Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend Festival & Festivities

Quite the weekend of festivities in Le Petit Village. 

Every villager came out for the festival.

Like this guy...

He's all sleepy and cuddled up. I'm digging his necklace.

The festival was put on to display local artisan works. 
My favorite lavender honey farmers had a stand setup in front of Grandma Honey's house.

 (she was out patrolling the streets and keeping everyone in check)


Since Mr and Mrs Honey were away for the weekend, they left Honey Jr in charge of the honey stand...


Notice that Honey Jr was nowhere to be found.
He was in the bar flirting with tourists of the female persuasion. 

The busy bar ran out of regular beer glasses...

{best Coke I ever had}

I left Honey Jr and his wingman, aka The Husband, and took a stroll to check out stands that hadn't been abandoned...


And since I was getting my inner tourist on I decided to visit a house and look in the windows...

This is my friend M's house. 
Notice the closed shutters. M only lives here part time. M and her boyfriend are croupiers in St Tropez (how cool is that?). I miss M. She's my gossip buddy. 

Mourning my missing friend and girly gossip, I returned to Honey Jr and The Husband to salt Honey Jr's game. 
No ladies for Honey Jr on Saturday. 
You're welcome Honey Jr. 

There was a great party in the village that night, a band, some Cotton Eyed Joe (in Le Petit Village, seriously, Cotton Eyed Joe, I almost pissed myself when I heard it), €2 beers and €1 glasses of wine. 

At some point my camera got away from me so no pictures... except these two from Honey Jr's phone...

{Great night}

On fuzzy Sunday, Honey Jr abandoned by his parents (poor 25 year old baby) came over for lunch...


And after all that cooking, and festivities, and since Honey Jr had worked so hard at the festival (he only sold three jars of honey, somebody is going to be in trouble) some serious R&R was required...

Honey Jr enjoying his much deserved break.

And here's Brother-in-Law and his lady...

Notice The Husband in the background, cheating on this guy...


don't tell Fifty



  1. Looks like a wonderful festival! Wish I was there peeping in windows and playing with Fifty. And your French Coke looks way better than the crappy, non-beer kind we have here ;)

  2. Cotton Eyed Joe? In Le Petit Village?? Wow, talk about odd. Was it in french or english? Regardless, sounds like a wonderful time.

  3. Ironic that you kept Honey jr from getting any honey, ain't it!?

  4. Your posts are getting funnier & funnier, love it! Seriously, this little village is really growing on me..you've got some great characters down there that have the makings for a fine book..or more great anecdotes on your blog!
    Thanks for sharing, felt like I was right there with you over the weekend...Coke beer glasses & all :)

  5. It just looks like your having the best time of your life!!


  6. Love all of those little pictures giving us a peek into your weekend. I loved shots with the Texas and Coke glasses! Poor Honey Jr., too bad all his efforts were for not. :-P Looks like the pool helped to heal his wounds, can't say I blame him as that pool does look awfully nice!

    I think I would fall over if I heard Cotton Eyed Joe in Europe! lol That's hilarious! But hey fun, danceable music is fun danceable music. It has no boundaries.

  7. wow, i'm totally jealous! what a great/ relaxing/ fun way to spend the weekend.

    well done!

  8. What a pretty place! Love all the nicknames you give -- "Honey Jr" -- too funny. :)

  9. oh my, sounds like you're having such a fantastic time! i am already missing the summer in france and can't wait to get back next year. the pool looks wonderful!

  10. I love reading about le petit village. It sounds so charming. And your stories crack me up! Honey Jr. - ha ha...

  11. Looks like a great, great weekend! Nice pool too ;)

  12. that pool looks divine. and also, I really want to make lavender honey. I have lavender. I am trying to talk the husband into becoming a beekeeper. He resists. Go figure.
    hope you showed how to cotton-eyed joe like a true texan.

  13. It's a nice place where you are! i love villages like yours... it seems a good place to spend the week-end! nice pool :)

  14. Sounds like a great village party! Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Hi Sara,
    many thanks for your compliments! I love Luberon I can't wait to go again in September!
    You have a really nice blog!


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