Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 Days At French Mommy's : A Photo Review

{La Bourboule}

We left Le Petit Village at 9am. Under normal circumstances we would arrive in La Bourboule right around 3pm. But circumstances are never normal; it took us two hours to reach Avignon. Two hours! We normally make it there in under an hour.

The abnormal culprit...

{I hate cars}

Fifty threw up twice before we even got to Avignon. 

At least at that point we knew that the chances of anymore throw up were pretty minimal. After the amount of upchuck we cleaned, it was doubtful there could be anything left inside the dog. 

Finally passing by Avignon and feeling like we were on our way, it was only right that I got to stop and pick up a bucket of chicken...

Or as I like to call it; a fucket of chicken. As in; "fucket, I'm going to get me some chicken".

On that long hot drive we drove by where Homer Simpson works...

{Springfield Nuclear Power Plant}

I would have stopped in to say hi, but I didn't want him stealing any of my chicken (mmm chicken).

A little after 5pm (eight hours!) we pulled up to French Nana's bar... 

Just in time for one of these...

{tastes like summer}

And for The Husband to have a plate of specially made just for him beef tongue...


And because eating one gross thing is not enough for The Food Whore, aka The Husband, while we were in La Bourboule he also ate tete de voeux, or as it's known in English, veal brains...

{double gross}

Back at French Mommy's house...

Fifty celebrated his birthday (11 months) with a real cheesecake (slice of Cantal with a couple of matches stuck in it) and cuddles...


But because a slice of cheese and a hug does not a birthday celebration make, we took Fifty for a walk in Fenestre Park where he got to see the little train...
(which we didn't take him on because of his vomiting issues)

The cable cars...
(also avoided due to excess vomiting)

And the carousel...
(see above, RE: vomiting)

But Fifty's favorite present...

Marking his territory on a Sequoia. 

That's a big present.


P.S. Fifty only threw up once on the trip back to Le Petit Village

P.S.S. The horse meat butchers was in the village where The Cousin got married. I haven't eaten any. Frog legs and snails are OK, but I don't think I could bring myself to munch on My Little Pony.


  1. A new word for your vocabulary: JALOUSE. ;)

  2. Oh, Sara, again.... WHAT ARE THEY EATING OVER THERE?!!! I'd stick to the chicken in the bucket myself. Poor Fifty, he barely fits in that car.. ha! Did he throw up from nerves? Maybe he thought he was going to the vet! xo

  3. That photo of Fifty is priceless :-D

  4. Oh my... no wonder you had chicken before you got to French Mommy's! And here I though the burger/egg combo was gross. Tongue, perhaps, but I'd have to draw the line at brains. I'm surprised Fifty was the only one vomiting.

  5. Oh, goodness. After seeing that food, I understand why Fifty got sick!

    I'd stick with the KFC, too.

  6. I certainly hope that you stuck to beer to fill you up.
    Wilzie likes to pee on sequoias too...

  7. I learned a new word (2 really), Food Whore! That is toooo funny. When I travel it is best not to know what I am eating in order to keep an open mind.

    Going to remember "fucket of chicken" too -- hahahah!

  8. Stick with the KFC...even frog legs and snails can't be good for you.

    Glad you had a nice little vaca...minus the vomiting, of course :)

  9. I've been by that power plant!

    And i've had horse. (thanks a ton meme and pepe!)

  10. I feel the same way about tongue and tête de veau. Poor dear husband has to go home to Mommy to get his favorite meals. HA!
    Poor Fifty, he must be related to my dog. Vomiting wonders.

  11. You always make me laugh. I had no idea the food there was so different, but I'm glad to see KFC to the rescue. ;) And I'm glad Fifty only threw up once on the trip home. Maybe you should try tranquilizers???

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Love it! Well, not the Fifty up chucking mucho part. Poor dude looks so distressed in the backseat. Louie gets a little carsick and I learned I had to keep him as still as possible and sometimes I've had to use Benedryl to help ease the nausea. At least the scenary was nice and he got to pee on something in the end. lol Looks like you had lots of fun!

  14. Okay except for the tongue and brains thing, the scenery is quite beautiful. And the barf.. how would they say in French - tres gross??

  15. Ok, the food choices you are showing are kinda scaring me ;) The other photos are great. Looks like you had a great time.

  16. Thank goddess Fifty didn't live up to his name and throw up that many times! I'll refrain from making a reference to dog vomit and the food your loved one offence!

  17. Some dogs do better in the car, if you put down a piece of carpet so they have something to put their claws into for balance. Ok, so the back of your car is carpeted? If not, it might be worth a try. Just get a scrap from somewhere. Worked great for two of our dogs who had "mal de mer" in the car - would that be "mal d'auto"?? I wonder.

    And yes, I am jalouse, but not of Fifty's illness!

  18. Poor Fifty the vomit dog. This post made me laugh! Hoegaarden is my fav beer!

  19. OMG...You made me crack up on this one. Loved it!!!

  20. I think the scary part of french food is that sometimes the super gross stuff looks really good on the plate, so you really need to know what everything translates to!!!

  21. Boyfriend and Husband would totally bond over food. He made 'yum' type noises for both the tongue and the baby cow brain.


    Just give me the Hoegaarden

  22. I ADORE beef tongue. Grew up eating it. I didn't realize it was a French dish too!


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