Girl .. after this I will be running to the Tivo and will search for the damn show ;)

    Secondly, I vote for a housewive! Explaining yourself as a housewive in your blog is going to be funny, I can already hear it ...

  15. Ohhh housewife all the way! Whether it be of the MadMen like variety or the Stepford variety, either would be fantastic. It's one you can really do up with what you have!

    I do have a small confession to make, I have not seen Gossip Girl. Don't judge me. I just have too many other shows I'm addicted to right now. My cup runneth over.

    I hope we can still be blog friends. ;-)

  16. Well if you can't get a Nazi Ghost Zombie costume, I would definitely "Mad Men" yourself and go for the full-on Betty Draper (minus the snotty attitude and child abuse).

  17. Mademoilselle _ if I was a bleached blonde, I might try the Jenny look, and she is very scary!

    Jill - Thanks! And I hope you have fun at your party :-)

    Tammy - oh don't you worry, there will be photos, especially since my BIL is planning on dressing as Borat, in that green monokini!

    Shauna - activate that Tivo immediately! xo

    Habebi - you and me will always be friends :-) x

    Fojoy - minus the child abuse! Well that's no fun at all!

  18. I love the housewife idea. And the Blair thing sounds good, especially to wear some clothes you never get to wear. Who cares if no one gets it? Or if you have a red and white striped shirt and a funny red hat, a camera and small travel bag, you could be Waldo - as in Where's Waldo?

  19. Love the housewife idea! And hate to admit, Husband has a point on the Gossip Girl look. Unless you call it "chic parisienne"? In which case, ooh-la-la!

  20. Oooh! Love the housewife idea! Also love Blair. You could act all bitchy and snobby too! LOL I still have this entire season to catch up on. I stopped watching b/c I was neglecting my children to watch Gossip Girl.

  21. I like the 50's housewife idea, simple and you will look great! :)
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting, I really appreciate it. Hope you are having a lovely day.

  22. I vote for a Mad Men character or housewife :) Either of those would be relatively easy given what you probably have in your closet and they wouldn't require a trip to the craft store. Definitely post lots and lots of pics! Borat?!! LOL

  23. here's a hint- all the french females will be dressed as Sexy Devil. If you go as anything else, you will stand out.

  24. I totally say Blair because I love her!! Show us pics whatever you decide :)

  25. Don't worry about no crafting. We have enuf of them in blogland. Yes, love the 50's housewife/ mad men look. Can you manage to smoke for the evening? Or at least carry around a cigarette? That's a non crafty prop. Want me to send you a valium?

    xo Jane

  26. Another vote for the mad men / housewife look. although, I'm steel reeling from not being invited to the Paris Vogue masked ball (invitation lost in the mail no doubt), but some of the costumes were inspiring. I liked seeing all the masks and some of the more creative ones were done with makeup alone without an actual eye mask. You can probably google for photos. Wear your trench coat and heels and just be mysterious. It would be free.

  27. go as a mac and a pc with the husband! (be the mac, of course, waaayyy more cool points.)

  28. What no Nazi Ghost Zombie outfit!??!

  29. Write whatever is French for No Petrol and go as a gas station.

  30. You should totally go for Blair! Your hubby can be Chuck ;)

  31. Yes, I already commented, but I'm going to do it again.

    So I'm pondering... Honey Jr is the *only* one not getting married??? Seems like everyone else is! (in le petit village et ici). Is that 'cause he's a Twinkie? Maybe I'll start using that as my excuse too...

  32. Sad, that was just sad, non? Le sigh...

    As-tu une bonne Halloween (un bon Halloween? how the hell do you say Halloween en francais?) anyway... pics please! of whatever you decide. I'm going as a 50s housewife, Mother's helper definitely included.

    -I'm not *that* tipsy, I can still do the damn word verification. :)

  33. Yes, I vote for 50s/60s housewife. I think it takes the least amount of explanation this side of the toga.

    I have to give you props for thinking of Inspector Gadget. But to make Inspector Gadget work you would've had to have it look like gadgets were popping out of the fedora, as well as possibly out your sleeves.

    Otherwise you would just look like a character from an old film noir spy movie.

  34. I agree with Jill, it's probably a good move to go with an obvious costume - who knows what these Frenchies could dream up & accuse you of wearing :) I think the housewife thing is super fun & just a tad could tie into the whole Mad Men craze...that is if everyone gets Canal Plus, sadly we don't :( For sure I'm waiting (with everyone else!) for massive amounts of photos! have a great weekend, xx

  35. Blair! Go for Blair! I miss Gossip Girl in English – although it is amusing to see Chuck speak French.

  36. Sara,
    Have you decided? I can't help much because I've never been good at Halloween. We always waited til the last minute and I was always a gypsy. Hoop earrings and scarves anyone?

  37. Just remember, if you go as Blair, the bow on the headband goes on the RIGHT side. : )

  38. The 50's/60's housewife, or Blair Waldorf! Which are basically the same thing, haha! Either would be hilarious, and fun to put together!

  39. I love the 50's housewife idea! Of course, we all want to be Blair on a daily basis... I want my own Deroda (sp)? Have fun!

    p.s. I hope child bride isn't reading this. ha ha! xo

  40. I say go for 50's housewife. Racy pin-up stylez!
    (In an ironic twist) I myself will be going as Miss Headless 1789: Marie Antoinette! (slightly more sexsi though...(since apparently naughty/slutty versions of Halloween costumes have been the rage for women in North America for the last 3-5 years or so.)

    I especially like your description of the "child bride" That girl is cray-cray for getting married so young. I give the marriage 5 years TOPS. Am I too skeptical in my old age???!

  41. Ha ha... so funny that you are considering being Blair. But I think that people probably won't get it - even when you explain it. Might want to go with something a bit more obvious. I personally like profession Halloween costumes - being a cop is my personal favorite!

  42. Go for the housewife look!!! The 50's-60's were the best fashion era!!! Though I like the Blair idea, if they don't get it they don't deserve to get it! :p When is it? Or have you already been? In which case, photos please!

  43. We do not do Halloween parties here in Paris. We do the real horror thing as you will learn should you read today's post on my blog.

    As for your Halloween costume. Why don't you go as the evil demon?

  44. I love the housewife idea, but maybe bc I'm also sitting in the same life position at the moment as you! We have a Halloween party ot go to as well, and we're lost on ideas at the moment. I'm in mourning for the NLCS Game 6 loss of my Philadelphia Phillies and may go as center fielder Shane Victorino - bc I too do not want to open my wallet on a costume and I've really got to work with a Victorino jersey!


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