Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Might As Well Be In Dublin

image: trekearth.com

The weather forecast in Le Petit Village is predicting rain for the next ten days.



Ten days.

And you know what's happening at the end of the ten days of rain?

I'm flying to Dublin.




  1. Are you kidding?! That really, really stinks. Surely the rain spell won't last into summer??

    I like rain and all, but, 10 straight days of it is just a bit too much.

  2. Your weather sounds like what we had in April...dreary! Yet here we are in May and now have sunshine, glorious sunshine and if I could I would mail you some of those warm rays!

  3. Sara we had a wet, gloomy and cold April here in Sonoma. Maybe you get to Dublin and it is clear and fine? These days nothing surprises me.

  4. Hopefully the dreary rain will lead to a lovely green summer. Hope you have a good book or two to get you through the next 10 days! A trip to Dublin sounds fun. I hope you write about pubs and charming towns and rolling green landscapes...I have a longing to spend some time in Ireland. Have a great trip!

  5. Sucks for you but good for us because you'll have lots of time to write and rant.

    Come on it's Mother's Day weekend here and we're about to go crazy. Must have laughs.

  6. France is prettier in the rain than anywhere else on the planet. xo

  7. you will have sun in Dublin ! LOL!

  8. It's raining here too. When I left the house this morning I had more or less the exact same thought as you - might as well be in Scotland!

  9. I feel your pain - we got a dump of snow here today!

  10. Today is my first day back in Seattle... and it's ridiculously sunny. I was actually disappointed when I woke up. If I could trade weather with you, I would.

    But I grew up in Phoenix, so I really, REALLY hate the sun. I'm a vampire at heart.

    And not one of those crappy sparkly ones.

  11. I've just awarded/tagged you! :))

    love, roch

  12. Sara, It's pretty miserable here too, the temperature yesterday went down to 2 degrees Celsius and it snowed, would not believe the week before it was gloriously sunny and 25 degrees, what's going on?

  13. i'd better endure the 10 days of rain than 60 days of having drought...so stressful isn't?
    well, have a nice trip to dublin!

  14. SL
    Could be worse. Where I am we haven't had a real rain since March 3. But thanks for the continued insights into your side of the world - your blog is great and makes me feel better about our decision to move there in the fall, even if the weather ain't quite as nice at the moment

  15. Here in Aveyron we had snow yesterday. Yes, snow, yesterday. Apparently the cold snap is finished -- I hope it's the last one until fall!


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