Thursday, October 7, 2010

For The Love of J.R.

Thanks to the miracle of pharmaceuticals, I'm beginning to feel better, but I'm still not full on me yet (It's kind of like a printer when the ink cartridge needs to be changed. You can see the words on the page, but they don't pop. That's me right now, I'm not popping).
It's a good time to do another Us vs. France post like the English vs. French one I did last month, because I can lay back and let the videos talk for me (while Fifty doesn't bring me tea, and I try to get Ruby on the phone... again. Ruby is always so busy what with his committees and brunches and such).

Television Theme song: America vs. France

American version...

{my ring tone sounds like this}

French version...


That's plain wrong. 

France: 0, America: 1



  1. The french version is the most orrible video I ever seen!
    France -100 America +100
    Bisou, Babi

  2. LOL! typical of lots of things when the French get their hands on them (dare I say?)!

    I hope you are beginning to feel better :)

  3. Glad to hear your feeling better. I had the same WTF moment when hearing the theme song for "the young and the Restless", italian style. I may just have to do a post like this, you inspire me!

  4. OOOOhhh, come on!!! French lyrics are so powerful (hé hé hé) [french evil laugh]
    "Dallas, ton univers impitoyable,
    Dallas, glorife la gloire du plus fort, et sous ton soleil implaccable, tu ne redoutes que la mort, Dallas, patrie du Dollar et du pétrole"
    Sara, check the french version of "Different Stroke" ("Arnold et Willy")! Anyway... This is perfect sick day tv, now and then! Get better soon! Bisous!

  5. The French version is hilarious! Why on earth did they decide to replace an epic theme song with that?

  6. I have to report that the baby liked both. He danced a bit more to the French version. Does that spell trouble for his future?
    I'm glad you're feeling better.
    Did you get the Dallas thing all the time in Ireland?
    bon weekend,

  7. Too funny! I will have to remember to tune in to some of these next time I am there. I am not sure that the French did this show any favors. I wonder if it was/is? popular.

    Feel better and tell Fifty to get with the program!


  8. That's terrible. Absolutely terrible.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  9. What a cute blog! Thanks for stopping by and please come back!
    Sophia Caris

  10. OMG that is hoorrrriiibbbllleee. However, it did kind of make me giggle inside a bit with the way they pronouce "Dallas." I mean, they could have at least gotten Serge Gainsborough to sing the opening, now HE could done that show credit! And PS - how awesome were 70s and 80s intros to sitcoms?! Thank you for reminding me!

  11. Wow. I had no idea that a theme song could change based on the country. Weird. Very weird.

  12. Ohhh...and...ewwww! That's hilarious! The funny thing is that it seems in half the conversations where I mention I'm American, someone always mentions it's some cultural icon, now I can see why :)
    thanks for sharing and making my Fri that much better...
    Hope you feel better soon & keep drinking that tea! xo

  13. Dude, don't mess with the Dallas theme song. How could they?

  14. Ohhh I have NOT laughed so hard over a blog post in a loooong time. You are so right, the French version is completely all wrong! (WTF indeed!)
    The original gives me chills a bit,,,reminds me of when I was a kid!
    Both have a disco-y sort of undertone, but the French song JUST doesn`t work!!!

  15. oh goodness... what did they DO to it!? Wrong, just wrong.

    Bon weekend! and feel better!

  16. oh my goodness! Sara, I'm dying! I'm crying and laughing at the same time--crying because I'm homesick as hell (Dallas is my hometown and where my family lives) and laughing because honestly, W.T.F¨!?!

    Jean and I have so loved arguing over which country has the best intro. As a real live born and raised Texan, I call the trump card on this one! I wish there was a way to reblog like you can retweet! A.W.E.S.O.M.E. post.

  17. what the Hell......where'd texas go?

  18. c'est horrible!! but now it is stuck in mon tete! bon weekend

  19. Egads, what a monstrous theme. The Dallas theme was a classic. Guess the french thought it sounded too American - wait, it WAS a show about Dallas, wasn't it?

  20. You have just given me the most perfect idea--I WANT A DALLAS RINGTONE!! (An American Dallas, that is, sheesh. Why change a good thing? What WERE THEY THINKING?!) Sorry. I'll stop shouting now. ;)

  21. I felt my face scrunch as I heard the French version, and imagined a wall of faces with similar "WTF?" expressions. I've never watched an episode, but the (American) theme tune is burned into my brain from my childhood.


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