Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday Happy Hour

Friday and I was in a summery vacation kind of mood.

Le Petit Village was buzzing with tourists (Parisians, and Belgians, and Germans... oh my!). And with the beautiful weather, it felt like I was on vacation too. Screw the ironing! We should be outside with pastis, cold beer, and rosé (if it feels like this everyday, I'll never get anything done).

I ambushed The Husband when he arrived home and headed to the local bistro (all of 70 feet from our front door) to sit outside with a drink.

The Bistro was closed. 6:30pm and they were closed. I guess they were setting up for dinner but come on! How hard is it to toss me a beer and let me sit outside.

Instead we went to Brother-In-Law's to sit in his garden and have Portuguese beer...

This stuff is mmm mmm good.

And of course, be entertained by the dogs...
(entertained could be a bit of an overstatement)

Mika and her Father/ Grandfather Python (insert deep south jokes here...) 

And Happy Hour just wouldn't be Happy Hour without Fifty in the mix...

I was actually trying to take a photo of Karma when Fifty decided that it was all about him.

Lots of beer. 

Lots of sun. 

Lots of dogs.

Happy Hour Le Petit Village style.


P.S. When I got home I made these burgers... you gotta try them... they're mmm mmm good! 


  1. I agree, you have to savor the beautiful outdoors when you get those perfect afternoons ~ we all know the laundry will be there when we get back! xo

  2. I love that you have brought Le Patty Melt to the south of France!

  3. Burgers and beer - sounds like a wonderful spring evening.

  4. Sounds like a little piece of heaven. You most definitely couldn't just sit inside with the ironing. That would've been some kind of crime.

    Oh and Fifty cracks me up! Camera hog. ;-)

  5. Yum! Need to try out that recipe, doesn't seem too hard. What sort of condiments do you like on your burger?

  6. MMM... can't wait to try the sandwich burgers. since my guy is such a health nut lately i may have to use ground turkey and wheat bread. oh, what's the point....


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