Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup Fever Strikes Again!

I have a new nemesis...

The World Cup.

Not only did it close restaurants in the surrounding villages last Friday, ruining my dinner out, but last night, my beloved Pizza Night, also fell to the fever.

The pizza man must be a fan of New Zealand, Slovakia, Portugal, The Ivory Coast, Brazil, or North Korea (the only teams playing yesterday) because last night, when I walked around to Le Petite Notre Dame, where the pizza man parks the pizza van, he wasn't there.

Well now I'm not a fan of him! (Can you sense my fury? Can you?)

Pizza Night is the Skippie Team's weekly ritual; two pizzas, a few beers, and the box set of The Wire. Sounds like heaven, right? Sitting back, stuffing your face with pizza, washing it down with beer, while watching drug wars rage across the streets of Baltimore. Heaven!

And if you recall, there is even a Pizza Night song and dance that has been made in honor of my favorite night of the week  (one day when I'm brave enough, or drunk enough, I might record it and post it for you my Peeps so you too can spread the Pizza Night joy). It's my mid-week treat.

And now The World Cup is messing with my mid-week treat.

Well watch out World Cup, now I will mess with you!

Oh yes, your uppance will come.


For the record I have no idea how I will exact my revenge. But venting my rage has made me feel better. Thank you. 


  1. That is just unbelievable. We don't do this here for the Lakers vs. Celtics. I mean, really. In fact, the local pizzarias and bars are perhaps even more lively than usual thanks to televisions tuned to the appropriate event.

    This is a particular cultural difference that is exceedingly unfair.

  2. But it's only every four years (unfortunately!)

    Then again, there is UEFA European Football Championship (also every four years)and the English FA cup (every year) and the league games (all 38 of them) and the League Cup (number of games varies according to how crap your team is)

    but surely.....

    that's only footie on average once a week for 10 months of the year?

    Personally I don't think it's enough and this year I'm going to have to find a crap French team to worry about - just like I worry about my crap London team!

    All the best


    P.S. I've always said that "Girlies will never understand footie - not as long as they live!"

  3. Exactly how long does this world cup thing last? It's an outrage.

  4. Yep, it's certainly World Cup fever at our house as well. I'm trading in a few of my nights too (no pizza in sight!) but at least we've got a bit of Rose to watch the match with down beer & nachos! xx
    ps. just posted on same topic last night..telling..

  5. I hear you. I have to go to Perth with a colleague on Monday night...he had to check the World Cup schedule before he'd confirm his availability! Blokes, honestly!

  6. oh, I feel you sister.

    We had plans to go out for an evening meal that were foiled by the husband and step-father's decision to stay in and watch the game - it was North Korea v Brazil for sobbing out loud!?!

    So mum and I cooked the ungrateful buggers dinner and drank a few bottles of Rose to make us feel better.

    If I could send you Pizza from Cannes, I would.

    We are off to Rome and my idiot husband has informed me that we will be watching Australia's game on Saturday afternoon.
    Um. No. Not likely.

    PS - Is The Wire worth getting in to? Have had a few recommendations so might start watching.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! i like your blog too! see you soon :)

  8. Perhaps voodoo TV dolls and you can interfere with World Cup watching? Can you imagine if the men couldn't watch it? They'd be a) crying like babies or b) wandering around in a state of shock, moaning and groaning, much like I imagine the Zombie Nazi Ghosts would do.

    *shaking fist at the sky*

    You must record your pizza night song and dance...for posterity's sake ;)

  10. Almost makes me glad the US s****s so badly at soccer! It's on here, but not that many people are paying attention, and certainly no restaurants are closed! Tell you what, I'll have pizza tonight in your honor!

  11. please follow my blog!

  12. Hope you're not getting any of the weather that hit the Var region.

  13. No pizza van? How UnAmerican of him. Oh, you're in France...

    Still sucks for you. Hope your Old Bay arrives soon, them the hell with pizza.

  14. Blaaarrrgghhh!!!! Da** you pizza maaannn!!!

    Hell, I feel better saying that and I didn't loose my pizza guy to the World Cup. Hang in there girl! Buy lots and lots of beer and wine to counter everyone being shut down.

  15. Oh dude. That is some effed up sh*t right there. Those french people had better get their heads on straight about what's important, tout de suite (Actual French! That's how serious I am). "Oh, I cannot make ze pizza now because someone may score a single goal in the next 4 hours." I feel your rage.

  16. I just zoned out with the bloody vuvuzelas... and I'm not even watching the damn thing! The noise is like a swarm of bees in the house for 90 minutes at a time.

    Boo hiss. Bad pizza man. No gold stars for you mate.

    LCM x

  17. DAMN WORLD CUP!!!! It is also messing with TV scheduling AND my social life. (A lot of my friends are guy-friends who are all of a sudden 'unavailable' because they need to be in front of a flatscreen TV watching some chaps kick a ball over grass to each other. I mean, seriously. Really???

    Althogh social life, schmocial life. It's when it hits the pizza that it gets really personal :)

  18. The World Cup is just one too many things to follow. I would take pizza night over World Cup any night of the week. Especially if you add wine. I think I need another glass right now.


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