Monday, May 10, 2010

Come And Find Me

A villager taped this sign to their front door...

'Delivery, I am in the village.'


Sometimes, I really love village life.



  1. Does that mean: Look for me or come back soon or the doors open and please close the door when you are done?!

  2. That is so hilarious! Classic, just classic.

  3. What a shame that we can longer even think of doing that in the States.

  4. So carefree and alive... I wish I had that lifestyle!

  5. My high school french came back on me a little upon reading that. Like a bad burrito. Would the delivery person just leave the pckg or come back later? I was a mailman for a couple years and you'd see stuff like that every once in a while in the smaller towns. Some of us would be helpful, some wouldn't.

  6. first off - I love this post. Second. You got married! Oh! I'm so happy for you - I was catching up on your blog and The Husband? The husband! Happy belated Wedding! Sending you the best from OKC ;)

  7. And that is why I want to leave big city living for a nice quaint village. You are so lucky!

  8. That's hilarious. Tell, do you have a local newspaper? I always find these kind of reads enormously uplifting.
    I have tagged you in a happiness meme:

  9. Just discovered your blog thanks to MM above!
    V funny note, have come across similar myself but not quite as - ahem - detailed!

    LCM x

  10. Oh, that is wonderful, I wonder if he was having a pastis or three in the local bar!

  11. Great note.

    Around here it makes no difference anyway - if we're not in, delivery drivers here just leave stuff by the back door. The next nearest back door is half mile away so I suppose unless the local wildlife wants to pinch it we are pretty safe!

  12. Wonder what the delivery was? Certainly not six-packs, lol.
    Le village must be petit indeed!


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