Monday, July 26, 2010


Papa's Wife made lunch for me on Sunday.

(OK, I wasn't the only person there, but the paella was made special for me).

Papa, Brother-in-Law, The German, and The Husband, all came along to eat paella with me.

And this guy was there too...

{Ruby, aka Prince Philip}

The paella is cooked outside in a gigantic pot...

And every once in awhile, someone has to go out and slowly rotate the gigantic pot.
(How much paella did she think I could eat? Really. Look at the size of that thing).

For the record, I was never asked to rotate the gigantic pot.

I think they looked at the ironing injury on my shoulder (who burns their shoulder while ironing?) and the random moving injury gashed across my shin and decided I may not be the best person to rotate a gigantic pot. I trust their judgement. 

This stuff is mmm mmm good...

Turns out Prince Philip is a bit of a paella aficionado...


He's not above begging for shrimps heads. 

And look how happy The Husband is...

{I love paella}

Stuffed, The Husband and I headed home with our doggy bags (we'll be eating paella for days) and came across a rather odd discovery in the back of Brother-in-Law's car...


Because we can be a bit of a gruesome twosome, we left a little present for Brother-in-Law...

We strapped the head to the headrest and tied a sweater around the seat. Looks like Brother-in-Law has a new girlfriend. Pretty, isn't she? I think I'll call her Melba.
(Melba looks like she could use a little Rogaine.)

{Sidebar - before strapping the head to the seat, The Husband and I had written all over Brother-in-Law with a marker while he was sleeping. That's what you get for being the first person to fall asleep after paella} 

Oh, and the sky was really beautiful Sunday night...

That is all. 




  1. Best random stream of events EVER!! Paella- uber yum. Dog- cute. Dog loving paella- uber cute. Headless creepy doll- WTF?!?! Prank-Hilarious. And finally the soothing sunset- Ahhhh...

    Good one Sara Louise, good one!

  2. You're not supposed to iron your clothes while you are wearing them. LOL.

    She made enough for the entire neighborhood. looks yummy.

  3. Hi Sara,
    I can smell the paella, delicious! Prince Philip is so funny with his face on table!

  4. mmmm i would like paella now please!
    p.s if i saw a head like that in my car i would have nightmares for WEEKS


  5. Paella in an enormous pan! It looked amazing and I can smell the aroma now. Yummmmm. The head was weird..and why did he have it in the car? A story is brewing..loved what you did with her! If he got in the car at night that would freak him out!!!

  6. Now that's a food picture. And a puppy picture.

    And that outdoor oven? No wonder you married into the family!

    Did you feed any to the head?

  7. I am so in love with Ruby. Looks like you have not only found the love of your life, but a pretty good supporting cast as well.

  8. Oh, I am dying of laughter over here! That is one sad looking mannequin!! xoxo

  9. I just want to give Ruby a big hug! What a sweet dog.

    The paella looks incredible. I've never had paella...should do something about that.

  10. I adore paella and it looks divine all set up for a glossy magazine photo spread -- Yay for you!

    I'm crazy about your sense of humor, too.

  11. Think the heat is getting to you.

    Either that or you have been nicking my nutty pills.

    LCM x

  12. Wow you just totally crack me up. LOL

  13. Did I miss the blog about the ironing incident? I feel like I must have... Also, BRILLIANT idea with the fake head. You'll have to keep the inquiring minds (ie me!) clued in to the story behind the head when your extract it from the brother-in-law :) Great post!

  14. Hilarious! Steal the head back, and slip the head into his bed, a la the Godfather.

    Paella just for you? Must be nice! :)

  15. mmm mmm... the paella looks delicious!! I wish I could reach into the screen and grab it out of the picture and stuff myself with it...
    and Melba is lovely :PP


  16. Oh wow! The paella looks fantastic! I need one of those big pans and an outside fire. Can your MIL come up here and make one for me.
    You and DH were pretty nasty to the brother!!!

  17. beautiful sunset!
    the paella looks so yummy.

  18. Glad you liked it. Personally, I hate paella. All those different meats mixed together, ugh.

  19. Paella is A-MAZ-ING!!!!! YUM!!!!!
    I love Melba strapped to the seat! that made me laugh!
    Oh, and the first person to fall asleep always gets drawn on!....and has the dishes stacked on top of their head! hahaha
    <3 A Wonderland of Thought!

  20. Looks so yummy!!! What did brother-in-law say about the doll? That's funny. Even funnier that you drew on him as well. Poor brother-in-law.

  21. Hahaha! It sounds like you had a really super amazing day! :) And I think that paella looks just divine. I've never had anything cooked like's like it was made in the fireplace! :) I bet it was super yummy. Always a joy to read your posts!

  22. BAHAHAHA I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything or I would have lost it all out my nose after I saw the crazy doll head, I love that you two played a joke!! It was awesome!

    What a huge pot to cook your paella in, it looks divine! Talk about some awesome family time around one hell of a feast!

  23. My hubs would LOVE that paella - I can't have seafood. That doll head thing is too funny! Reminds me of an episode of I think it was Real World or something, ha ha!

  24. Melba doesn't need Rogaine. Melba has it going on and is rocking a bit of a Britney Spears Weave look. Hot. The brother-in-law is a lucky fella.

    I am jealous and spiteful in response to your Paella. My in-laws just send nagging emails.

    No seafood bonanzas of awesomeness for this little brown duck.

    I feel like Ruby/Prince Phillip is judging me.

  25. I would kill for some of that paella...but it does look a bit intimidating to make. And are you saying that gorgeous fireplace is outside? Man, those French have got it figured out. no wonder you moved.
    (brother-in-law may have a few secrets)

  26. Sara - you guys are my kind of freaky.

  27. holy shit. thanks in advance for the night terrors involving beauty-school-drop-out bodiless-heads.


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