Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Home Hunting Take 3

I have been defeated.

OK, not defeated per se, but I am giving up, for now. 

Between my 17 days in Dublin, limited French skills, and guests arriving this summer, we (I) couldn't wait around to find a house that we (I) love. They do things much slower here and I feared it would be the end of summer (if lucky) before we found something and could move. So we're going with Home number three.

(When I say they do things S L O W L Y... papers were dropped off on 17th May and we were told we could move in 1st July... for renting... not buying... and the house is vacant).

The thought of spending the gorgeous Provencal summer in this stuffy box (yes, I've always referred to it as my cozy abode... cozy = stuffy... I was trying to stay in the positive) kills me, so we've called time out on the home hunting and are settling (kind of) temporarily.

Our new home...

It's only a three minute walk from our current house (I timed it). This will make moving a breeze. Packing, what packing? I'm just going to throw stuff into the Megane and Clio and away we go. Fifty can run along behind the cars (don't even have to pack Fifty... bonus.)

It's off the main street which means I shouldn't have tourists looking in my windows as I'm cooking dinner (shouldn't, but there really are no guarantees with those zany tourists). And it's up on a hill so the view from the bedroom is beautiful (this is great because the wall around the old village blocks out the view and sunlight from our current house). 

This is a few feet from the front door...

Home of Nazi Ghost Zombies 

Charming (haunted) ruins of a former wheat mill or something like that, that I'm sure will creep me out and scare the bejeezus out of me sometime. Hopefully, we'll be moving on before winter and dark mornings and early nightfalls come.
(And this photo does not do it justice. In real life, when the sky is not that wonderful shade of blue, and you're up close to it, it looks much creepier. I promise.)

Back to the new house...

It has a garden. A tiny garden, but big enough to sit out in, or have dinner in, and that's all I care about. But one of the walls of the living room is all glass, with sliding door, that can be left open and make the living room feel like it's outside (I might be being a bit too optimistic on this one... we'll see).

There is a huge fireplace in the dining room. I'm leaving this as a bonus, even though hopefully we won't have to use it because we would have moved on before winter. Plus I don't like the thought of Nazi Ghost Zombies coming down the chimney.

And it has two bedrooms, one for me and The Husband, and one for Fifty.

But there is one snag that you are not going to believe (I'm still coming to terms with it myself)...

Remember when Honey Jr moved in across the street from us in the apartment above his grandmother's house? That didn't work out so well what with Grandma Honey coming up unannounced all the time when Honey Jr was trying to entertain the ladies (you know what I'm saying). So Honey Jr decided to move back in with his parents. Recently, he found a little one bedroom house that he will be moving into in a few weeks. Great, good for Honey Jr. He will be free to mack on the ladies without Grandma Honey busting in. 

But then... 

A few days ago, The Husband went to show Honey Jr our new house... and guess what... it turns out Honey Jr's new house is right next to ours.... surprise!!! We even share a wall, and practically a garden. Oh how I wish you could have seen my face when I found out this little morsel of news. Like he hasn't been all up in my grill before, now we share a wall? Poppycock!

So The Husband, Fifty, Honey Jr, and me, are all moving into our new home on July 1st. 

One big happy family.




  1. LOL...nazi ghost it. I am happy for you! Take lots of pics for us!!!! Give Fifty a hug for me!! He is just so cute!

  2. Drink enough rose whilst enjoying the view in the garden, and it won't matter that he's sharing a house, ahem, *wall* with you? On the bright side, you'll have TWO house husbands around to fix all the little things that always need fixing, I suppose....

  3. PLEAASEE POST LOTS OF PHOTOSSS i want to seeeee xxx

  4. I second the photo request, it sounds lovely especially the glasss door opening to the outside area.

  5. oh i hope you share photos :) congrats. very exciting!


    Can you tell I wanna see some photos? lol

    Congratulations though!! And hey this new home doens't have to be permanent right? If it does all work out, it will in the end. At least you are getting out of the box and the invasion of privacy by the tourists.

    btw- kinda freaky how Honey Jr. is right next door and you all just realized it now!

  7. If you spot any NGZs, don your Irish pirate hat and you'll have nothing to fear. Hope all else goes well.

  8. Congrats on the new house! If you always keep a fire going then you'll burn those Nazi Ghost Zombies as they try to getcha!
    Also a moving tip: Even though the new is mere minutes away, do not try carry a dresser, freezer or sofa on foot. The Hub helped a friend move this way and cursed him the whole time.
    Looking forward to many pics

  9. Well, you're going to have a cozy little summer listening to Honey Jr.'s romantic sessions! HA HA!
    Don't be afraid of the ghosts, French people don't believe in ghosts.
    Why do you want to move on from this house, it sounds very nice. We want pictures!!!

  10. Sounds like a great interim step, except for Honey Jr. Introduce him to some hot ladies???

  11. Nazi ghost zombies, huh? Sounds just like my old neighborhood. May life get easier for you with laughter always, Roland

  12. wow, it all sounds so exotic when you haven't been to a place. I live in the jungles of Thailand at the moment and now it's just every day life, totally normal for me...but France seems so exotic in my brain! Loving your blog ;o)

  13. Just stumbled across your lovely blog, so...hi!

    It is a lifelong dream of mine to live in France, so I'm looking forward to reading more about your day to day life there.

    Stop by and say hi sometime? x

  14. Congratulations on your new home. The picture almost looks the size of my cottage. Almost. 798 square feet! But I was buying a house for the life I had at that time and still have. I will never leave.

    But the whole experience is fun when you can see the houses on the internet. Mine was a great experience.

    Here's to alot of good memories made in your new house. And yes, pics please. Ha! You probably already have some up but the glare on this comuter does not help my migraine one bit.

    Have another great Sara Louise kind of weekend.

  15. Sitting here at my computer in Virginia, the ruin looks very charming to me. A view i wold prefer over the Sheraton hotel looming over my backyard.

    You have a garden and a fireplace? Rock on.

  16. Just found your blog through Little Pearls, love it! I've read the profiles of the supporting cast you're surrounded by and by the sounds of them, I will definitely come back to read more!

  17. Congrats on the house, I'm going to read up on Honey Jr now!!!

    Not long until July 1st and lucky you only 3 minutes. I like the sound of your moving plans, they sound like my type of plans!

    Look forward to seeing the photos soon.

    ps. Tag for you over at my place, no obligations.

  18. Living next to the husband's buddy....merde.

  19. house sounds great, with the garden and glass walls...but i don't know about honey jr. maybe that is your insurance that you really will get out by winter. enjoy the summer!

  20. Oh, Sara I feel your pain. Everything in Alabama moves slow as molasses! We're renting a bungalow and house-searching in our downtime. Oh, the agony of finding that perfect place.


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