Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Husband's Birthday

Yesterday, was The Husband's birthday and to celebrate, I did something I rarely do, I baked (I'm a cooker, not much of a baker).

(And if you remember a couple posts back, it was Brother-In-Law's birthday only a few days ago... guess what Papa likes to do in September... bowchickabowwow).

We have a teeny tiny oven, it's bigger than a toaster oven, but not quite an adult sized oven. It makes me feel like I'm using one of those lil' Suzy Homemaker ovens. And because I felt like I little girl, baking little girl goods, I baked little girl cupcakes.

(It took three batches, three separate baking rounds in that teeny tiny oven. We're talking a whole morning, gone, baking).

I opened up the windows to let the sunshine in and cranked up some Lynyrd Skynyrd for my baking enjoyment (and it gave the tourists a nice soundtrack as they rambled around outside... I have to hear their chatter, they have to hear my Skynyrd... WOOHOO!! Free Bird! YEAH!).

Baking does give me the excuse to get all retro and bust out one of my vintage tea aprons. Yes, I collect vintage tea aprons. Because I'm that dope.

The chaos of my cooking (method to my baking madness)...

Some of the finished little bitty girly cupcakes...

(I'm a terrible food photographer)

And Fifty insisted on wearing a bow to look more festive...

He's smiling because he looks dapper

The Husband, right after blowing out the candles on his little girl cupcakes... 
(he didn't want to wear a bow)

And then in honor of The Husband's birthday, the good ol' USA, went ahead and beat Algeria in that Sporting Even That Cannot Be Named

Wasn't that nice of them?



  1. Happy Birthday 'The Husband'

  2. Of course, with USA beating Algeria, it does mean that England don't go top of their group (not that they deserve to anyway!) Still, we shouldn't be talking about that Sporting Even That Cannot Be Named on your husband's birthday (or perhaps any other day) - there's probably more to life than 90 minutes of misery.

    Wish your hubby a happy birthday and.....

    When are we going to see a photo of one of your vintage tea aprons?

    All the best


  3. Your cupcakes look delicious. (wow... that sounds like the world's worst pick up line doesn't it?? Do you bake here often? ....)

    We also have the smallest oven known to man so I appreciate your stamina - I hope The Husband does too.
    (and again! Zing! What is with the double entendres today?)

    My apologies for clogging up your comments with my filth.


  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Your cupcakes look adorable. The more baking you do, the easier it gets, but you will need a real oven.
    I'm all excited about the USA in the event not to be mentioned. Go USA!

  5. Very nice cupcakes! They look delicious. Everyone is suddenly in a frenzy here about the event not to be mentioned.

  6. Happy birthday to the Husband. And collecting vintage tea aprons makes you even more charming, not a dope.

  7. Happy Bday to hubby! That man is cute ~ I see why you followed him back to France, hee hee. Fifty is adorable!! For someone who doesn't bake those cupcakes came out fantastic!! xo

  8. Hey cupcake. Looking good. Happy Bday to the husband.

    And go USA!

  9. He looks thrilled with his cupcakes, they llok scrumptious. Well done!

  10. I'm not a baker either, just no real passion for measuring and what not. Plus I am not a sweet eater so the warm, sweet smell of something in the oven does very little for me. That being said it does please my boys, (well boy now since the kid is in college) so on certain occasions I pull out the measuring spoons for them and their faces are much like the Handsome Hubby's so nicely done girlie!

  11. Yum-a-doo! My birthday is in September...I wonder how well cupcakes ship...
    What with the shoes and the vintage aprons and the bows on dogs, you truly are one dope dame!

  12. Haha, Fifty 'insisted' on wearing the bow and goodness your husband is good-looking. Such a happy post!

  13. At the risk of sounding way girly here, those cupcakes are stinkin' adorable!! Way to improvise. I think that's one thing I'm not sure I could cope with- small ovens. I LOVE to bake! However, if you can make those I should be more optimistic! Outstanding job!!

    Great job! Love Fifty's bow and your hubby's pic! Joyeux anniversaire (I don't know how to say belated in French...sorry)

  14. Happy Birthday to The French Husband, congrats USA (though Holland is the best :) ), and now I know why I heard Sweet Home Alabama...
    Btw the tartan scissors are from America hahaha
    Hugs and bisou

  15. Happy Birthday to him!
    I love baking, so much more fun than cooking. With cooking you get stuff like meat and vegetables, but with baking you get muffins and cake and bread, so much yummier.

  16. What a great story and a special memory for you both! I think your little girly cupcakes are very charming and that your pictures are great! Now I want to eat a cupcake. :)

  17. great shot of the cupcakes- i think it actually turned out really cool.

    husband is a babe.

  18. Very nice birthday photos. Wow, baking for your hubby - I haven't really done that before. Maybe - someday! :)

    The cupcakes are gorgeous.

  19. Mmmmm cupcakes. Lynyrd Skynyrd was both my first date and first concert so I will forever love that band....they released white doves during Free Bird. It makes me smile to think of that song cranked up somewhere in le petite village in France. : -)

  20. I'm not much of a baker either but for the kids' sakes I threw down a cake for my girlfriend's birthday Friday. One of the layers was not done in the middle - d'oh! I poked it with a toothpick but missed this spot. No matter - the kids polished the whole thing off by Tuesday. And I think the savory side of the meal turned out well. Next time - cupcakes.


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