Monday, July 12, 2010


Remember that random moving injury I got?

What seemed like an innocent enough cut on my shin has grown angry, red and swollen over the past few days. It's hot and throbbing, and I can't jog. It's making me miserable. All the antiseptic and iodine in the world is not making it any better so tonight, the doctor is coming (house call!) to hopefully make it better and in turn, make me a happy camper.

In the meantime, to try to cheer me up and take my thoughts away from how ugly my leg looks and how ugly it will probably still look at The Cousin's wedding at the end of July (big ugly cut does not make a fab accessory) let's look at some happy summertime photos...

Strawberries. Bright, cheery, and delicious. What's not to like?

And how about this view from Le Petit Village...

Absolutely breathtaking.

And check out this guy on his moped...

It's hot, so naturally you would attach a garden umbrella to the back. I mean who wouldn't?

Because I have a huge boo-boo, The Husband is trying to take care of me...

This is The Husband's attempt to cook. He made a salad. Or should I say, a cheese salad. There is like three or four different types of cheese in that with a little bit of endive at the bottom. God knows he tries. Bless him. 

Lavender, lavender, and more lavender....

But be careful, lots of bees in that lavender. 

Sidebar - Mr. Honey and Honey Jr are basically immune to bee stings. Since their family has been honey farmers for generations, it's like their DNA has been mutated and bee stings do nothing to them. Mutant X-Men freaks. 

Kicking it on a mini-moped...

And no explanation required...


Or as I like to call it, 

Pain Go Bye Bye Juice.



  1. Yikes. An infected cut. ick. It still blows my mind that they make house calls. Makes me want to move every time I read it. Patton Oswalt! Yay!

  2. So does Pain Go Bye Bye Juice pair well with Cheese Salad?

  3. Let me get this straight, you have an infected cut, ride around on mini mopeds and live near the International Headquarters of Ghost Nazi Zombies? Sara Louise don't make me come over there and straighten you out!
    ( The response you're lookig for is "yes sir")

  4. Aww hope your leg feels better soon!

  5. Mmmmmm pain go bye bye juice!! That reminds me- I haven't had any of that good stuff yet this summer! What is my deal?

    Gorgeous pictures! I hope the beauty that surrounds you is helping to ease some of that pain. I can't imagine!! Sending good vibes across the pond to ya in hopes the doctor fixes you up with good stuff to get you better quickly!

    Oh and the four cheese salad? Genius. He should be on Food Network or something. His series 'Quick and Easy Man Food'. It may not be gormet but you can make it quick and it'll taste good!

  6. Love the pain go bye bye juice. Just one question: why is it still half full?

  7. Wow hope your leg will be ok for the Wedding, I think a lot of Pain Go Bye Bye Juice will do wonders...LOve the pictures

  8. the cheese salad looks so good! how cute of your hubby to make that for you...

    ahhh how i miss the lavendar fields in the south of france...

  9. Turn the injury into a fetching accessory by finding the swankiest colour-matched bandage and corsage.

    At least it will be an interesting talking point.

    LCM x

  10. Everyone knows you must pair rose with cheese salad - an excellent meal! Hope the doc can fix you up fast.

  11. Awww, pour me a glass of that stuff. Mmmmm.

  12. I would really enjoy this nice and cool "Rosé" by the hot weather we have these days ... Your place is beautiful! Hope you will feel better soon :)

  13. I hope the Pain go Bye Bye Juice worked it's magic and that you're suffering less today! How cute is a cheese salad?

    I think London City Mum's suggestion for dressing up the wound for the wedding if it hasn't healed by then is great!

    Hope you're better soon!

    ps. that guy on the moped with the brolly is fabulous. Is he someone from the village?

  14. Awww! you poor thing! I hope the doctor can get rid of the horrible boo boo for you! in the mean time, lots of the Pain go Bye Bye Juice is a good thing!!

    The Strawberries look A-MAZ-ING! So does the view!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

    <3 A Wonderland of Thought

  15. Sara, thanks for commenting on my blog. I decided to check yours out and *drumroll* I LOVE IT! SO CUTE! It's neat to follow others around the world. I look forward to finding out how your doc appointment goes. Hope all is well.

  16. Poor you. I hope the dr gave you something to fix it up quick. Great photos too. Keep eating the love cheese salad.


  17. Oh Sara I do sympathize, I don't have a nasty wound but I am always bashing my legs and burning myself on the iron! Not a good look in Summer, I just had my legs waxed and I think the beautician must have thought I was a battered wife!
    Hope the wound heals speedily.

  18. I hope the doc fixed you good :) Can you send him my way next? As for Pain Go Bye Bye Juice, I have been having my own share, although nothing as swanky as yours. The 5$ bottle of Moscato is working nicely tho:)

  19. Well we had a great May June here now we have rain for the Oxygen festival.
    You are so lucky enjoying the good food and wines in France, not to mention the weather.
    I keep lavender oil in my sock drawer and dab it on every day. I also have a big porcelne cricket and when you press the base she sings. It is fantastic when you close your eyes and relax.
    I might go down and do some cooking in the winter.
    Stop jogging for a few days give your leg a rest!


  20. Cheese salad... that sounds perfect. Hope you feel better.

  21. tee hee - you make me laugh.
    I hope your boo boo is better. (That sounds all kins of inappropriate doesn't it!?)

    And your "Pain go Bye Bye Juice" is known as "Yummy make Day Better Elixir" in this neck of the woods.


  22. super cute pic on the minibike!


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