Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Blissful Hours

The sun was shining this weekend in Le Petit Village. On Sunday, it was a warm and beautiful 72 degrees.

Before moving to Le Petit Village, I lived in Dublin for six years and had a Dublin tan (a translucent blue tint). I'm anxious to get back to my former Texas shade and I think Provence weather might be able to help me with that. So 72 degrees and sunny means it's time to spray on the factor 15 and lay down outside somewhere.

Our cozy little home does not come with a garden, but luckily our German friend's 14th century vacation house has a roof top terrace and they have kindly given us the keys for days just like this (14th century creepiness can be ignored when it's topped with a terrace).

Sitting on the roof of a three story house on top of a mountain means you're just that much closer to the sun anyway.

The view from the top...

Fifty's girlfriend Vicky came along to keep him company. They beg for food together, it's obviously love...

Rickety wooden chair for The Husband, comfy sun lounger for me...

Since Fifty was born last September, the warm sun is new for him. I don't think he likes it.

This is not a happy face. I think he may need some sunglasses.

Fifty must have been sending puppy prayers to heaven for all that warm sunshine to end because a little over an hour later the sky grew dark as these clouds rolled up...

Thanks Fifty

We packed up and headed down the street towards home but saw some Le Petit Villagers underneath the awning of the local bistro.

Might as well squeeze in and have a pastis or three and a gossip.

It would be have been rude not too.



  1. Sounds like the perfect day....xv

  2. Aw, Vicky and Fifty begging for food resembled Boyfriend and I a little too much. LOL

    I have a Dublin tan right now. Thanks, Seattle!

  3. That view AND Pastis?! Jealous, I am so freaking jealous...

  4. Sigh. Sounds lovely. Fifty is getting big! He looks very handsome.

  5. Stunning! Send a little sun to my dreary corner of the world! So gray here today. Or send that precious pup. He can sleep all day with Riley who barely moves on rainy days! lol

  6. That is a beautiful view! Wow!! Glad you were able to in at least a little bit of qualitiy vitamin D time. I'm sure you'll have more than enough soon!

    Fifty is getting so big and what a stud too!

  7. Isn't it just so nice to be able to sunbathe? I just love sitting or laying down and letting my brain take some time off and just feel those warm rays...oh and a good book and some ice cold ice tea would go well too. dreaming....did you do that? What a lovely view....

  8. the view is superbe !!! I hope you get a lovely little tan , with pastis to help to add some cheeks colors lol!
    Our week-end was warm and sunny too : almost summer but my tan will be definetly celtic ...

  9. Your dogs are so charming! And what a beautiful view of the country side you have there! Hope you enjoyed a lovely down-pour. Ah, spring!

  10. The doggies look so happy and cute!

  11. Sara I love that shot of fifty and his girlfriend begging for food, they look like they are about to bust into song!

    He will soon get used to the climate and will start looking for shady spots to hang out in.
    Pastis and Provence are the perfect match.

  12. Dublin Tan? Tee hee.
    I'd give the world for a pastis and a gossip in dans le sud right now!


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