Tuesday, June 29, 2010

à bientôt

This is it.

Last day to finish up at the old chez moi.

Here's a question....

How come when The Husband moved into our old place it wasn't clean, and our new house wasn't cleaned for us, but I have to spend a day cleaning the old place to leave it clean for the new tenants?

I think I'm getting Frenched.

(Frenched is my new term, ie; I'm being Frenched over, or my favorite; French you.)

So here we are...

The garden at the new house has been tamed (tamed, not finished). 99% of our stuff has been moved. But that 99% of our stuff is everywhere. I was trying to move everything in a calm and organized manner, but the thing about moving down the road, organization goes out the window. Since you don't have to pack for a long haul journey, everything is pretty much thrown into handbags and shopping bags and then dumped.

And now after sleeping at the new place, I'm back at the old place with my coffee (it's 5am) and Fifty to get finished and say goodbye to the internet.

(Poor Fifty, he's very confused at the moment.)

Because sometimes French companies are less than efficient, I will be without my friend WiFi for the next two weeks until it's setup at the new place.

No internet. No blog. No Facebook. No contact with the outside world. No Real Housewives of New Jersey.



See you in two weeks. I'll miss you. 


  1. Does this mean we can all talk about you behind your back?

  2. What the FRENCH!?
    We'll miss you, and expect pics of the new pad!
    Enjoy your time out.

  3. Ah Keith!!
    Only good things :-)
    Miss you already!

  4. Oh how exciting!! Hope you, the hubby, and Fifty settle in well! I will send some good positive vibes that no more Frenching happens to you all. ;-)

    I'll miss ya!

  5. Time to do lots of unpacking and pick up some good books!!

  6. Very French! Bon courage.

    We shall miss you.


  7. Fingers crossed that Internet is soon set up in your new place with no problems!

    Go out and enjoy the sunshine and all those things people do when they don't have internet... And have fun unpacking - there are still boxes in my house that haven't been unpacked after ten months. (Obviously, I blame the lack of wardrobe and unpacking elves. But I still recognise it's a little pathetic...)

  8. Keep Safe.... and come back sooonnn


  9. Love the new expression, will no doubt adopt too :)
    Good luck with the unpacking! I will miss reading your posts but I'm sure you'll have lots and lots of fun things to tell when you return.

  10. Good luck settling in. Packing is always like that. Don't worry about it.

    Think of the boxes of incongruous items as Christmas presents. You never know what surprises you will find inside! :)

  11. We'll miss you, but think how settled you will be when you come back!! Enjoy.

  12. Oh no. That is some Frenched up merde, right there. We'l miss you!

    As far as the cleaning goes, I agree. You are getting Frenched over hardcore.

  13. No internet for 2 weeks?! That's Frenched Up!
    I'll miss you girlie.

  14. Good Luck, see you soon.....take care

  15. Oh, French me. Blogland won't be quite as funny for a few weeks.

    Hurry back! No WIFI in le village,eh?

  16. You will be missed. I enjoy my giggle from your blog. Enjoy being internet free, especially in France :)

    I can so relate...the most disorganized move we had was moving from one apartment to another in the same complex, litterally 10 steps away. It took us longer, because like you said you just don't bother with the neat packing when you are moving next door.

    See you back soon and cannot wait to hear the new stories!

  17. So just as I get all unfrenzied and ready to dive back into blogging, I see that you are on a moving break! Gah! I've missed your adventures in Le Petit Village. Oh well, I have a great deal of blogging to catch up on. We moved in June, and we're still unpacking. Bonne chance! I am eagerly awaiting your mid-July return!

  18. I hate it when things aren't cleaned in advance. My dorm in Scotland was that way and Mr. Groom's apartment in South Korea was pretty gross when he moved in.

  19. I LOVE "I'm getting Frenched"; I can think of tons of ways to incorporate the new lingo into my daily life...we'll miss you while you're gone :) bonne chance, a bientot!

  20. I LOVE "I'm getting Frenched"! Think I'll have lots of uses for the new lingo...Bonne chance, we'll miss you...& a bientot!

  21. Good luck to you! When you come back online, you have a blog award waiting...



  22. Don't worry, I think Real Housewives is skipping a week. New episode on July 10th or 11th or something. You'll be up and running in time to see the craziness, right?!

  23. Okay it has been a week without you and I'm having withdrawls!! Hope all is well and that you're back here SOON! Bisous ma belle amie!


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