Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Provence Lampoons Family Vacation: Part 5

"He who has seen Paris and who hasn't seen Cassis can say I have seen nothing"
-Frederic Mistral

Sitting outside our hotel in Cassis, sipping an apéritif and admiring the view, The Husband posed a question...

If I won the euromillions, would I choose Cassis or Châteauneuf-du-Pape? 

That's a tough question because you all know about my feelings for Châteauneuf-du-Pape. I'm really not sure. That's how much I liked Cassis, I might take it over Mecca.

Let's try and figure it out with some points for Cassis...

Point 1: me and my yacht.
(Look how happy I am. And I'm in white because I'm sailing to St Tropez to go to P.Diddy's end of summer bash. P.Diddy throws one hell of a soiree, just don't show up in any color other than white, Homeboy will freak out)

{I'm lying}

Point 2: stunning hotel balcony views 
(although after winning the euromillions I'll be enjoying the view from my yacht)


Point 3: cocktails at night
(the yellow one on the right is a Sex on the Beach... mmmm... tastes like Spring Break '95)

Point 4: The amazing Restaurant Le Bonaparte 
(If you ever find yourself in Cassis, you HAVE to eat here. Seriously fresh and inexpensive seafood and the owner/ chef visits every table to help you with your order. It was so busy they were turning people away, on a Wednesday night. Of course by the time you visit, I could be the owner) 

Point 5: good morning Bloody Marys
(Unfortunately these did not taste like Texas; much more Tabasco and vodka is required. And I prefer celery to lemon, but I think if I win euromillions, I can hire a Texan to make them for me. Everyday. And they can pick up my Starbucks. Screw it, I'll buy Starbucks)


I think I might have to choose Cassis. 

If only I can find a way to sail my yacht to Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

And to win the euromillions.





  1. If you win the euromillions you can have a place in both!! Cassis looks beautiful -- buy the restaurant and I'll be your first customer! You can bet that I'll pick up some Tobasco, celery and vodka on the way....

  2. If, no "when" you two win the euromillions, hire me to come and make your drinkie-poos. I'm not a Texan, but I make a fantastic Bloody Mary! I won't be picky about Cassis or Chateauneuf-du-Pape. I think I could tolerate them both.

    And the Sex on the Beach comment - so funny!

  3. Looks wonderful to me!! xo

  4. Sex on the Beach = Spring Break '95 totally made me bust out laughing. Out loud. In the office. During a meeting I was supposed to be paying attention in.

    Ahem. Oops.

  5. If you want a pot washer at Le Bonaparte....

    Mrs A Taste of Garlic washes a mean pot!

    And I could sit in the bar and supervise? I'm pretty damn good at sitting in bars and supervising, I'll have you know!

    It's almost a vocation!

    All the best


    P.S. You're going to have to do so much better than this if you want to win a prize next Tuesday!

  6. I dream of winning the lottery too, but I hear you have to play in order to do that, so...
    Looks beautiful!

  7. ...and then when you and P-Diddy are neighbors he'll be all sweatin' "If I don't bring the Pastis, homegirl gets all crazy-n-sh**" because your soiree, apparently will be, you know, 'phat' up in here.

  8. Cassis is on my list of places to visit- sooner rather than later! It is stunning and you're right there are some major perks to it. Plus, if you won the euromillions why not just buy a fast car or helicopter to get to Châteauneuf-du-Pape quickly?

    Those cocktail pictures make me wanna make one tonight! Too bad I'm on anti-biotics! :( Enjoy some for me would you please?

  9. That's what was wrong with the Bloody Mary I ordered in Vegas!!! I'll take the job.

  10. Feel free to hire me for any of those jobs when you win the euromillions. I'm looking for another career and I'm a quick learner!

  11. Dear Sara,
    you are so wonderful in white! Saint Tropez is simply amazing. Shopping in Saint Tropez is amazing too!
    I never visit Cassis, next week I want to see La Ciotat near Marseille, I want to eat good fish!
    Bisous, Babi

  12. Where is Le Bonaparte? We love Cassis and have been there many times but have yet to land in a restaurant that I would say was anything more than average? I would love to go there and know we were going to have a great meal.

  13. Am I not a member of your family? Why am i not with you on this adventure? Is it because i love to antique shop? We could meet up later.

    xo Jane

  14. I want to go to Cassis so bad...and you just made it worse. It looks beautiful. So now I'm craving bloody marys and want to have one more provence visit before l'rentree....thanks a euromillion!
    A x

  15. Great post! Cassis looks ah-mazing...
    Why don't u pick me up on "your" yacht and we'll head to Diddy's end of season white party together!!!

  16. *sigh* It looks like one of those places in a movie... beautiful!

  17. Hello! And what about the beach! That was my fav place on our adventure through france... ( besides le petit village of course) we rented a bed and umbrella for the day and had the most amazing octopus salad!!

  18. I seriously love reading about your adventures.

    It makes me feel better about not having any of my own.

    Sort of.

  19. Just catching up on your travels :) I love reading about your life in France, and can't wait to visit there one day :)

  20. Dear Sara,
    I don't know what happens! I cancel my blog...
    I have a new one now...http://babi-flanelleetprune.blogspot.com/

    Bisou, Babi


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