Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Too Old For This

It was Brother-In-Law's birthday over the weekend and guess what he wanted to do...

Dinner in Avignon?


Nightclub in Aix en Provence?


Party in the woods, outside Le Petit Village?


Um, OK.

Do I have to go?


I don't really have much to say about being at a party in the woods in the thirty third year of my life, except it did make me feel like I was seventeen again and at a bonfire party on a ranch somewhere back in Texas (aw memories...).

I took a couple of photos...

(But only a couple because people were looking at me like I was some photo crazed Auntie.)

This was Honey Jr's transportation to the party...

Needless to say he had to hide the keys later from all the pastis soaked people who wanted a turn. 

The DJ 'booth'...

Yeah, it was that kind of party. I couldn't have felt any older if I tried. 

I'm bummed I didn't get a better photo of the speakers. Four large on top, four large on bottom. It was LOUD (you know that saying; if it's too loud, you're too old? Turns out that's true). Honey Jr and Brother-In-Law paid a €3,000 deposit on them. So for instance, if anything happened to the speakers, like some pastis soaked person accidentally bumped into them, knocking them over and breaking them, bye bye €3,000. Morons. 

Besides the €47 worth of watermelons and apricots that The Husband and I brought with us (€47! For fruit?!), we also had some lamb...

(Vegetarians look away now)

Lamb: My Big Fat Greek Wedding style

Nothing like being in the woods, deafened by booming House music, tearing into barbecued lamb, eating €47 worth of fruit, getting bit by mosquitoes through your jeans, and trying to steal a 4Wheeler.

At least this guy had a good time...

The Fashion Police are never around when you need them



  1. I can so relate to the too loud too old bit! What ever happened to the days I enjoyed loud music?

  2. Aren't you in the South of France?

    Whatever happened to long leisurely lunches outside in a beautiful garden with long white table cloths and mismatched chairs, tables set with lots of wineglasses and beautiful bowls filled with expensive fruit?

    That's when you crank up the house music.

    I'll come in September for my bday. We'll do it up.

  3. Too funny! You crack me up. xo

  4. Ca88andra - I know! If I have to shout to be heard, get hoarse and give up, then it's too loud!

    flwrjane - I'm slowly realizing that the South of France is very similar to Texas! And absolutely for your birthday... you bring the flowers, I'll bring the food!

  5. Debby - His outfit was funny! I'm not sure if he was going golfing after or not

  6. If I didn't know you were in the SoF, I coulda pegged that as ANY southern state shindig. Changing the lamb to a pig, of course. And no DJs, that's a little too high-falutin' (those fancy-schmancy french!) What's wrong with a good ol' truck radio?

  7. O-M-G!!! What a set-up! That cracks me up, though it's easy for me to giggle, I wasn't there. ;-) 3,000 Euros though??? I can't fathom that.

    Though the lamb looked yummy. Hope at least that was worth it.

  8. LOL - I guess there are rednecks everywhere...that helped remind me why I hated being 17!
    Nowadays, I much prefer a nice, candle lit restaurant, some Harry Connick jr playing softly, a nice bottle of wine and lamb that I don't have to skin myself.
    Now THAT'S a birthday!

  9. Yeee-haw! DJ booth in the woods, Europe sure is different. I see everyone is using the new blogger design stuff 'cept me. Like the look.

  10. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! This made me laugh. A LOT.

    This isn't my cup of tea, either...but I have to admit that it looks sort of fun.

  11. That's funny. I'm picturing you enduring every minute of it with alternating looks of horror and confusion.

  12. You crack me up! The fashion police, indeed. They were also missing from my weekend, unfortunately. Silly people should really LOOK at themselves before they walk out of their houses. SMH

    Oooh oooh And congrats on the beautiful blogger award!

  13. Such a dude party; loud need for talking, roasted beast....Rawr and four wheeling, perfect. That being said I think I may have liked it, well aside from the idea of having to pack it all up...ugh.

  14. I may be in Texas now, but the parties of my youth were in the flat cowfields and groves of Florida where we also had loud speakers, but blasting out 70s rock. Sigh. Makes me nostalgic. So the music and food may have been different, but the lack of fashion may be exactly the same.

  15. wow. that sounds almost exactly like a party I went to in the woods in Virginia. And they say France doesn't have rednecks.

  16. Ha ha ha, hilarious! This looks like a page out of A Year in Provence - oh, the characters! I had an "If the music's too loud, you're too old" moment last night at the Fete de la Musique. Who knew they would play Techno in Provence? Yikes..
    Love the new blog design :)

  17. Oh my - very funny.

    But you survived, yes?

    LCM x

  18. Party in the woods, music, BBQ - that just spells good time!

  19. Ooh, I still love a good party in the woods. Can't say I can get on board with the speakers and the lamb though. And getting bit by mosquitoes is awful, but that's why you drink at parties like this!


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