Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Little Run Down

I'm tired, dehydrated, my wallet is weeping and my liver is crying. Much too tired to type anything even remotely witty, but I'm going to give it a go anyway with a little run down of what I've been up to.

Sunday was spent as planned except the wine bar was switched for the local pub. Pints of Heineken galore! 

And at Sunday lunch, I had my blow dried hair put into a ponytail with a very chic tissue hair bow fashioned by Little Niece (she's my best friend by the way and every time she tells me that I melt. Literally melt, and then my womb jumps a little bit to an obnoxious and deafening tick tock sound). 

I'm mean really, is there anything more chic than a tissue hair bow? Height of sophistication, I almost didn't want to take it out. Almost. 

Besides that awesome 'Welcome Back' sign made by Little Niece and Niece, this had also been taped to the wall...

How can you not just want to squeeze the cuteness right out of them?  

Cute as they may be, it still didn't stop their mother and I from going down to the pub and sucking back all those pints. 

Groggy on Monday I made my way around the shops in the city and reacquainted myself with my old favorite Zara where I bought these bad boys... 

Perfect for walking Fifty, don't you think?

Met my Brotherman for a coffee (ok, I had a Bloody Mary) and then a late lunch with Uncle at his hangout Toddys.  

From Toddy's  I went to a friends for dinner and she whipped out some champagne to celebrate my wedding (refusing would have been rude). And she had a present for me! (I've actually gotten loads of presents since being here, which is such a surprise, when you run off and get married you basically forfeit your right to presents. My friends and family rock). 

Tipperary Crystal candlesticks...

Beautiful, heavy, and a fantastic weapon... 

Sara Louise, in the library with the candlesticks.



  1. Your niece and nephew are a delight. It sounds as though you had a well rounded trip. Rest well!

  2. Oh Sara, I am in the same boat, I overdid it on the red wine last night, I think I must have drunk a months worth of units in one evening. I feel wretched today, and am going to have to have a little lie down.

    I love your new shoes and the candlesticks, your niece sounds adorable.

  3. The shoes are fantastic, Miss Scarlett!

  4. Ah ha! You have a cuteness vampire too. Man they suck the cool right out of you and leave you in a melty pile don't they? Sounds like a great trip lady.

  5. I'm sure this post was as wonderful as all your others, but honestly, I couldn't get past those shoes.
    I actually gasped at the pure awesome-ness of them. Let your wallet weep - whatever they cost you, it was so worth it.

  6. Bonjour Sara Louise,
    Glad you had a good trip. I know just what you mean about those nieces and nephews. Love the candlesticks and the shoes!

  7. Ooh. I can see it now. A little, tiny, huffing and puffing Husband Louise.

    Le' Wah (boof) Le' cry.

  8. Uh-oh. The tick-tock sound. Let me tell you one thing: you wont be wearing the bad boys for a long long time once the bump grows. And even after that, you'll find yourself dedusting them from time to time to get them out for a blog post, only to slip into your flats later when you take the baby out in the buggy. Having a baby is not very glamorous. But they do smell very nicely :)

  9. I do like the candlesticks. I found myself commenting at a recent bridal shower, "that could really take out an intruder." It's an important second function of all housewares!

  10. You are so funny. Your neices sound so adorable and I am laughing at your Clue reference! xo

  11. That is a fantastic bow! The shoes are nice, too.

  12. First, that tissue ponytail is adorable. I adore my brother's kids and will do anything they ask because they are so cute! Great artwork too! Love the shoes and candlesticks.

  13. Witty from beginning to end. Lovely candlesticks!


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