Monday, September 20, 2010

Instant BBQ

The story according to The Husband; Gatz phoned him and said that he would like to have a BBQ, but at our house. 

The Husband loved this idea. Gatz was buying all the meat, so that would mean all that we would have to do was turn on the grill, cook the meat, and voila, instant BBQ.

Uh, no.

Some men (particularly my man) can be so clueless when it comes to things like this. What do they think, we're just going to tear into slabs of meat, on paper plates, with our bare hands? (well, probably, yeah). 
What about side dishes? 
What about drinks? 
And who is going to clean up? 
(Just a few of the thoughts going though my head as I waved goodbye to my Saturday morning).

Merci Gatz.

So as I was running around cleaning and making tabbouleh, Gatz showed up with all these paper packages... 
(that really, if they were tied up with string, they could have been some of my favorite things, except they weren't brown)

Which when unwrapped, looked like this...


Honey Jr manned the grill...

(This is Honey Jr working the BBQ in his back yard. I took the photo from my back yard. This is how close our houses are. It's snuggly).

And this guy supervised...

{I'm in charge}

We ate Merguez, sausages, Andouille, Figatelli, back bacon, and chicken. It was a meat fest. I think I was the only one who had the tabbouleh. I think I was the only one who used a fork. So yeah, it turns out that it's true, all they wanted was to tear into meat, with their bare hands.

Fine. Good to know. Next time I won't go to any trouble. Because I'm pretty sure none of them noticed how clean the floor was or how nicely set the table was anyway. 

But luckily, I didn't have to make any dessert, because Honey Jr brought this...

{drunk fruit}

Melon drowned in Porto, yummy stuff. And since it's fruit. It's good for you.

And then, just as we finished our last bite of melon, Gatz stood up, said he had to go play Pétanque, and left. Poof! Just like that. No coffee. No digestif. 

He came, 

He ate,

He left.



  1. Dear Sara,
    is so charming make a BBQ in Provence, we make it during our holidays there! My dog also oversaw all :)
    I'd like to eat with you at your BBQ!
    Bisou, Babi

  2. Any story with Honey Jr. and Fifty is going to be a winner. I am impressed that (a) it was a meat fest and (b) even dessert was provided! I am betting that there were no leftovers either.

  3. Oh! Funny thing is, the entire time I'm reading this, my head is involuntarily bobbing up and down. Somehow over the centuries, men forgot to evolve. Oh, sure, we can dress them up -- and some of 'em even clean up nice! -- but in the end, they are still cavemen. Sounds like your BBQ was delicious, and Andouille! A staple commodity here in Louisiana! As Rachael Ray says, "Deeee-lish!"

  4. i do hope that The Supervisor also got some reward for his hard work. i'm a vegetarian so wouldn't eat meat, but the fruit looks delicious! :o) xox

  5. That sort of neighborly backyard closeness makes me feel claustrophobic.

    And now I have to google Merguez

  6. Can't do a BBQ if you live in a flat in Paris.

  7. Ha ha... I had a boyfriend who approached the idea of a BBQ in the exact same way. I really do think that men think that a BBQ = tearing into meat with their bare hands. And unfortunately, I do not think they understand that a certain amount of cleaning needs to be done before and after (which is very unfortunate because of course this means they don't appreciate that you are doing it)!

    By the way, I had an adventure in a small British village this past weekend - made me think of you in your small village! Blog post coming soon - although my itentions with the post were to write about the village and the goings ons... but instead I think it's going to be about a boy.

  8. I ususally save cleaning the floor until after the men have left. I find that's when it needs it most...
    I don't understand why, if they love bbq & beer so much, they keep spilling it all over the floor

  9. Men and their meat! Though good to know you don't have to do anything in the future.

  10. ah ha ha ha, this is so incredibly true!!

    My better -half went to a mate's BBQ on Saturday night - it was a boys only affair.
    What did he take?
    What did they eat?
    Was there a salad insight?

    Obviously no-one in that circle has a Tabbouleh making wife/significant other!

    PS (The Meat looks extra meat-y and delicious. Mmm Merguez) xx

  11. Canteloupe and porto? Never thought of that combo but now I'm anxious to try it!

  12. Are those corndogs in the second picture?

  13. Men, dogs, meat....yep. BBQing seems to be all and only about the stuff they can tear their teeth into. The fruit/melon...looks different and good...The tabbouleh I love! Who helped with clean-up?

  14. WOW these men are definitely Meat-a-tarians! Isn't it always the way with a BBQ, you do all the prep and side-dishes (and in our house that means, at least 2-3 veggie dishes, 2 salads, dips, breads etc etc.) and they (the men) throw some meat on the grill and all of a sudden they're the hero's!!!! The "master chefs" for the evening!?! It's total bunk and I get zero recognition. Sigh,... such is life!

  15. my invite must've gotten lost in the mail. dommage! i could use a slice of that drunken fruit right now. the meats look amazing. my husband is no good at the grill. everything gets burned. thanks for sharing and take care.

  16. LOL Wow. He came, he ate, he left. How funny!

  17. how funny. Well, next time just leave them to it. And andouilles? yuck!

  18. Very funny. But at least he brought the meat!
    Not like some countries where you ask people to 'bring something' and they show up with a friend.

    LCM x

  19. I love that pic of Fifty!!! Classic 'I can has yum yums?' face! You are a trooper dealing with such testosterone induced whimsies. At least there was drunk fruit to help you deal.

  20. Cracking up over here with the "I'm in charge" caption, made my least someone had control of the situation :) On another note, I LOVE bbq's! looks like this was a great one...and I would've had some Tabbouleh with you, yum :) xx

  21. LOL! I love the image of men tearing into the meat with their bare hands while you eat tabouleh!

    I've never come across the alcoholic melons before but what a great dessert idea! I think I'll be introducing this at my next BBQ!

  22. This just makes mee superrrr hungry xxx

  23. See? Not to beat a dead dress, but Gaga must really have BBQ issues, I know it. Although I loves me some tabbouleh too. Sounds lovely, Sara!

  24. How have I not found your blog before? I love it! I like to pretend I could live in France and speak French even though I took 4+ years of French in school and have forgotten almost everything.

    I've got a picture of olden days Paris hanging up in my house but that just doesn't count.
    I'm going to have to live vicariously through you ;)

  25. How fun!!! And I'm sure they did notice :p Even if it was sub-consciously haha


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