Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday Fifty and I got papped by some tourists while out for our walk.

Tourists with the largest camera I've ever seen, you know, one with a crazy big lens that can be used to take photos of celebs sunbathing topless on a yacht off the coast of St Tropez. Like, one of those.

This just confirms what I've felt all along. Le Petit Village tourists are nothing more than undercover paparazzi trying to snap me (I may be feeling a tad delusional this morning, lets go with it).

I was in my usual Fifty walking attire, as in converse, windblown hair, and ridiculously large sunglasses (best to shield my eyes from all the flashbulbs... delusional!). Fifty was in his new spiffy black harness. It's basically a bunch of thick black straps cris-crossing around his body, making him look like he is either 1. about to invade Poland, or 2. going to a sado-maso club. Either way he looks adorable.

Maybe it was Fifty they were trying to pap and not me?

Well that's a bummer. 

Delusion over.



P.S. Can you tell I haven't been up to anything since I got back so don't have anything to post about. Can you?


  1. If only your niece were visiting and you had one of those BIG bows in your hair! Autograph requests for sure.

  2. Perhaps they read your blog and they wanted some pictures of the adorable, charming Fifty & Sarah Louise! :) xo

  3. flwrjane - Oh! The tissue bow! That would have been awesome!

    Debby Lee - you are too sweet :-)

  4. I wonder if you are going to show up on a blog somewhere with your photo titled "actual French villager"? I'm sure you looked glamorous!

  5. I'm quite certain that the intent was to capture an image of a lovely young lady and her adorable dog, whatever the nationality.

  6. Stephanie - Not that's a funny thought!

    James - sweet sweet James, you always know how to make me smile :-)

  7. I laughed out loud when I read Stephanie's post. Tourists are funny people, I'm guilty of the same thing, but you love those moments and later can relive the moment and how you felt. Though snapping a photo of a french villager wouldn't do much for me.

    Maybe you were the spitting image of a character they were writing and they had to snap a photo!

  8. I think the (undoubtedly loud American)tourist is going to show his friends and family back home...

    "Look at the French! Even in the villages they want to be American! Do you see those Converse?"

    Thereby continuing the delusion the everyone wants to be us.

  9. Oh they were definitely after you! That always happens to me when I wear oversized sunglasses, insta-celeb! ;)

  10. If Fifty wants to go s/m'ing, it's his business - don't ask, don't tell.

  11. OMG I totally thought you meant pap smear when I saw the title to this post! Thank goodness I read the first sentence- all was clarified and, not going to lie, I was a bit relieved. ;-)

    Can't wait to see you on the cover of some mags looking all glammed up in the le petit village with s&m decked out Fifty!

  12. Are you pleased you're being pinged as a local!! I would be. Classy french woman and her equally classy dog! Thanks so much for the comments on my blog too Sara. Sorry I haven't had much of a chance to pop in here...bloody work getting in the way of my very nice life!!

  13. Sara, I am going to watch The Sartorialist's blog very closely! 'On the Street, Provence'.
    You and Fifty obviously looked adorable.

  14. I was walking around little villages in the South of France thinking I might bump into you without even knowing.. :)


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