Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Killer Clouds From Outer Space

Have I ever told you that Le Petit Village is in the mountains? (small mountains, but a mountain still).

Well we are. Le Petit Village is 830 meters up. That's 2724 feet.

And because we are so high up, sometimes we get attacked by clouds (but only when Le Mistral has gone on holiday and is not shooing them away).

If you leave the windows open, and the light is just so, you can see them roll right into the house. And Fifty will look at the haze with that dog head tilt (which we all know is the dog equivalent of, "WTF?").

Some are light and fluffy, like they're full of angels, and sugar plum fairies and made out of cotton candy...


{sugar plum fairies}

{cotton candy}

These are the nice clouds. I like these clouds.

But some are dark and sinister and full of evil I'm sure...


{really evil}

And that's when I know the Nazi Ghost Zombies are coming.

And Fifty and me stay inside.

(with the doors locked)




  1. I have to admit that I do like this post.

    A total lack of sanity and clouds full of Nazi Ghost Zombies - a perfect combination!

    An award winner for sure!

    All the best


  2. This is all just too magical for words.

  3. Your town looks so quaint. I love that weather. Perfect for lazy days in pj's :)

  4. I think I live on the other side of the Durance from you and I've often looked at those big clouds floating your way, wondering who was under I know.

  5. Dear Sara,
    is so amazing the view you have. I remember we have the same clouds in Saignon at the beginning of September. Saignon also is on a little rock ...
    I can't think to wait one year before come again in Provence!

  6. Amazing clouds : le rêve , vivre dans du coton !

    But sure evil is hidden in some of them : need a crucifix ?lol

  7. I love those photos. There's something about clouds, that's for sure. Beautiful.
    I want to hear more about these nazi ghosts.

  8. Ha! We get those foggy clouds in my village too. They are never angelic, though. In November, I think I must secretly be living in London. It's creepy, I agree! You never know who will just pop out of the fog while walking the streets.

  9. Uh-oh, you can't speak French? Hope they are being nice to you!

  10. i JUST read someone else's entry about crazy clouds too- except these were in Ohio. i think that cuckoo iclandic volcano is to blame. i think it made the world go nutso.

  11. I don't mind the creepy clouds, I love walking in that. Actually I don't mind any clouds. So clouds on the ground is fog, yes? What the heck is the word for fog in French? (yes, I could just look it up in my dictionary, but it's much more fun to just ramble.)

  12. WOW! As a photographer I have to say... I'm jealous. This is beautiful. Even the evil clouds are interesting.

  13. Oh may gawd! Those pictures (the first ones) are stunning!! Oh what I would give to see that in person and take a picture myself! Thank for sharing those lovely photos!

    Oh and make sure you stock up on anti-Nazi gear. You know just in case. ;)

  14. so gorgeous! i would kill for those clouds. even the evil ones :)

  15. beautiful pictures. how neat to have them roll through your home. i love it when my Goldens do the "WTF" head tilt. uber-cute! thanks for sharing and take care.

  16. You know how I feel about NGZs! Be safe!

  17. That does look like an evil fog. I'd probably stay inside, too.

  18. Thank you so much for your comment, Sarah Louise! I'm excited to get to know you and your blog ;)

  19. Once I sat on top of a mountain (in Switzerland) and I felt so powerful looking down on Earth. I need to feel like that again, so I better go climb a mountain again...

  20. Hi, oh my, I have been living out of my own country (The Philippines ) for almost 6 yrs now. It's sad but good. We moved from The Philippines to Singapore, and now I am in BKK. But life is good --no complaints...

    Hope you can visit my blog too:

    But where you are living now is Magical...

  21. I was so Angela too ! Fortunatly i found later my own Jordan Catalano ( remember those grunge times , when guys have this long hair mmmmm , mine was like this and it's about 13 years... I think we are still grunge in fact)

  22. Ahh... it looks so tranquil in Le Petit Village!

  23. Yikes, Nazi ghost zombies! That is too funny, I just saw this email in my spam box from LegalZoom, the title was "Do you have to disclose paranormal activity to potential buyers of your home?" LOL, I can see it now "Well, it's a lovely mountain view, but there are these freaky Nazi ghosts..." XX!

  24. Ha ha ha...and I thought the Mistral was bad! Dang, you can keep those crazy Nazi clouds in the Petit Village...but maybe you can send some of the cotton candy ones my way :)
    Beautiful pics & thanks for leaving me smiling yet another time :) bon weekend Sara!

  25. I LOVE the fog and watching clouds. There is something so enchanting about misty mornings. Love these photos.

    xo M

  26. Ooh, I'm jealous! I *love* clouds so much. Yours in the village are so pretty and linear.


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