Friday, July 23, 2010

This Little Piglet...

My fellow expat, Piglet In France, has asked me a few questions and it's my duty to answer and yours to read.
(OK, not your duty, but would you read please? For me? Wittle bitty me?)

1. Why did you start a blog?
I was moving to France and didn't speak French which was giving me a career break whether I wanted one or not. I thought blogging would be a nice alternative to slowing losing my mind.
Honestly I didn't know what to expect from my blog but it fell into a rhythm and makes me happy.
Each comment makes me smile, and I go absolutely spastic when I get a new follower.
Blogging lets me communicate with the rest of the world in a way that Facebook doesn't. And even though non-blog people probably don't get it, I feel like I've made friends, actual friends with people which feels nice when an ocean separates you from your friends.
(I have French friends, but it's not the same).

2. Comfy shoes or killer heels?
Do you even need to ask? You know I love my footwear (see here and here), and not comfy footwear that looks like they may serve some sort of orthopedic function. I'm a hardcore shoe girl always have been always will be.
(This goes back to my Punky Brewster days when I would wear one pink converse with one baby blue and I had pulled out the regular laces and replaced with actual lace. That's right, hardcore.)

3. The funniest moment in the last week?
Honey Jr and I bonded over a joke. The joke wasn't even that funny, but someone (other than The Husband) here finally got me. I'm someone that you have to get. I love to talk and laugh and joke (sarcasm is like mother's milk to me) and living in a place where a language barrier means that people don't get me can be a bit soul destroying at times.
This question probably wanted a funny response. Sorry.

4. What would have been your dream job?
Ruler of the World. 
(The Husband calls me Skippie the Dictator. I'm not joking, that's my nickname).
But I'd settle for Secretary of State. If I could go back and do things differently...
(No disrespect to The Husband and Fifty, but we're talking about Secretary of State. It's ok, I'll just pin all my hopes and dreams on my future children. That will be healthy).

5. If you won the lottery tonight, what would be the first thing you’d do?
Setup base camp in a luxury hotel and start making my plans for world domination.

6. Most useless gadget you own?
{he's a lean, mean, licking machine}
Fifty. He's ok at killing flies (sometimes) but that's about it.

7. You’re waiting for someone and they’re late. How late is too late?
Anything more than 10 minutes because I'm hardcore about punctuality (ie; Skippie the Dictator).
But, if I have a newspaper and a glass of wine, I usually don't mind.

8. Are you a do it now person, or a It can wait until tomorrow person?

9. If you were a drink, what would you be?
A Grey Goose martini, a little dirty with an extra olive.
(Then I could sit around and lick myself all day... dirty)

10. What was the first thing you thought when you read these questions?
Thanks for thinking about me Piglet.

Would you be so kind as to answer some questions...



  1. Hi Sara,
    funny discussion! I perfect understand you! I open my blog for the same reasons, except for living in France. I lost my father 4 months ago and I decide to oper a blog after reading many blogs during last 2 years to "talk" also with him!
    Bisous, Babi

  2. Hello Sara, started a blog to write away the hurt that the loss of three good friends caused me.If I won the lottery I'd buy us a lovely cottage in Scotland ....
    Thanks for sharing your always lovely and funny thought with us

  3. FIfty looks like the cutest little thing there, i bet he is a fly killing machine xxx

  4. It is difficult to be drôle in français as the idioms and the associations just don't always work! Love your "Gray Goose" comment, too.

    Thanks for visiting and your comment on my blog -- have a great weekend.

  5. I so love the irony that "wittle bitty me" in reality wants to rule the world. From a luxury hotel while wearing killer heels no less!

  6. Thanks for the chuckle! I "get" you and I love it! xo

  7. Love your blog and you certainly do communicate across the world with us. A scratch between the eyes for Fifty.

  8. Hi Sara,

    Wow. After reading your comments, I find that you and I are alike in a lot of ways. Especially when it comes to the Grey Goose martini and the punctuality issue. I love reading your blog. What a joy.


  9. I so know better than to read morning blog crack (which I barely knew existed a year ago - what a great little world of fun!) whilst sipping cappuccino. Now that I've finished wiping snorted overfrothed foam from my MacBook I have to say - I'm with you on the sarcasm and late thing as well. Except in Italy: 1) my sarcasm never translated; 2) be late or be weird. Loving Le Petit Village fix ce matin!

  10. It's hard enough for people to "get" me en anglais, forget about french! High five for the Honey Jr moment!

  11. LoL!! I'm glad you had a moment where you bonded and someone got you. In a new place, especially with a culture/lingo difference, that is SO crucial at times! Way to go! Fun post hun thanks for sharing!

  12. (Then I could sit around and lick myself all day... dirty)

    HILARIOUS!! Oh lordy, I "get" you and you crack me up lady! Have a fantastic weekend!

  13. Hi Sara - I moved to France with my husband three months ago and stumbled across your blog while thinking about setting up my own (not quite managed this yet - I'm more of a "leave it til tomorrow person ;-).
    Anyway, I LOVE your blog - and, having just read that getting a new follower makes you "go absolutely spastic" - haha, thought I'd add myself to your list (just two months after thinking about doing it - not bad for me).
    Have a great weekend!

  14. I'm with you on the ten minutes. I can deal with it if they CALL. If they don't, I might not be there when they finally wander in...

  15. "It's ok, I'll just pin all my hopes and dreams on my future children. That will be healthy." BAHAHAHA!! You totally cracked me up here. I'm glad you started a blog. It's fun to read!

  16. Are you learning French now that you're there? OH how I would love to live there. Sounds so romantic.

  17. If I won the lottery I would buy my beach house.....even with tons of money.....I would only buy a sweet little cottage. Then I would buy a big house for all my friends to visit. Love your blog! xo

  18. I totally get it about language barrier and people not 'getting' you. I feel the same way. I'm sarcastic and like to crack jokes, but here I can't because I don't know any GD German yet. It's painful.

  19. Sorry I didn't get to read your answers before now, it's been so busy since I got back.

    You were the inspiration for the shoe question :) I love my shoes too but find that not many people agree in France :(

    I love your nickname and the idea of setting up camp in a luxury hotel!

    Have never tried the Grey Goose Martini, is it easy to get in France?


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