Friday, August 27, 2010

Provence Lampoons Family Vacation: Part 3

Because we live in a teeny house (or as I may refer to it from now on; a bungalow) I had planned our itinerary to get us out and about as much as possible and to tucker everyone out.

Monday morning destination: Forcalquier Market.

Normally, the Monday morning market in Forcalquier is like a field of dreams for women visiting Provence. Not so for my mother and Aunt. I forgot they aren't normal. They couldn't have seemed more annoyed to be there, so after a quick lap, we left.


Heading to Avignon, we stopped by L'Isle sur la Sorgue for lunch.

Gold Star for Sara Louise.

They oohed and awed at the quaintness and beauty of the small village on the water.

I oohed and awed at the lemonade...

P - Sh*t... Now that's refreshing.

After enjoying salads with goats cheese (give my aunt a salad topped with grilled goats cheese and she's all yours) and the refreshing P - Sh*t, we continued on to Avignon. 

Even though I've been to Avignon more times than I can count, this was my first time going as a tourist. 

See, that's us being tourists at The Pont d'Avignon (Saint Benezet's Bridge). 

Since we had seen the bridge in the song, and visited Palais des Papes, my mother and I were itching to move on. We had places to go. We left my aunt and uncle to further explore Avignon, but we let The Husband come with us (we needed a driver). 

Mecca was a mere 18km away. Or as it's known in French; Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

(If you listen closely you can hear the angels sing)

Vineyards, wine shops, and degustations, oh my!

(I think I've found my new home)



  1. How nausea-inducingly cute are you and the Husband! Awwww... (you are, actually)

    Smart thinking, ditching the touristy stuff to abandon yourselves to wine. And CdP at that! Nicely done!

  2. Thank god you took the husband with you, not that I'd dare compare you and your mum to AbFab of course...sweetie, darling!

  3. The Vacation looks like it is going A-MAZ-ING!! I love the French counrtyside/ Villages!

    <3 A Wonderland of Thought

  4. Dearest Sara,
    Isle sur la Sorgue is amazing, I love look arount the market on Sunday morning. I also love the Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine, but I prefer drink rosé wine, Pink Flamingo gris du gris is so lovely and aslo Coté du Rhone!
    I can't wait other week ...
    Bisou, Babi

  5. Hey Sara, Looks like you've been having a fun time. I would definitely have gone to "mecca" too rather than hanging around Avignon playing tourists. Shopping in Avignon is fun, but only so much touristy stuff especially when wine is calling :)

    ps. When I used to refer to my old home as a Bungalow my French friends would look at me in shock. Apparently for them (in Lyon) it meant that I lived in a mobile home! Just saying in case you get any weird looks :)

  6. I used to love going to the village shop to buy a bottle of Pschitt when I was a kid on holiday in France!

    Truth be told, I still do!

    All the best


  7. How could our paths not have crossed? You are a top notch tour guide lady.
    Now when do you get your house um, bungalow back?
    a x

  8. hello there , i'm happy your vacations seems so funny ... AND SUNNY lucky southern girl !

  9. Thanks for the ab fab clip. I love that show! I vividly remember the first time I tasted a wine from that region at some wine dinner and I was entranced.

  10. I live a vacation through your blog, while I am stuck here in the burbs. I always try to take *my driver* too, everywhere I go!

  11. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my new blog. In return it lead me to your blog! It sounds as though you are blessed with a wonderful life! Karin

  12. Looks like fun Sara-Louise. You and your honey look perfect together. Funny I just had that lemande drink for the first time last week in Paris, hmmm, I was wondering how to pronounce the name...

  13. That is a great photo of you and The Husband. Glad you let him be your designated driver. When I was there with my daughter and her husband it was not until we rented the car that neither of them could drive stick shift! Guess who was the designated driver through Gordes and other scary cliffs!

    Oh, and for the record, I think that Keith, if not full, has definitely consumed much Pschitt!

    Passe un bon weekend, ma chère amie!

  14. P-s*** would've excited me too!! LOL Love it!

    Châteauneuf-du-Pape does look like a wee bit of heaven doesn't it? Could that be a more stunning place to consume wine? Wait, this is France... so, it's entirely possible there is! However, I bet this place set the bar, really, really high.

    Lookas like you all are having fun!! I can't wait to hear more provence lampoons storys! Bisous!

  15. What you said in your comment on my site about small shops(thank you for all your comments by the way) is another reason I envy your lifestyle so much.

  16. Wonderful story, loved the little film, I really need to travel south next year...

  17. Châteauneuf-du-Pape! The mecca indeed...I think I DID hear the angels singing!!

    Looks like a great get-away and gorgeous country side!

  18. That AbFab clip is classic. Love the family tour guide stories - also classic - you never see the places the same way again. Enjoy!

  19. We lived in a bungalow in Florida. It was built in the 1940s and withstood many hurricanes. I'm pretty sure though its different than what you're talking about.
    Once again.. love the post/pictures.

  20. You're very sweet to be so nice to your family. I'd crawl on my knees to Châteauneuf-du-pape! Hope you degusted lots of delicious wine.

  21. Sara Louise,

    You and your husband make such a great looking couple. And what a gorgeous place you played tourist in. The picture with the castle almost looks fake it's so beautiful and perfect.

    AbFab...gotta love those two women. That show is still hilarious after all these years. And I vividly remember that episode - wasn't it a two parter?
    I always feel like I'm so pure and healthy after watching an hour.


  22. Can you believe I STILL haven't had CDP yet?! We've been here for over 6 months, and no CDP! I stare at it at the store, and say oneday little CDP you will be all mine...and then I turn and buy my 4€ bottle of non-CDP...le sigh. One day...


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